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On DSC01194 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

This photo was taken in San Diego, on Mira Mesa Bl, near 15. I lived there for 7 years. Nice to see a dpreview sample so close to home.

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On Nikon announces development of three 1 Nikkor lenses article (76 comments in total)
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Mattoid: Announcing the DEVELOPMENT? Anyone can do that! They don't even have to release them for the statement to be true. I can personally announce today that I am developing a medium format compact camera with a 16-800mm f1.0 stabilized zoom lens that weighs only 150g and fits in a shirt pocket.

I am glad to hear what Nikon plans for 1 system. I don't like to guess what Nikon will offer next and be disappointed.

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David H Dennis: Could some kind soul tell me the advantages of the 11-27 lens over the 10-30? Why would you produce two lenses with specifications that close?

I like the ideas behind the Nikon 1 system. It prioritizes operational and autofocus speed over resolution, just like the Nikon D4 does. The smaller sensor makes focus less critical, which means the autofocus doesn't have to work as hard, which means it can be very fast in operation. This seems like a good compromise for many.

I checked and I'd say sales are fine. It's sold in a lot of different colors and packages, which splits up its market share. I found Nikon 1 series cameras at #20, #27, #31 and then I stopped counting but I think there are at least six more models out there. And of course the bestseller list includes cameras and lenses, so it's higher up in the camera list than it looks.

So it's here to stay and has some nice features. Hating it is a silly waste of time; if it's not for you, well, it's not for you.


11-27 is sharper, esp. towards the edge and corners (based on Nikon's MFT chart). 11-27 is more packetable. 11-27 does not have VR. To be honest, I'd rather get 11-27 than 10-30 because it is better lens optically (has one ED element, one AS element).

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