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The Maze400: I think the dust issue is from their new manufacturing process. The camera internal parts are all soldered together. This may also be an issue when they come up with a fix. Since the parts will have to be de-soldered then re-soldered.

I cleaned my fourth D600, yes forth before it's initial use. I have not (knock on wood) had a (major) dust issue so far. Oil is my issue, I have wet cleaned the sensor after 500 frames and at 1300 the oil is starting to reappear albeit fainter. I will clean the sensor again at 2000. and re-evaluate at 3000 shots with fingers crossed.

MLU = Mid-Life Upgrade

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Mssimo: This also happens with the D800. Went on a long roadtrip and when I got back, many photos had oil spots. Here is what I used to clean it:

Lenspen LENSK1A Sensorklear Ii with Articulated Tip
Visible Dust BriteVue Sensor Loupe 7X
D-SLR Sensor Cleaning Brush for Full Frame Sensors
DustAid Platinum DSLR Sensor Cleaner
and 1+ hour of my time.

I am 100% sure it was not dust, you could spread it around and it was very hard to clean.

>many photos had oil spots

This can't be tolerated. For now, I'll cross Nikon off the list until I hear better news.

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Gothmoth: you either get a swiffer with a new D600.. or 400 euro for cleaning the camera in the warranty periode.

after that you have to pay....


Wikipedia --

Swiffer is a line of cleaning products by Procter and Gamble and Michael Rand. Introduced in 1999, the brand uses the "razor-and-blades business model"; in this case, the consumer purchases the handle assembly at a low price, but must continue to purchase replacement refills and pads over the life of the product.

[I recently parachuted in from a distant planet.]

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Henry M. Hertz: as my niece would say: epic fail....

eat that dust you nikon fanboys.... haha

>busy gluing my mirror back

Have you tried black tape?

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Francis Carver: What can I say.... DSLR shooters frequently get it from the short, nasty end of the stick, it seems. This time the all-time garbage-cam is a Nikon. Hard to believe they can just dump garbage like this on the hapless consumers, and this is actually from a so-called "name" manufacturer, wow.

This garbage-generating Nikon D600 is actually so full of garbage, it creates its own garbage internally!

Feeling so sorry for the ones who happened to have gotten this reverse dust vacuum turkey. Hopefully some lawyers are reading the link and are lining up a nice class action lawsuit against Nikon-san. Damned thing must have a miniaturized dust grinder inside it or something, huh?

Give 'em heck, Francis. You're dead on target.

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FreedomLover: The worldwide corporate culture of secrecy, coverup, arrogance and contempt for their customers is astounding. No wonder they swamp these boards with bullying shills if they don't even talk with us about such defects. It's obvious they prefer selling defective cameras and destroying their brand's image over serving happy customers.

Why would anyone write about "dust", seeing the spraying, liquid nature of the dots, if not to minimise the PR damage?

"they totally ignored my letter that asked them to clean the excess oil from the mirror box. I even called them 3 times while the camera was in the shop and instructed them to clean the excess oil out of the mirror box. It obviously fell on deaf ears. I will have to keep wet cleaning my sensor."
Nikon D7000 oil on sensor 2011

The only reason they get away with such repeated gross negligence over years is because customers are still too nice and not all sending their defective products back.

Great post!

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Retzius: I noticed that my car gets dirty between washings. I made a time lapse video to document it. I called Toyota and told them about the issue but so far no reply. Ill continue to report on the issue as more information comes in.

I noticed that my hide collects dust particles. I wash these off with drinking water.

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pepelegal: I don't think this is a design issue, more a manufacturing one. Maybe they have opened a new factory in a dusty country somewhere to make the D600, and they all got assembled it in a less-than-clean room.

Would be interesting to see if the in-camera clean would do to all this dust or whatever it is. It would only take one second to find out .

But anyway, this is not the point. I like everyone else would expect the camera to show no dust build-up as long as the lenses are on. Obviously it has to do with all the physical movements inside the camera every time a shot is taken. It makes me think that these "mechanical" DSLR are more and more a thing of the past.

>Maybe they have opened a new factory in a dusty country somewhere

Might that be China?

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RobG67: Whinge, whinge, whine, whine.

If you really want something to complain about, try being blind, or homeless, or living in a refugee camp in Africa.

Accept that things ain't perfect, deal with it and move on.

Maybe the 'dust' ia actually stray pixels falling off that over-stuffed sensor...

No substantive gravamen here.

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On Canon EOS 6D sample images added to hands-on preview article (262 comments in total)
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huyzer: Please DPreview, provide more portrait under high contrast light situations without fill flash. It's great to see how the sensor handles those situations. And while you're at it, can you provide RAW files for us to see how much Dynamic Range we can extract from each sample file you upload? Thanks, I hope you consider it.

Yes, RAW is essential.

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gsum: These real world samples are extremely useful. More please.

This lens gives excellent results at 70mm but is not as good at the 24mm end due to some smearing and CA. Think I'll stick with my primes.

>a great lens for photographing people at events

Make that indoor events (and not always well-lighted ones) -- that's why the Tamron is my choice.

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marike6: The guys over at CrisisLab did a comparison video of 4 popular standard zooms - this lens, and the 24-70s from Canon, Nikon and Sigma. It's one of the best (and funniest) comparison videos I've ever seen. Highly recommended.

Very instructive video which to me settles the issue (in favor of the Tamron).


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HSway: This is a great lens. Very good indeed. Nikon and Canon (ll) versions are better for landscape. If there are other considerations, this Tamron with very effective VC is the second best option.

>Обычная линза ничего особенного не увидел

And where our sarcastic cracks about this?

Joking here.

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ChrisKramer1: Ou est les review? Mon dieu.


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tallshorty: I have this lens with my 5DIII but continue to experience AF problems. It requires AF adjustment (unlike my canon lenses). But the real headache is that I cannot adjust the center AF point to match peripheral AF points. When the center point is adjust perfectly, the peripheral points are back focused. Then when peripheral points are adjusted perfectly, the center point is front focused. I tested 2 more copies at the store and they all had this problem. Had mine sent into Tamron and they acknowledged this problem and couldn't even fix it and instead sent me a new lens from a new batch. It is a lot better than my original lens but problem still exist just difference between center point and peripheral points is not as severe.

Great wave-off! I'm much obliged.

How about manually focusing it?

I note that the sample photo featuring the orange umbrella is hugely out of focus.

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On Just Posted: Leica X2 real-world sample gallery article (114 comments in total)
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chlamchowder: IQ is ok, but not stunning. You could probably get the same image quality for a lot less by putting a good fixed lens on a Nikon D5100/7000 or Sony a580, in addition to faster autofocus.

>DSLR-like IQ

The IQ looks to me to be less than that.

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On Just Posted: Leica X2 real-world sample gallery article (114 comments in total)
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ybizzle: Why would you not take the X100 over this? Half the price and much better looking!

Or the G1X or the RX100? Leica drops the ball again with their snootiness and high pricing. The IQ looks pretty indifferent to me. Please correct me if I'm wrong on anything here.

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On Nikon D5200 Hands-on Preview preview (213 comments in total)
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nomorepencils: My only question is whether they have done away with the tiny, difficult-to-see focus points in the viewfinder of the 5100?

>You can find out the answer by reading the preview.


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On Just Posted: Canon EOS M preview samples gallery article (130 comments in total)
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photo nuts: To DPReview: I was told that the touch-to-shoot feature on the EOS-M touchscreen will speed up the AF operation by as much as 10 times as compared to the use of the shutter button. Can you verify that?

I mean the Walter Huston LAUGHING scene.

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On Just Posted: Canon EOS M preview samples gallery article (130 comments in total)
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LyonChen1110: Well, can Dpreview do no more Preview with only sample gallery? Most review web sites can do that also. It is the studio comparison tool to make Dpreivew stand out from others. Please at least preview with studio tool, even better with dynamic range or full review. I check Dpreview much less frequently as before.

>I check Dpreview much less frequently as before.

Goes for me too.

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