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  • You miss the point of Photography....as is evidenced by your posted efforts including the many  embarrassments from your past DPReview incarnation. Much talk - nothing delivered - nothing  - ...
  • This is very well seen & rendered. More important is that it is articulate. With how I am seeing it on my screen, I think it would improve even more if you would slightly lift the highlights & ...
  • ....you have photographed someone's wall art, added nothing other than bad angles, distortion & amateurish pp in an attempt to make something out of nothing. No visual statement of your own to be ...
  • Yes, sorry Jim. I decided that privacy in life without Ms is just too hard & decided to submit. I have recognized that Ms is the next profit...(sorry, bad spelling I meant prophet) The mindless ...
  • I do exactly the same. Makes much sense. Why give to those who only want to take without any regard consideration or respect.
  • ...a couple of links: Spot a Sociopath Sociopath or Psychopath - differences .......enjoy :-)
  • Replied in Maybe...
    .....just maybe, despite firmly stipulated & documented rules , "light moderation" ( no moderatio n) in allowing unfair & inappropriate personal attacks are in the best commercial interests of DPR?!! ...
  • I keep quite a few boxes of paper too & used to have a clean out every year or two until life got busy(er) A recent clean out after five years provided immense amusement when revealing how much I ...
  • Ignore the troll bait Jim snip
  • Good luck with the 2nd procedure. A break from forums will be a good thing for sure.
  • all that's necessary to rid entrenched twit trolls with multiple aliases is to just ignore them under all circumstances. No ignore button necessary, no moderator/site intervention, locking of ...
  • ....all will be assimilated...
  • Snip Snip .....& you are so perfect in your delivery.....you don't need to read what Jim writes. Why do you bother?.....your fragile self centered ego perhaps?? :-D
  • Downloaded Firefox 40 early yesterday - all seems fine however have only used it moderately: i5 2500 16Mg W7 Ult
  • Replied in Thank you (nt)
  • Replied in meaning?
    I understand that not everyone has the room or the opportunity. The industry standard however, is to colour match/evaluate reflective media in a separate workroom only specific to the task & to ...
  • I know of this one: http://multicommander.com/docs/mainlayout However I  have not used it. Looks similar. Is anyone familiar with both & can recommend one or the other? Thanks in advance
  • Replied in meaning?
    At night I would recommend tungsten/incandescent lighting or "warm" LED bulbs. My work room is painted with a light chalk white flat paint & about 12.5 ft x 15.5 ft with 9 ft ceilings I use a ...
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