Lives in United States Spartanburg, SC, United States
Works as a photojournalist, currently on disability
Joined on Aug 28, 2011
About me:

I'd like to get to the point where I can once again function and work. I can still write well and continue to work on my photographic craft (always a "plus factor" for both), but I don't deal at all well with stress, so I'm having to take things at a pace with which I can accommodate, psychologically.


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P1040577Apricot Angel Trumpet 20053 ants in bloom crop 2 -- 1600 px longest side (from 3084)PurpleDuck1FlyingGeese1TwoGeese1Tree with Lens Jiggled -- From IGP8035Venus Full Crop -- 2 second exposureDragonfly croppedVine Seeds cropped -- From IGP8024Female Cardinal Eating Facing Away 1Tree with P 1 sign, cropped -- From IGP8030Female Cardinal Feeding Face-on 1Got the Tot's AttentionMale Cardinal Feeding Face-on 1Female Cardinal Facing Away From Feeder 1Frog with cricket in mouth 1Cropped Mister 1Cropjob1_edited-1Cropjob2_edited-13 ants in bloom crop 1 (from 3084)P1040289IMGP1004_IGP4876_IGP4878_IGP48745088 Heron sharpened -- 1level unsharp mask -- head crop5088 head cropped, no sharpening_IGP6320PowerPinhead1 -- from -- IGP7832Power Pinhead2 -- from -- IGP7757Power Pinhead3 -- From -- IGP7755Feeding Time -- From -- IGP7766Cricket Laying Egg Sack -- From -- IGP7706Pinhead with Adult1 -- from -- IGP7768Macro Mirror Cricket1 -- From -- IGP7625Little Boy from 6 ft -- From IGP8018Little Boy Statue Closeup -- From IGP8017Little Boy Statue with background -- from IGP8017Pier 1 Sign shot uncropped -- from IGP8029DQ Door Focus cropped -- From IGP8032Tree  with lens held still -- From IGP8034