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On article Nifty fifty: Hands-on with the Hasselblad H5D-50c Wi-Fi (120 comments in total)

This post makes me wonder why DPR doesn't have a medium format forum. Would be a fun place for some of us to ooh and aah over images, at least.

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On article Nifty fifty: Hands-on with the Hasselblad H5D-50c Wi-Fi (120 comments in total)
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J A C S: Pretty bland for 50mp MF. The castle shot is a bit lacking in detail, sharpened or not. The horse shot is fine, not counting the blown highlights.

#10 has very pleasant colors.

Look at the cable running up the side of the castle. Any more detail would be molecular.

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On article Nifty fifty: Hands-on with the Hasselblad H5D-50c Wi-Fi (120 comments in total)

The overall look of the images is pretty awesome. Looks like a "fine art" machine.

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piratejabez: I love how there's more backlash here about seeing "Oh, wow!" in the title than there is actual discussion of the camera... That's what I get for reading the comments section :)

Since there is no exclamation point, you can even interpret it as sarcasm. Oh wow

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Tim Skrastins: Can someone explain to me why there is shutter blackout to begin with? This is a mirrorless camera right? What is blacking out the electronic view? When I pull the lens off, there is just a sensor there...no shutter, no mirror.

(PS - I have an A6000 and love it...great little travel/family/fun camera when I'm not shooting my D800 for work).

The camera is basically taking the time to "swallow" the image. From what I understand the sensor has to be "blanked to be read" (borrowing an answer from Luminous Landscape). So Sony is either doing it all so quickly we don't notice, or doing it some other way.

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Ari Aikomus: Which ACR version will be able to open Fuji X-pro2 RAW files??

Probably the next one. DPR usually has a beta release that can open new camera files. I just tried using Raw Therapee to open an X Pro 2 file and it crashed. Might have to use Silkypix.

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linux99: I'd have been a lot more impressed if she'd gone authentic and used a Fed 4. :)

Really good talk - but using B+W film to show how gritty a place is has been kinda done to death.

She did it to de-emphasize the color distractions and allow the viewer to concentrate more on the people, as she explained.

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jkrumm: The tones look very appealing to me, that's my initial reaction.

In fact, I just looked through the whole collection again and I'm really impressed by the quality of both the shadows and the highlights. Seems much less harsh than many cameras. The images look drawn with graphite.

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Paolo Cappelli: Fantastic camera, of course with a high price tag. I opened some raw file with Capture One, and and I'm amazed how the images look similar to the pics that came from a Leica M with film. I do not understand why 'so' many negative comments.

The negative comments are consistent with just about every new product release shown on DPR, especially if the product is different or makes an unusual claim or costs a lot.

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The tones look very appealing to me, that's my initial reaction.

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On article Kodak revives Super 8 with part-digital cine camera (367 comments in total)
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vscd: If you look carefully at the CES you will notice a strong retrowave. Sony+Technics come out with new vinyl players and Kodak brings back the film to video. Why not? I like the trend and I still buy books on paper. They got announced to be dead by now, 10 years back...

I asked for two main gifts this Christmas, books and records. I love the records, and the new ones sound fantastic. Mainly they are just more fun than CD's and especially digital files. People visit, you put an album on, they can actually read the notes if interested. Panasonic is smart to bring back the legendary 1200 turntable. You can even see vinyl for sale in Barnes and Noble now. But yeah, 50-70 dollars for the film on this camera sounds absurd.

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photophile: Virtually all photos of me (except school photos) from the 1970's - were taken on our then Polaroid camera - and I too can still remember the smell of the chemicals as you pulled the paper out, waved it about in air for a minute or so, then peeled back the two layers to reveal the photo.

by the mid 1980's those same photos had become faded - and by the mid 1990's, you had to look hard to see who's picture it was. I managed to scan some of the better ones during the 2000's - and even then it took quite a bit of PP to get them to look anywhere half decent.

So...memories of childhood ? yes! - but go back to instant photos ?? No thank you. If it wasn't for my school photos, I'd have a hard job telling my kids what I looked like as a kid myself. I'd like to leave 1976 firmly in....1976.

I think they improve the process by the eighties. I have a Polaroid of my brother from around 1984 on the fridge that still looks good.

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We keep my daughter's Instax Wide handy around the house and use it on guests. Kids love it and we can add the photo to the wall right away. Fuji could sell a ton more of these cameras with a few improvements. Haven't tried the printer, but our Canon office printer works well for this if I remember to put paper in it. Straight from iPhone prints look good.

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Well told mini-doc. Love the basement scene. People underestimate the ability of their unsealed low-end dslrs. If you live in Alaska you will find many folks who use the low-end Canon and Nikon equipment all year long.

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On article What's missing? Ming Thein on the state of mirrorless (751 comments in total)

I'm looking forward to the New EM-1 ii with global shutter, hand-holdable high res, magic IS, and its trio of new weatherized f 1.0 primes also rumored to come and dominate the world. : )

In reality though I'd be happy with some solid sensor improvements and no viewfinder funkiness during sequential shooting. Longer battery life too.

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On article Bang for the Buck: Olympus OM-D E-M10 II Review (695 comments in total)
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Clint71: If I was looking for a second backup camera for landscape would you choose this over a Nikon D7200?

Only if my primary camera was a micro four thirds. The backup idea works best if you can share lenses with the primary.

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On article Adobe issues Lightroom 6.2 apology and update (229 comments in total)

I've been using Lightroom since version 2 and this is the first time I found it unusable (even the .1 improved version hung on importing). Seems like they need to bring back extended beta periods, at least with major changes.

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On article Recipe for 6S: iPhone 6S Real-world Sample Gallery (122 comments in total)

Much better HDR than my regular 6, but high iso doesn't look any better. I'm guessing some regular (non-hdr) shots are coming?

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The wide model (closer to classic size prints) is great. It's hard to beat the shot to fridge speed when friends come over.

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On article Countdown to PIX 2015: Aaron Draper and Underexposed (41 comments in total)

Surprised how well this works. He has many more on his website, worth checking out.

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