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On Fujifilm updates X100 firmware to v1.10 article (108 comments in total)
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opticaloptimum: The sad thing is that software cannot fix the X100's main weakness: that the lens is very soft when wide open, especially when focussed close. This is stated clearly in the DPReview review and is evident in the review's photo of a little girl, whose face is not sharp even though in the centre of the picture. What is the point of having a f2.0 lens if it cannot take sharp pictures? The main use of f2.0 for me would be portraits where the face is sharp but the background is out of focus. In my opinion the X100 fails in this respect. It seems that Fuji gave keeping the lens small priority over being sharp.

This quote is incorrect: "A technical point. DOF depends on image size. The depth of field with a 35mm lens is the same as that with a 90mm lens if the camera to subject distance is changed so that the subject occupies the same fraction of the image. So the depth of field at f2.0 can be made the same as that with a f2.0 90mm by moving close enough to the subject." I believe it would be correct for same aperature (mm not f ratio). Of course, that would require an f0.8 35mm equivalent lens to equal the DOF of the 90mm equiivalent f2.0. As it stands, the 35mm equivalent f2.0 would be the DOF equivalent (with cropping) of a 90mm equivalent f5.1, and this for the APS-C format, so with cropping, you're FAR off the full-frame 90/100mm f2 standard for portrait lenses (more like a full frame 90mm f8) and closer to the 85mm equivalent f4.5 at the long end of many APS-C DSLR kit zooms. The X100 looks like a sweet camera, but not one I'd choose for portraits.

Direct link | Posted on Jul 4, 2011 at 14:09 UTC
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Neoasphalt: I wish somebody could make compact micro 4/3 (APS) camera with built-in zoom lens of ~ 30-150 mm (at least 120 mm), full manual control and extended customization, built-in flash and thickness of maximum 48mm (in a body size range betwen Canon S95 and Panasonic LX5). But it looks that I should wait another 5 or 10 years for this... :(

Soiunds like you should just buy a Canon G12 as it's very close to every spec you mention though small sensor of course.

Posted on Jul 3, 2011 at 07:46 UTC
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