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Settle up to have a lot of spare-time to travel. The rest is obvious :)

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  • Congratulations for the 1st place, - well worth, wonderful picture! I'm using my K-01 in the same "territory" - landscape and macro - and I consider it perfect for that. Regards ,
  • Replied in "ot" hospital
    I hope this time you will get well for real. Take care! Test photos and anything else can wait... Regards, Bela
  • Replied in which body?
    Sorry to hear you probably got a bad copy. Sadly there is a possibility to get a lemon from any product, any brand :( It happened to me also, when I buyed the well known Sigma 10-20 F4-5.6 (first ...
  • Thank's for sharing Steeve! The King of the pond is the funniest from the bunch :)
  • I also disagree. This lens can do anything. Besides the slowish autofocus (it's a macro lens, with longer focus throw - so understandable) I can't really point out any other cons... I use it more ...
  • Thanks Paul for the samples, they look very good! Nothing wrong with family samples :) IMO manual focus is tricky on any DSLR (without focus peaking or other better visual aid) no matter of lens... ...
  • Thanks! It was no need to fix it, I've got the point (and to be honest I was so tired I didn't even noticed the duplicated frame)  It looks that you've "clonetooled" a lot in PS :) ...it is my ...
  • Those wide open close-ups looks very promising, with pleasing rendering and out of focus blur. Even the landscape looks good - taking in consideration the low(ish) light conditions and lens wide ...
  • I didn't had time to go through all of the replies, so maybe someone already mentioned this: You could check on one of the blurry photos if the SR was ready and the shot was stabilized - with ...
  • Michael, thanks for hosting this challenge. Congratulations to cand1d for the 1st place, and for all participants!
  • Commented on Bagan in the Pentax SLR Challenge challenge

    Congratulations, well worth 1st place!

  • Replied in PASSAM!
    I don't know how the K5 behaves in TAv mode, but I suppose in the similar way than the much older K20D, and the K-01 (K-01 in M mode as that model lack the TAv mode). If you set Auto ISO to peak at ...
  • That's very strange, and probably browser problem and not question of your system (16GB of ram is way more than any browser would need). I've checked and I can see the entries in latest Chrome, ...
  • You cant open jpg-s from other camera probably due the OEM restrictions (the software you got as made/locked for a specific camera type) There is a campaign at SilkyPix - if you by an OEM upgrade ...
  • ...I'm also covered with extension tubes... What I use is a 3 pieces set of Soligor macro extension tubes - which I bought from a friend for a symbolic amount of money. The story is funny. He sold ...
  • Replied in Bela...
    Thanks! Bookmarked right now, I'll give it a try in the weekend!
  • Thanks Russel, but I'm afraid to use that staff, as I use DA lenses as well. Sure it would be much easier... regards, Bela
  • Replied in Bela...
    Thanks Ron! I'll give it a try. Shorting out more than one pin (the "A") is easy, I just did it :) (Before you wrote back I've been trying to isolate and short just the A... :P ) I remember someone ...
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