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  • Way to stack the deck, John. Is DoF irrelevant to good photogs then?
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    That's how to turn it off.
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    Challenge 1) Describe how to turn on the electronic first curtain shutter in a new EM1. 2) Describe how to turn on the electronic shutter in a new G5 or GH3.
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    This is called 'context'. And yet, other manufacturers are able to link complex features in a manner that fits the general experience of people. This is generally described as 'intuitive'. Agree. Y ...
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    Oly fired the guy responsible for intuitive immediately after they built the original E1 DSLR.
  • I don't see a tendency to shrink the size of display to reflect cropping or mp. The display size tends to remain constant.
  • I know you don't want to get into a debate, but this explanation (from LL) leaves out a key parameter. Dude, you've got to post them at 100% to fairly challenge. These are teeny tiny.
  • Okay. Sorry, I see your point. Though it is possible most aspiring pros haven't lost any files yet and so don't realise the importance ...
  • Agreed. You seem to be ignoring the experience of jobbing pros here. These pros don't want dual card slots because it makes them feel like they have big dicks. Dual card slots are demanded because ...
  • Whatever. The point remains. The lack of dual slots in any camera will be seen as a weak point for many pros.
  • http://www.mirrorlessrumors.com/next-fuji-x-pro2-rumor-has-dual-sd-card-slot-and-comes-late-2015 ? Never been pro, have you? Just because something is, doesn't mean that is how it should be.
  • Card failures do happen. All serious pros demand dual card slots because losing single event pictures during a paid shoot (wedding, events) can mean a lawsuit. Not to mention a reputation down the ...
  • In band photography, most people are shooting wide open at high ISO looking for shutter speed. The moment you get 2 stops above base ISO, m4/3rds can get equal noise at the same system f-stop. On ...
  • I don't disagree with anything you said in that last post. Where we disagree is in what constitutes comparable lenses between formats.
  • Me too. In the digital world, I came from the E1. Sure. Or ... you could change the ISO to give you the same noise levels as a Canon or Nikon, and the same shutter speed and the same DoF. I see ...
  • If the CF card is still working, leave it in the camera at all times and plug in the camera to your computer to download the images.
  • Going from SNR to DoF field changes the question. Does the camera system have enough DoF control for your uses? If the answer is 'yes', then another system's DoF is irrelevant. If the answer is ...
  • At base ISO and + 1, fullframe wins. At all other ISO's, smaller sensors are competitive based on the technology. The question to be asked of any camera -- Is the base ISO good enough?
  • Dude, why do you always adjust for focal length (one is 200mm while the other is 100mm) but don't adjust for aperture (both f2.8)? http://camerasize.com/compact/#448.300,482.366,ha,t
  • You tied the file size in raw to pixels generated by the sensor. What I pointed out is you cannot logically do this. I demonstrated this by bringing up a 10mp camera that generated smaller raw ...
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