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On Rare photos of Nagasaki destruction auctioned article (109 comments in total)
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Smeggypants: One of the world's most extreme acts of terrorism. We should never forget so that such a repulsive act never happens again!!!

Terrorism ? They were at war with the US ?

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On Illuminated by God in the Tamron Prize Challenge: Travel and Nature challenge (1 comment in total)

That is not God, that is a lightning strike.

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Timothy Stark: This camera isn't about photos. It is a "lifestyle" product. I'll bet few readers, even fewer commentors on DPR own any recent Bang & Olafson gear. I believe B&O was once leading edge. Now its a (very) upmarket Bose.

If you have corporate currency such as Nikon's history, you'd better cash in; or your competitor will. If the CEO doesn't the board will fire his butt out the door. Nikon has the currency. BMW has the currency. You cant buy a true low end BMW in North America. BMW's management doesn't give a hoot for the guys who drove 2002's back in the day. Now a performance BMW has 500+ H.P. to move its almost 2400 kg bulk.

This Nikon fits the same niche as small wall-mounted speakers; most BMWs and iPhones. I won't buy any of this stuff, but a lot of people do.

I take pictures with a 5D w/ Contax lenses, drive a 1989 944 s2 (supercharged and intercooled), and listen to vinyl with a tube pre-amp & old Castle speakers. I'm not a lifestyle guy, but that market is big and growing.

Hehe, you are just plain old , nothing wrong with that :)

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