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On User Review: Gura Gear Kiboko 30L Backpack article (113 comments in total)
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Dan Nikon: Nice pack, a better option to using a LowePro? Maybe...

Personally, I only use these kinds of packs for hauling gear to a shoot on location, like for an ad shoot. I never use this stuff for my landscape images, while doing back country excursions which are often multi-day, several thousand feet of vertical loss or gain and yield by *far* the best images I make.

I have long since made my own system for carrying pro gear, D800, light weight 4x5 field camera, etc, with me on trips that yield truly exceptional and professional results. The system is simple, no one trick ponies, make as many things as you can do more than one thing. Use a beanie instead of a lens case...I can not wear a lens case if it starts snowing...
So we have yet another pack with no room for the most important equipment a good outdoor photographer needs, food, water, spare clothing, etc. Thanks, but no thanks...

Very similar to my Lowepro Vertex 200. Except the Vertext has a tripod harness and waterproofed zippers on the larger compartments.

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ptl-2010: I think I'll definitely look into this lens for my XSi... nice and compact. I'm wondering what camera they've designed it for though. 40mm isn't really one of those sought after focal lengths for FF or crop bodies.

I use Nikon's 40/2.8 macro as a walkaround. That's on DX. I find a 35 (50mm equiv) a touch wide, and 50 (75mm equiv) a touch long. Hand me a D700 and a 60/2.8 macro and I'm happy.

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mantra: hi
i don't relly care about EF-S 18-135mm
i wll never buy ef-S lenses

but about the 40 2.8 ? is a weird focal , not enough wide on full frame ,weird even on 1.6 sensor

can't really understand what canon is doing
and about prices it's very cheap, hope about the chart ,for this price will be sharp enough

is Stepper motor brand new or is a better 501.8 af motor?

would really love to see new 35 1.4 , and the new 50mm
and maybe maybe some new EF (non L ) with great IQ and low prices
the recent canon prices are really high


I use Nikon's 40mm f/2.8 macro as a walkaround lens: its the PERFECT focal length for my shooting: 50 is a touch long, 35 is a touch wide. It's a DX lens, though, so it's supposed to be used like a 60/2.8 macro would on FX.

Pancakes have always traditionally been in the 40-45mm range, in almost all brands. Nikon has an older AI-P and GN model 45 and Pentax have their own as well. Not that unusual.

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On Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75mm F1.8 Preview preview (214 comments in total)
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Calvin Chann: Sorry, but for me the colour of the thing is a serious point. I haven't bought any of the Oly lenses that are mentioned in this preview, because of the colour of the things. All my camera bodies are black (except a white G3 that I bought by mistake) and to me, a silver lens on a black body is not discrete enough.

Looks like Oly have lost me as a potential customer!

You, sir, need help of a professional nature.

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On Shooting with the Leica M9-P article (629 comments in total)
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Viramati: Some of the reviewers here seem to really have little real experience of using the M9. for example changing iso is so easy.
1 press iso button
2. turn thumb-wheel
3. iso is changed
Couldn't be simpler
the leica must have the easiest and most uncluttered menu system of any digital camera I know

Uh, my Nikons are no different. Press/hold ISO button on back or top of camera and scroll wheel left or right.

Oblivious troll is oblivious.

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RCicala: OK, let me condense this:
We are establishing a monopoly in order to serve you better.


Does Apple have a monopoly on their OS and software because they don't let everybody else use it? No?

Argument invalid. Go away troll.

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Peanut88: Nikon STINKS !
They just want to protect their own interest and making much more money than consider the plight and interest of her customers' camera.
Independent repairers are cheaper than them and gave faster turn-round than them.
So it is quite obvious they want to monopolize the business.
I will switch to Canon as a protest ! ! !

Have fun.


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On Nikon D800 preview (1106 comments in total)
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Russell McMahon: Now can we please see the REAL test which is carefully skirted around in the whole review. Take a handful of 6400 ISO or higher low light shots and post them. I was looking to replace my A77 with a D800 once the dust settled. It looks like it may have to be a D700! :-) :-(. 36 MP! 75 MB NEF files !!!. At least it's CF, unlike the A77.

Dude, what? The A77 just came out and youre planning on replacing it already? How about taking a picture with your A77 instead? Jeez.

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On Nikon D800 preview (1106 comments in total)
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Bare: They say we can choose resolution
6144 x 4912, 6144 x 4080, 5520 x 3680, 4800 x 3200, 4608 x 3680, 4608 x 3056, 3680 x 2456, 3600 x 2400, 3072 x 2456, 3072 x 2040, 2400 x 1600
Is that for RAW or only for JPEG?

RAW will always give you full-res

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On Buyer's Guide: 10 Home Studio Lighting Kits article (95 comments in total)
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OSAM: Where are my SBs?

They compared studio strobes to continuous lights. SB units (or other hotshoe flashes) would be a completely fair comparison.

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On Buyer's Guide: 10 Home Studio Lighting Kits article (95 comments in total)

Where are my SBs?

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