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Ridiculous with how much impertinence some guys here demanding DPR to do what they want to read.
Paying nothing and demanding tea to be served in Dresden China for free....

DPR is informing related to every brand and that's just fine. So this article is I assume very well perceived, independly of the market share of individual camera models.
I at least appreciate the article and the work the guys spent on writing it.

If you don't like an article please don't flood with inappropriate criticism.

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On Nikon D750 flare investigated: Why we're not worried article (360 comments in total)

A very proper follow up of DPR.

In fact the current topic handles a real issue with the camera, although not for everybodies usecase a critical one. Whether to request the fix or not - up to the user.

The trend of many guys to go for any new camera on the market to be the first one finding issues has two sides.
First of all it is positive because flaws are going to be known, and the way of addressing it to the manufacturer leads in most cases to commitments for resolutions.
On the other hand objective investigations are going to be bashed and exaggerated by opposing fanboys. Which leads into uncertainties on product interested people.

In that sense such objective articles like this one are quite helpful.

Maybe in future the manufacturers are going to adapt their quality processes prior product releases. Maybe just hoping...

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On Sony Alpha 77 II firmware update improves AF speed article (153 comments in total)
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karlwunsch: Please, DPReview, make a head-to-head comparison of a77II and 7dmk2.

Of course there is nothing wrong with asking for a comparison.

My catch question intended to get some arguments for discussion.
There are no real standardized test routines the score and the judgement of a camera is mainly based on the personal impression of its test engineer.

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On Sony Alpha 77 II firmware update improves AF speed article (153 comments in total)
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karlwunsch: Please, DPReview, make a head-to-head comparison of a77II and 7dmk2.

Got it.

But again, what is the sense of its outcome?

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On Sony Alpha 77 II firmware update improves AF speed article (153 comments in total)
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karlwunsch: Please, DPReview, make a head-to-head comparison of a77II and 7dmk2.

Why are begging for a comparison inter-brand?

What interesting results could come out?

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Well done Sony. The IBIS and the XAVCS are reason to jump onto this horse.
Hope they'll bring an A7RII, too, because I'd directly go for that camera.

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On Sony launches support program for pro photographers article (115 comments in total)

Why is it mandatory to be a pro photographer?

I am advanced enthusiast, owning A900/A99/A7R/A7S and all G/Z lenses except 35G/70300G/500G.
Not enough to be recognized as a support-worthy customer. Unbelievable.

F..k o.f, Sony...

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On 'See Impossible': Canon counts down to... something. article (1658 comments in total)

I would interpret this advertisement saying that they did something what nobody believed Canon would ever do.

Coming up with a WL portable printer or another DSLR would make no sense in my mind.

As they didn't extend the EOS-M series and witnessed the success of Sony's A7x I could imagine they are coming up with a FF ML.

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On Photokina 2014: Sony stand report article (77 comments in total)
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abortabort: Still no word, despite visiting and reporting on the Sony booth, from DPR about the prototype lenses announced and previewed at photokina? No I supposed that would go against what DPR believe in.

I don't mind this this ignorance anymore.
Had a chance to put my fingers onto a 7DII at the Canon booth.
Nice one, but in my eyes not more than an A77II, but clearly ahead of the D7100. That's different class to be honest.
And read what they wrote about the NX1 - blabla "cheap dials".
The NX1 is a competitor for the top class APS-C.

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On Photokina 2014: Sony stand report article (77 comments in total)
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ephankim: Why aren't all the lens prototypes (28/2, 90/2.8 G Macro, 35/1.4 ZA & 24-240) included in this report?

They were all only shown in a closed showcase. For "normal" visitors no hands on possible.

I tried to get an answer related to the G macro - wanted to know whether it's an all IF design or the tube extends at higher magnification.
Impossible. Three Sony guys couldn't answer, and the third one asked his boss - nothing. Same went for my question related to the awkward ADI of the new 32 flash gun (and all others...) - when used as fill flash it overexposed by roughly 1 1/3 stop. Again no chance.
That's really annoying that they don't have properly trained guys around.

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On Samsung NX1 First Impressions Review preview (963 comments in total)

I visited PK14 today, and was very interested in the NX1.

The person I talked was quite competend on specs and usage, and because I was an early bird this morning, there was no big crowd at their booth.
So I had a chance to try it with the most interesting "S" branded lenses - the 1650/2.8 OIS, the new 50150/2.8 OIS and the 85/1.4.

It feels very solid, the lenses are very good. And I don't think that the dials are "cheap".

The also prepared a nice scene for video capability presentation. And they showed the NX in diferent pro-alike rigs. The recording was live streamed onto a big screen, and the 4k looked pretty well.

Can't judge it overally professional, but what I have seen, and what I did with it - kudos!

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X First Impressions Review preview (947 comments in total)

Regarding battery life just respect basic rule number 1.

1) Always, absolutely always keep a spare battery in your camera bag.
2) Always, absolutely always keep a spare memory card in your camera bag.

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Absolutic: just like with Sony E lenses, the same story repeats. They are releasing a large number of slow 18-1XX (now 28-XX or 24-XX) all in one lenses. No 85 even on the map. I guess the 90/2.8 that you won't get for almost a year is supposed to be your 85. Or use 85 A size lenses with LA-EA4 adapter. I am not even talking about 135FE. not even 85 on the map. Clearly Fuji has a much better lineup now and it is here now. Fuji also has 90/2 (135 equivalent) on the map. Sony is just repeating themselves with their lens history of E mount

Hm. Somehow incoherent what you are mentioning. Comparing apples and oranges.
Actually I don't care what FB you are - although apparent - but I don't like this bullshitting from one brand to other in an unobjective way.
At first you compare an APS-C system with a FF system. Secondly you compare a system that's longer than 2 years on the market with one that's not even a year available.
I don't see a 85 from Fuji. But if you compare the 56/1.2 as a 85 equivalent, then Sony has the 50/1.8 or the Zeiss 55/1.8. And a 90mm is also not available from Fuji yet, and if it is to come, then the Sony does so, too.

If you like Fuji more - fair enough - go and be happy with this gear; it's actually a pretty good one.
But please stop doing what I mentioned above...

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Additionally for first/second quarter 15:

FE 28/2 (+16mm Fisheye Converter, + 21mm UWA converter)
FE 35/1.4 ZA
90/2.8 OSS G macro
FE 24-200/3.5-6.3

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On SanDisk unveils 512GB Extreme Pro card article (161 comments in total)
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Scottelly: This is pretty funny. This thing has twice the memory of my MacBook Air. lol

The biggest, most expensive MacBook Pro Apple makes come with a hard drive that is only the same capacity as this little card. lol

How pathetic is THAT?!? lol


My MBP has 1TB SSD :-)

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On Zeiss launches Loxia full frame lenses for Sony E-mount article (267 comments in total)
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miles green: Looks nice. Very nice actually.
But interesting choice of name: "Loxia" in Greek means: not straight, crooked...

Loxia is a bird of the finch family and the name giver.

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Specs are sounding interesting. If the built quality keeps what it promises, than also the MSRP would be fair.

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On Sony Xperia Z2 camera review post (39 comments in total)

"...only 1080p.."
Cmon, it's a cell phone. Who does really want and/or need 4k in a cell phone?

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On Sony announces Alpha a5100 compact mirrorless camera article (106 comments in total)
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Fazal Majid: It's 2014. A camera's video features are not "impressive" if it's not 4K.

Exactly. Even if 4k is not a topic for a pro he will likely go for another camera that suits usage of accessories in a better way.

4k is imo overrated at this time - at least for the SOHO market.
Most 4k screens are only supporting 30Hz, 4k TV sets are still too expensive, most broadcasters are only supporting 720p because the overall infrastructure is still not fully compliant to 1080p.
Here in Germany the national broadcasters have a 4k schedule for 2018 at the earliest. Some privates and pay TV will be the first ones.

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On 2014 iPhone Photography Awards winners announced article (102 comments in total)
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dbo: It is the contest itself to be criticised.

Don't get me wrong - most of the ideas the guys have had are ok, and the composing looks fine for the purpose.

However almost no image has left its authenticity of the moment it was taken.
A lot of the winning images don't have a natural look anymore. And, and, and.

Nice arts anyway, but the name of the contest is a joke and potentially blinds reviewers.

A photography contest shall be contest where captured images are in competition. Any falsifying shall be forbidden. If at all post processed than limited to setting compensation (wb, exp comp, etc.).

I am no native english tongue so I assume I did not chose the right words to say what I wanted to say.

It was not my intention to blame heavy post processed photos - I assume I did not.
I am well aware that this is part of modern photography these days (and some older days, too).

The point for me is that this contest has had the intention to reward the best image captured by an iPhone and not to reward the best creation out of photoshop or whatever program.

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