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Abdo: The only problem is not having a program to synchronize with your computer. Does anyone have a solution for this?

I suspect we will see various solutions for this, plug-ins for Lightroom, etc.

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I just tried an 88mb 16 bit tiff and it took it just fine. Preview looks off because it's in Pro-Photo RGB is all. Looks like it could be a useful archiving service.

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You guys are getting good at these videos. One thing I like to do when shooting roller derby is slow shutter panning. Set a higher f-stop, lower iso and go crazy. Low keeper rate but the good ones can look awesome. Good way to test out the panning IS mode too.

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It looks very similar noise wise, but that lens is either quite soft everywhere except the center, or there was a focusing problem.

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On B-grip launches Uno holster for compact system cameras article (107 comments in total)
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ChowMonkey: This looks rather silly.

I know my woman would be repelled if she saw me in this.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review preview (675 comments in total)
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mpgxsvcd: I have one simple question. Why did the Canon 70D receive a MUCH higher score(83 vs. 81) and the Gold award? What does the 70D do that the E-M5 MK II doesn’t?

If I picked up the 70D right now and shot it side by side with the E-M5 MK II what would the 70D be that much better for? Both cameras are still at a similar price point today and they are in the same category. So what makes the 70D so much better?

Is the issue that the 70D was rated against the competition of 2 years ago and the E-M5 MK II is rated against the competition of today? Shouldn't the ratings value always increase if the cameras are always getting better? Why are cameras like the A6000 and the E-M5 MK II rated lower than the 70D?

I still cannot fathom why I should choose a Canon 70D over an Olympus E-M5 MK II. If I purchased solely based on your conclusions and ratings then I could see no other option. Thankfully, I didn't wait for the review and bought the E-M5 MK II sight unseen. I don't regret it that one bit.

It would be nice if they got rid of the awards, but we seem trained to expect some kind of arbitrary final score. I'd rather see a list of pluses and minuses, concluding remarks, and leave it at that. But hey, I think grades are stupid too.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II Review preview (675 comments in total)

ISO 400 pus two stops definitely looks better than iso 200 +3. Interesting. I suppose it's good to know the sweet spot for a scene.

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On samsung_nx500_ISO-200_SAM_0843 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Pretty nice handling of highlights and shadows for a camera jpeg.

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I've returned to using what is basically a nice daytrip/book backpack. Works well enough to hold an extra lens and whatever, and I keep my camera in my hands. Throw a small polartec blanket inside if you want padding.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M5 II First Impressions Review preview (1393 comments in total)

Thanks for telling me what reset means when doing in-camera editing. I've used my EM-1 for over a year and always assumed it meant cancel.

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SeeRoy: "Despite being very small indeed, the E-M5 is peppered with physical control points. In fact, in our initial testing, we're equivocal about this. On the one hand, physical control is great, but depending on how you have the camera set up, it is quite easy to accidentally knock a dial, or press the wrong button and end up doing something you didn't mean to do."
Which is precisely why the (original) EM5 is the most infuriating camera I have owned. Constantly finding myself looking at a VF which is in a different mode to that in which I left it. Most days when I use it I'd like to cut it in half - usually just after missing a shot.

I do think there's room for a new kind of Olympus, one without all the buttons, maybe even no no mode dial, and easy shutter speed, iso and aperture adjustment. You could still hide one programmable button out of the way, perhaps, and you still have to have the okay/directional buttons for the menu. Be a good time to redesign parts of the menu too.

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On Hands-on with Canon's 'not-coming-to-USA' EOS M3 article (532 comments in total)
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JohnK: The model holding the camera in these photos should have had a manicure, fresh nail polish and hand makeup. IMO, the unappealing appearance of the hands is a distraction. Or is it an editorial comment? :) IMO a photography website should do better than this.

As for the camera, I live in the U.S. and have two L lenses I'd like to shoot with a Canon MILC, why not sell it in U.S.? Are they ashamed of it? Is it not good enough for the demanding U.S. market :)

You complain about nail polish? Really?

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On Fujifilm announces XF 16-55mm F2.8 R LM WR lens article (295 comments in total)

Perhaps the next XT-1 will have in body stabilization. Would not be surprised.

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On Fujifilm X-T1 Review preview (630 comments in total)
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Rodolfo R: I just realized that the camera is designed only for ambient light. I tried to expose in manual mode with flash and the screen and viewfinder are black. In manual mode the screen/viewfinder shows the correct exposition for ambient light, but it does not work if I want to expose only the flash light. If someone know how to solve this issue please let me know. Don´t tell me please that this is it, and there´s no solution for that.

Hmm, check to see if there is a viewfinder boost mode. My EM1 has the same problem, very irritating, but if I turn on viewfinder boost I can at least see what I am shooting when using strong flash, though I lose wysiwyg.

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If you go back and look at 4/3 rumors, they've been right about a lot. A "trusted source" just means a source who has given accurate information in the past. But they don't always get it right. No biggie.

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On Ten things you need to know about the Sony Alpha 7 II article (276 comments in total)

It must not move that far or you think it might lose a corner of the shot. Pretty tight in there for the sensor.

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This is almost like luxury trolling now.

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I would like my sensor floating on a gel of intelligent microbes working in unison to achieve my vision.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 First Impressions Review preview (1864 comments in total)
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LarsLeibgott: I would very much like DPR to run a simple dust test on all these cameras. A Google search for the X100/X100s, RX100 line, Ricoh GR, X30, and so on down the line, reveals that sensor dust is a fairly serious problem (serious in relative terms, of course) with fixed lens compacts. I think it should be par for the course once DPR finish their hands on - f/16 at the sky and check for dust. These are cameras that have street photography very much in mind in terms of design, so it's not like shooting at f/11 and above is an abnormal condition. What do you say, DPR?

Sorry Richard, I was kidding. I guess I will have to get even less realistic next time. : ) Besides, can't Amazon just give you a billion cameras?

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