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CDMc: ? they're available all over the UK ? Many of the main online retailers have them available, and prices are starting to reflect that supply

It's weird they're so hard to find in the US. I've has one on order from Amazon for 2 months now and still not even an estimated shipping date.

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PhotoTrevor: OK I'm confused. Or maybe not. Why on earth would you make conversion lenses for an interchangeable lens system? It's always optically better to get a lens suited for the job rather than throw an adapter on there.
if this was a viable option, why wouldn't we just by silly converters for our DSLR's? Seriously Panasonic?

I think price is a big issue, the Lumix wide angle lens is a pricey beast (but takes beautiful pics).
I'm in interested in the Macro attachment because none of my lenses focus close enough but I also don't need it enough to pay for the Lecia macro.

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On Mirrorless Roundup 2011 article (429 comments in total)
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OleThorsen: So basically Mr. Butler tells the family father who's a photography beginner: "We at dpreview firmly believe it's perfectly OK that your only solution to capture your playing children is to shout: Stand still children - father want to take a picture of you!", instead of learning to use Shutter Priority.

This sites IQ has gone downhill since Askey left the business.

The irony is that most Photogs that are so boastful spend most of their time in Auto or Program and consider themselves experts because they have tried Aperture Priority.

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On Mirrorless Roundup 2011 article (429 comments in total)
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filipe brandao: I really don't understand why dpreview is clinging on to a marketing catch word ("mirrorless") instead of promoting a more clear classification of cameras.
Classifying these cameras as "mirrorless" is the same as saying a pencil is a inkless pen. Its confusing and forsakes a hole history of photography in which most of the cameras didn't have mirrors in their system. One should ask why isn't leica m9 included in this group.
Cameras have always been classified by how they allow the photographer to view/focus on the subject and their format. Any effort in this direction would help to clear the marketing confusion in which we roam.

I agree that mirrorless is an odd way of grouping them but it's the best available. I prefer to think of them as a Rangefinder Format camera since form factor itself is their key feature but since they don't actually have the rangefinder it doesn't fit very well (and starts internet arguments).

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On Mirrorless Roundup 2011 article (429 comments in total)
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JeffPhotalk: Hi all expert I'm a newbie to this forum. I find it funny why do people can talking about sensor size ? Can anyone tell me why ?

Comparing low light pictures from cameras with a large and small sensor points out most of the flaws. Even if megapixles are about the same the larger sensor has much less noise, crisp dark shadows.
Zoom 100% on an iPhone picture from a concert and on a APS-C DSLR at a concert and notice the splotchy purple marks on the camera-phone.

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IcyVeins: As soon as the 12-35mm and 35-100mm f/2 zooms come out, M4/3 will have a full lens system that can compete with DSLRs

I've got a GF1 and there are limitations with very dark shots and limited DoF but it's ot restrictive, it's just not as good as with a larger newer sensor as would be expected.

But I've taken shots of the milkyway with with almost no noise using the 20mm/1.7 and I've taken closeup shots of dragon flies using a 200mm where the DoF was only about an inch framing the head. It's better than a point and shoot but not a $1500 DSLR, just as you would expect.

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On Android and iOS App Tools For Photographers article (70 comments in total)

I like that Sun Surveyor gives you the sun angle but does anybody know of an app that has a similar function to Google Earth's Sun Shadow feature?

It doesn't exist on mobile Google Earth, and in mountainous terrain it's nice to know if your morning shots will be covered in shadow from a nearby peak even 45 minutes after sunrise.

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On Android and iOS App Tools For Photographers article (70 comments in total)
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keeponkeepingon: Suggestion:

Perhaps explain why, for the eye-fi card, I would pay for shutter snitch or mofoto when eye-fi now provides a free app to do the same thing?

Or am I missing something?



I have a question for eye-fi users.

Does the eye-fi app (or any of these apps) require you to use jpeg?
I use RAW with a Panasonic Lumix and want to be able to preview the image on a tablet screen while shooting onsite.
Does the RAW even work, if it does how long does it take to transfer and render a shot?
If it's slow can you have the camera record jpeg and RAW but only send jpeg to the tablet for previewing?

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On Android and iOS App Tools For Photographers article (70 comments in total)
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trivuong: Sundroid, you can have widget like this (

I use that as well. But being able to see the sun angle and height in the sky would be a nice improvement. I may buy one of the above apps.

The other thing you have to keep in mind is surroundings. The local mountains where I live throw off the sunrise and sunset by and 45 mins or more depending on your location (Thank you Google Earth for it's sun light approximation).

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On Android and iOS App Tools For Photographers article (70 comments in total)
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John De Bord Photography: "Depth Of Field Calculator" is excellent and is also free for Droids. Basically it is a hyper focal distance calculator

I like that one too and have used it many times on location. My only gripe is that I have a less common camera with odd aperture focal lengths so I have to approximate some calculations.
I'd love if you could just set a camera and set of lenses in memory so you didn't have to scroll through.

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"The first two images we showed – the crowd scene and the image of the poster, were examples of motion blur from camera shake."
Am I the only one reading this that the first two pictures were legitimate (or the only one reading more than the headline of this article?)

If you watched that and said "WOW!" for those first 2 images you're still talking about a real life application. The last one may have been a setup but from what I'm seeing this is still a 100% viable feature. Even if it's not as impressive as the manipulated shot of Kevin it still made huge improvements on the other shots.

Maybe people should see this application in use first hand before they jump to conclusions that "Adobe lies! Photoshop is just MSPaint marked up to $300!"

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