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On Preview:nikon-d750 (1418 comments in total)

Looks wonderful, especially the promised picture quality. However, even my 8 year old D700 offers flash sync to 1/320th: is that really impossible to include now, or a petty meanness? Could it be fixed by a firmware upgrade perhaps? I use that all the time in bright sunlight.

Now all that is needed is to shed the mirror and get the weight down to around 450 gms, offer a totally silent, electronic shutter, and maybe Nikon will stop a mass desertion to Sony / Fuji. DSLRs are tools for those who really need them.

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On article 10 essential time-saving Photoshop tips (88 comments in total)

Thank you for sharing. Not all of us have the experience (or time in life) to have discovered the most useful shortcuts yet. This is very useful. More please!
Those who 'know it all', why come to such a site at all?

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On Connect post 5 new must-have photo editing apps (99 comments in total)

Who cares?

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On Preview:nikon-coolpix-a (442 comments in total)

If Nikon is hoping to launch a full range of professional products with this, they urgently need a 'pro' name: Coolpix is a pathetic, amateurish attempt at Japanese English, and anyway "Cool" went out years ago, thankfully, with Tony Blair. "Dig this, Chicks!"

I do hope that they expand soon to a FF/FX version with interchangeable lenses, with a fast AF system. Users of existing Nikon lenses would flock to such a system (when a DSLR is not needed), but Nikon would open up a new market here and need not be afraid of losing customers.

Without such a model however, they will lose out heavily to Fuji, as soon as a FF X-Pro 2 comes out (next year?). Some indeed prefer Nikon's colours (for landscape) compared with the more muted tones emerging from otherwise superb Fuji results (that 35 mm lens!), and would happily remain loyal, assuming a mirrorless FF 24 - 36 MPX.

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"‘So, if we introduce a full-size mount we would have to limit the amount [of compatible lenses].'"
So be it. Please Fuji, do introduce a FF XP2, and we will happily enjoy making do with fewer, but superb, lenses. A 35mm FF prime , 60 macro, 80mm, 21mm, 10-24, 55 ?-200 would suit very nicely, thank you! It seems obvious that so many people are waiting for this, and would instantly give up thoughts of Leica. And – please Sort Out the colour smearing problem with Lightroom etc., that stops serious RAW users now from purchasing. This is a Must!

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A pity that maybe 1/6th of the viewfinder is taken up by this zoom lens.
To return to the FF question, has nobody to date tried the obvious test of holding a Fuji lens (say the superb 35mm) in the throat of a Leica M9, and checking what image circe it actually gives? For anyone rich enough to own both it would be so simple... Then the rest of us could stop wondering and, perhaps, hoping. Please, somebody, do it, and let us know!

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Love those soft Sony lenses!

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On article Just Posted: Hands-on Nikon D600 preview (376 comments in total)

"but the street price usually compensates a fair bit too."
So far as I've seen, it takes months or years for the price to fall in the UK.
Does Nikon UK honour the international guarantee? In that case it might well be worth buying from the US (or Hong Kong?) and paying the VAT to the postman. Or save a little and buy a 'renovated' model — my D700 was indistinguishable from new, and carried a full UK warranty.
But why should we put up with this in Britain? Time to Act!

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On article Just Posted: Hands-on Nikon D600 preview (376 comments in total)
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VivaLasVegas: Looks plasticky, a bit better looking than its big brother.

I find it Disgusting that in the UK we should be expected to pay £1955 for a camera that in the US costs hardly more in $. Rip-off Britain! It's time that this practice was stopped — by universal public complaint !!! Please everybody, act now!

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"Rip-off Britain" again? Or is it only the VAT? According to my calculator, $ 79 = € 62.54 = £UK 49.58 ! Is it not time that cameras, electronics etc. were sold here at a fair price? What would it cost from Hong Kong?

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