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I think this is a fake: who would pay for this bs 6,5 M$, there are much more better pics from the Anteloupe... PL is a weasel....

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On article 1939: England in Color (part 2) (177 comments in total)

Very nice article, for me, it is very interesting to see before and after cityscape images. And i'm sorry for Edgar the cat: I hope this battlefield between England an Germany is closed forever!

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It is a really good job showing "Old-England" before the war: I was there 10 years before and it looks like it is yesterday-great Job and work, I'm happy to watch part II....Peter from Germany!!!

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My Benro B3 was destroyed after a fall with the tripod during a photoshooting in The valley of Fire/USA and so I had to decide which Ball-head should be bought, Benro again, Really Right Stuff or the Novoflex CB 5.
My choose was the Novoflex CB 5 and I didn't regret a second: there are 2 different "knobs" for moving the ball and changing the friction for the ball. Both you can find with closed eyes or with the eyes on the rangefinder. If you fix the ball there will be no moving even with a 2.8/300 mm. For me it is the best bullhead price-vallue!

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What a mental deficiency!

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During the analog era of Hasselblad I used (and still using) the other "flagships" 205 TCC and 205 FCC with nearly all FE lenses. These cameras had been built with pure sturdy metal and with very fine lenses from Zeiss/Oberkochen.
Today the company build cameras with plastic and no more Zeiss lenses, but the same incredible high price like of that analog time. Therefore i'm full of disappointment of the brand Hasselblad and their policy of merchandising: because I live nearly the Zeiss factory, Zeiss is not allowed to produce and sell the older FE-lenses, which wouldn't damaged the Hasselblad.
I believe the next 10 years you will see disappearing the Hasselblad Digital cameras: they are not better than a Pentax 450 D , the sensors from Phase One are more ready for use with different camera models and so on.
Hasselblad had oversleeped a lot!

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