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  • They want you to take 4-5 hours of video?! Are they producing a feature film?
  • What's really funny is that after you use the RF grip(s) you quickly forget that they didn't come on the camera until you pick up a camera without one and think, "Wow, this camera is missing...
  • Of course if Canon gives you all these cool retro features (and everything else you want) you'll be looking at a cool $2000 camera that none of you will buy. (See Nikon Df)
  • Thanks for posting. It is a good example of how the M with a inexpensive mic can be a great set up. I hope things work out for your daughter. It's great that you can help support her with this.
  • The RB lenses were enormous. And the only reason we used to keep an RB around the studio (we were mostly Hasselblad and 4X5) was that the RB was able to rack in for very close focusing because of...
  • Replied in Give us dials!
    I along with a couple of other friends who have been pro shooters since the 80's would LOVE to have a few simple dials that can be accessed in an instant. It isn't about retro looks or taking away...
  • DCM1024 wrote: A male friend just gave me a Ruger 1MV stun gun for personal protection. Does anyone know if it is safe to carry it in the off position in my purse along with my M and IPhone?...
  • If you like using your EOS-M without a strap you'll appreciate adding Richard Franiec's grip. It really helps the with handling of this camera.
  • Nice macro work there. And it is nice to have some explanation of the subject material instead of "Here is a bug". It seems that you actually care about the creatures which is cool. I believe in...
  • Why would dust inside of a lens that distorts and blurs 97% of the image matter?

  • Even if that is the case, I would rather see the preview than the blackout because you can look at the useful preview in the space that the blackout would normally be and be ready to shoot again by...
  • As you drop a pile of cash on this thing please remember that they used to make lenses like this in the 1800's because THEY COULDN'T MAKE BETTER LENSES AT THAT TIME!

  • As you drop a pile of cash on this thing please remember that they used to make lenses like this in the 1800's because THEY COULDN'T MAKE BETTER LENSES AT THAT TIME! If the original designer of...

  • Commented on Canon announces EOS M2 in Japan news story

    Unless you guys have a lot of stock in these camera companies I don't know why you care. Brand rivalry is just as silly as sports team rivalry.

  • Yes. I had the Flipback. It was better than the stock Canon grip. Now I have Richard's and it is much better than the Flipback.
  • Commented on Nikon Df preview

    So, I think I have this figured out.
    Nikon and Canon should give us the FF SLRs that we currently use, with the current specs, at the current price points but just give us some real dials instead...

  • Commented on Nikon Df preview

    The metal ring is actually a ring to better grip the barrel of the lens when changing lenses. It's something that I always liked about my old AI Nikkor lenses and is lacking on the AF lenses.

  • Commented on Nikon Df preview

    Doesn't every good digital camera lose it's value after five years?

  • Commented on Nikon Df preview

    Hey, if nothing else it is nice to see the classic Nikon logo on a new camera. I was a longtime Nikon user and I've always hated the "italic" Nikon logo. I still have the Nikon FM that I bought...

  • I have also pre-ordered a grip. I got an email from Richard saying that they'll be shipped later in November. He is producing a limited number of them so get 'em while you can (just don't even...
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