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On Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 review article (187 comments in total)
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costadone: About a mont ago I purchased the LX7 for a 3 week trip though Europe. What made me go with the LX7 (instead of the Fuji X10, RX100, or G1X) was the wider angle and of course the f1.4.
Half way through the trip I noticed the ND filter was shifting and working only partially on the frame, eventually the LCD screen died. I was running around Paris looking for the optional viewfinder, which I eventually found and paid 249 EUROS!!!
After returning I sent the camera to Lumix and wrote an email expecting a refund on the viewfinder, because I never really wanted one, and was my only solution at that time. The response was... we do not give refunds.
I'm very disappointed with LUMIX customer service.
Also, at high ISO's 2000-3600 the images are NOT usable. I am not sure if it's because of the Lumix software to manage RAW files or the camera itself. I am beginning to question my purchase, sadly.

Very sad to hear. I've just started getting issues with my lightly used LX5 so build quality/longevity may be questionable.

The samples from the review appear very poor compared to other cameras' reviews over the last four or more years I've been using this site on a very regular basis. In fact, the impression they give is one of, "wait for the next rev".

The LX5 has produced some brilliant images, don't get me wrong, and every time my daughter comes in reach of it, it disappears for quite some time.

Given your LUMIX CS experience, I'm now concerned with what kind of reception I'll get for an under 12-month-old unit...

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 Preview preview (178 comments in total)
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guyfawkes: I've owned the LX3 since its debut in 2008. I liked its ability to retain equivalent FOW irrespective of image ratio. LX series remain even now the only cameras to do this.

I missed out the LX5 as not being sufficiently improved for my personal needs. Despite the advances in the LX7, and I like the manual aperture ring in particular, and the much improved high ISO performance, love that 3200 ISO shot of the plate, I still don't see a major reason to upgrade, if that is the correct word to use.

Is the LX7 better? Of course it is. But sufficiently so to warrant my buying it? Probably not. Compared to its current peers, will it be worth your consideration? Definitely.

I passed on the LX3 as it had a too-short zoom range, not that I need a long range. I've been stunned by the images from my LX5, using the lens tube with polarized filter or UV making a huge difference, and garnering some unsolicited "Wows" I'll probably skip the LX7 and wait for a higher MP count on the new MOS sensor for even greater detail.
The lens is what really makes the LX5 a stand-out IMO. I've seen images from others' comparables, SLRs and compacts and the LX5 for landscape and macro is clearly excelling, in MY experience.
If you don't have the LX3 or LX5, the LX7 is a good portable, again IMO, that produces surprising indoor and outdoor images for a reasonable price - especially when well discounted! (Keep your eye on Amazon - I snapped mine up when they did the $100 off for one day in 2011 - financed the lens tube and B&W filters). Enjoy!

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How about DPReview posting this on FRIDAY, so folks have a realistic opportunity to enjoy the book. Weekends are snowed so I, along with many, missed BOTH windows. For my part, I've been in hospital with my son who broke his neck mountain-biking - kind of a legit "miss"...

Any chance of another window happening with a Friday MORNING heads-up?

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On Haystack Rock, Canon Beach, Oregon in the Must have series: 50 challenge (14 comments in total)

KUDOS! Passed the rock in July - none of my pictures come close to the beauty of this.

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