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a new "pro" cam from olympus, from Loyd chambers:

"Micro Four Thirds makes the grade now. It will only get better and better, so the E-M5 is simply a best of breed in 2012 that will look dated in a year or two. I do hope to see sensor technology get to the ~24 megapixel level with improved noise behavior— think Sony sensor in Olympus body."

The SHG lenses are incredible, see his comparisons of the 14-35 and 35- 100 f2.0 with leica. The advantage of this format is that the lenses can be made this good, in part because they have to make no compromises in size, they're about as big as a DSLR zoom, but they give incredible image quality.

From digilloyd:

the Olympus SGH 14-35 is equivalent to, and as large and heavy as any 24-70 for a full-frame DSLR. Basically, to achieve its superlative world-beating performance, the lens had to be huge and heavy. Leica M lenses have always aimed for being very small, and this forces optical compromises.

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ecka84: Full Frame Mirrorless
50+ megapixels with optional pixel-binning
(e.g. 4µm ~ 54mp 9000x6000,
2x2 binning mRAW 4500x3000 for flawless, sharp details at low ISOs,
3x3 binning sRAW 3000x2000 for low noise at high ISOs and/or faster burst)
Various crop modes (digital zoom basically, for tele, macro or non-FF lenses)
Sturdy "all weather" body
Comfortable size and grip (no pocket-camera nonsense please)
Big and powerful battery
Vari-angle LCD with Touchscreen AF
Built-in EVF and good manual focus assist
All the dials and buttons
Hot-Shoe and built-in flash with wireless flash control
CF card slot (which is faster and more reliable than SD)
or at least dual SD (no SD+CF format mixing)
Wi-Fi for tethering, wireless file transfer, on the fly backup and sharing
3-5 native mount fast prime lenses
(like 20mm ~ 35mm ~ 55mm ~ 85mm ~ 135mm)
Optional adapters for most existing lens mounts
$2000-$2500 price

Ik like the optional pixel binning - and more MP's - sort of what Loyd Chambers suggests and then downsampling the image

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Chekr: After being out shooting tonight, I would love a very subtle backlight on function keys, as it stands i have to use the flashlight on my phone to work out which keys to press. I am sure more regular shooter have memorised where everything is :)

The latest Koenigsegg supercars have LED backlit buttons. Tiny holes are drilled in the aluminum in the necessary shapes.

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ebsilon: I think one needs actually two ideal cameras - a system camera and a compact travel/walkaround camera. Since I'm happy with my Nikon DX (although missing some lenses), I'll sketch out my ideal compact:

24-100mm f/2-f/4 range (alternatively 28-140mm)
1" sensor with PDAF - oversized both horisontally and vertically to provide aspect ratios fro 16:9 to 4:5
Sensor performance of current 1" is good enough, but will always wish for more
RAW format - maybe DNG?
State-of-the art EVF
Tilt or sviwel screen - with excellent visisbility in sunshine
Sized and design like Canon G12 or Nikon P7700
External controls like P7700
Weathersealed/splash proof
Hotshoe and remote CLS triggering

Actually, I think the technology is already more or less here - just hoping for someone putting this together. Maybe for next Photokina?

option to choose different aspect ratio's is great!

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A true monochrome sensor from Canon or Nikon, Sony, Oly ... would be nice to.

Just give US the options! Even RED has a monochrome cine cam.

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@ KameraFever

great suggestions, those two would be all I could hope for in a camera:

full frame foveon!!

full frame rangefinder, like the zeiss ikon, with a high res EVF, leica's usage of the
same old EVF is just ridiculous, they should develop a new, far higher res one, with a design that matches that of the camera. Strange, a 6K plus leica which people in part buy for its design and then match it with an old EVF.

But FF Foveon, yes, 2-3K would buy it in a hardbeat

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What?! So this and the X2 is why they made the 10 may announcement?
I wish somehow the market would make it clear to leica to up their game. Won't happen probably, but one can hope. I really thought something exciting was coming.

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