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I am glad to see Nikon making this camera the people who seem to dislike it miss the point, this camera is for people like me. I never owned an autofocus camera until my first DSLR, and to date I only own one AF lens a Nikkor 20-35 2.8 ED IF, all of the other glass I own is either older AIS or Ziess. I dont care for AF and find it annoying at best (I have a D700). Dials are a huge improvement over pin wheels and LCD menus, thats why I bought a Fuji X-Pro1 when it came out. For people weened on cameras with an over abundance of electronic features and displays, this camera isn't for you. I just want to get on with it and shoot. That said I'll probably wait for the second generation they need to add a proper ground glass with a split image (I can at 44 focus my D700 at f1.4 in subdued light no problem) and reinstitute the FM2's +0- metering system. The camera also needs at least 24MP and must have two card slots. Nikon you made a digital FM2 now make a Digital F3 with weather proofing.

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Why does leica waist it's time and money making these things, instead of making this thing why didn't they just make more M's thus bringing down the unit price so photographers could afford them, instead of marketing their cameras to doctors, lawyers, dentists and other rich douchbags who have no photographic talent.
I'm quite happy with my X-Pro1 and I have no doubt that fuji will have a full frame X-Pro in the next few years, at that point Leica will only be relevant as a lens company.

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Just in case Adobe is monitoring this forum I will not EVER rent software, I will use Lightroom as long as it's for sale but if it goes to a subscription model I'm going back to Aperature. I find it funny that Lightroom is the one product that is not going to this model, could it be because Lightroom is the only product they sell that is not overpriced so it is not pirated nearly as much as photoshop. Hey Adobe here's an idea sell your CS suite for the educational price and maybe you will see sales go up and piracy go down!

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I don't get why he thinks he needs the strobes any decent DSLR can take beautiful photographs in low light and the cities existing street lighting is far more interesting than his "studio lighting". The photographs are interesting but the lighting ultimately lets them down.

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Mr. Sobel is an idiot if he thinks his dye transfer print will be worth less than an inkjet print. No matter how big the inkjet print is, or how rare, I would never pay more for it than the dye transfer version. The people who payed $575000 for the inkjet print payed for a print that they have no concrete knowledge of the prints stability. On the other hand the dye transfer print will not fade and there will never be any more dye transfer prints made since Kodak stopped making the materials for dye transfer printing in 1994, oh and they are bankrupt.

I am glad that the artist was able to profit further from his work, because I think making editions is bulls#it and allows the collector to ultimately profit to a greater degree than the artist. You should only buy art because you like it, if it's worth more when you sell it that's a bonus. If a collector is mad because the artist found a loup hole in an convention put in place to make the collector feel secure in his investment too bad!

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I wouldn't depend on any coating or surface to grip my camera, that's why I wrap my strap around my wrist. The camera is always at hand and at the ready and I can't drop it.
Fuji should add a 28mm equivalent, a snap mode like on my old Ricoh GR-1 (hyper focal distance lock mode) and make the batteries last longer. I have an X Pro1 and the batteries are the only criminal design flaw.

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