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  • To be fair, I believe astro photography enthusiasts constitute 0.01% of Samsung NX photographers.
  • Replied in praise the fish
    Exactly. I don't see why anyone would want another 10mm fisheye, because the current fisheye is so darn good and so incredibly compact and convenient. For astro photography I guess the more ...
  • Absolutely horrible OIS with still photos with the NX20. Being used to Canon IS lenses, I was shocked to see how useless the 50-200 IS was. I don't think it gave me any benefit over steady hand ...
  • Like a camera between the NX1 and NX500. That is, a compact camera with an EVF - like the Sony A6000. Personally, I find the NX1 too big (and expensive) and the NX500 a no go without an EVF. The ...
  • thanks for the heads up on the firmware update, I hadn't realised a new update had appeared. I went and ordered a 16-50 PZ, guess I'll test it myself to see how it performs and how it fares vs the ...
  • Created discussions Does 16-50 PZ work with NX20?
    Title. Also, any new reviews / tests around that look at the optical quality? -- pics:
  • I have to say that Mosc there has a pretty good point. Also, where are Samsung lens reviews?

  • Commented on Tree Roots challenge

    Siem Reap area has some of the best opportunities in the world for magnificent root shots :) Great theme for a challenge.

  • you can't have lots of bokeh, even though Digital Rev insists on gravely misusing the term constantly. You mean little DOF ;) Bokeh just describes the quality of out of focus areas, not the amount ...
  • with the specced lens, it would be simply impossible to be the same size, weight and price... Personally, I would very much like a camera like this, if it just has an EVF. And I don't care if it's ...
  • I don't expect the lens to be a massive hit like the Sigma 35/1.4 for example. Other than the price and size it's interesting, but personally I would have preferred a (much) cheaper and smaller 35/2.0.
  • The 35/1.4 looks tempting. Any info on the weight?
    24-240 is interesting for a walkaround lens if performance is decent. I fear the macro may be overpriced. I'm hoping to see Tamron produce EF...

  • @Neez
    I agree. It's just that I'm a still photographer and accuracy means more to me than subject tracking. If I was a video shooter, it would be different.

  • I wouldn't say that 70D is much better value, because it all depends on what you need. I rather have my cameras as light and small as possible (I don't have HUGE hands so I'm perfectly comportable...

  • Wye, I don't think these days anyone is left "hanging" :)
    at the moment I use Canon, Sony and Samsung cameras side by side. I get and use what camera serves me best and I presume that majority of...

  • It's a terrible idea to leave the EVF from a camera that goes to 600mm Or to any focal length for that matter! Anyone that is used to a dslr or a milc with with an EVF knows the numerous benefits...

  • stereographic projection stitched from a panorama stereographic projection stitched from a panorama http://www.pbas ...
  • @pew pew: but noise performance and resolution definitely is.

    Too bad this camera doesn't have an EVF. I would get it in a heart beat.

  • I'm a long time Canon DSLR user and I've been waiting for ever for a Canon mirrorless with an EVF. I will not buy a mirrorless camera without an EVF, that's for damn sure. Canon wont' be able to ...
  • Absolutely agree. I am interested in this upcoming Canon, but I will have zero interest, if it doesn't have an EVF. An EVF is indeed neccessary especially with such high magnification lenses. With ...
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