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On article Rode unveils RodeLink wireless audio system (21 comments in total)
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Miki Nemeth: The Rodelink will support "transmitting a 24-bit/44.1k signal". I tried to find similar information about the Sony UWP-D and Sennheiser G3 systems, but I found nothing. Maybe I didn't serch too hard.
I am eyeing on a Sony $100 ECM-AW4 (having an external mic jack, too) Bluetooth microphone set. Why should I pay four times more for the Rodelink?

Nobody is asking you to pay 4 times more for something you don't need. 100m distance is about 4 times what Bluetooth device would cover at its best, so distance-wise you get what you pay for. Rode as a brand is a bit niche, audiophiles look at this stuff differently. You started with the price tag, which is fine. And you are right, other MFGs use G1-G3 bands (and you may have noticed the higher the band, the more expensive they get). Sennheiser G3 system starts at $600+, so this Rode kit (which I have no doubts is desirable stuff if in line what their other products are like) is competitive price-wise, despite as some say uses consumer 2.4gHz band.

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Cannot magnify the image: does it have a small writing on the side saying 'objects are closer than they appear'...?Seriously, this is the next thing on all phones - they are looking how to save money and one camera less is a big saving....

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Is everybody today low on coffee? It may have only 1.2MP, the same as my first digital camera years ago - but look where we are now. Sanrky comments coming from people who in most cases rely on the same Sony sensor technology? If you cannot see this as a step forward, bad luck. In no time some of this will get into larger sensor cameras and more MP - and that is newsworthy. It's just a bit further from the nose some cannot see past.

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On Preview:nikon-d750 (1418 comments in total)
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Stephan Def: This is still NOT going to make me buy Nikons grossly overpriced FF - Lenses (aka holy trinity). The very least I would have expected is in-Body stabilization, so that older FF Glass can work stabilized, however even Nikons current Glass is not stabilized on FF.

Other than that, DSLR is getting really old, there are tons of missing state-of-the-art features. Also Nikon has discontinued their capture nx2 software and are not saying a word about jpeg quality or addtional in-camera processing options.

Overall I will be looking into other options. Sony A58 can be had for a fraction of the price (like 370€) has in-body stabilization and excellent jpeg quality with very many processing and shooting options. It also supports a wagon-load of very good lenses at reasonable prices all of that at a very high-quality 20MP.

I think Nikon is very confused about their technology and product line-up, they look desperate to me, with no coherent & future proof strategy going forward.

You like your Sony, that's good. You want gimmicks (state-of-the-art features), good for you. I agree about CNX2 as I use it and would like to see it being refreshed. But - hat down for keeping the same mount for decades, not changing it every 2 years and relying on adaptors. It takes determination to do it and make it usable in 21 century (aka aperture control in video, pure mechanics)
You should have learnt, C&N won't have in-body VR soon

Posted on Sep 12, 2014 at 14:07 UTC
On Preview:nikon-d750 (1418 comments in total)
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shutterbud: Remember when the release of a new camera actually meant something? Nikon, you must think we're chumps. You refuse to make the one camera which millions have been lusting after for years but continue to bring out rehashed parts-bin efforts stuffed into effectively the same body. D600- fail. D610- the D600 only built properly, still with a STUPID AF module from a DX camera. D800- fail; a good idea in theory but NOT BUILT PROPERLY. So we got the D810- midlife refresh hailed by your photo chums as The Second Coming. Sooo, now what have we got? OH! It's another D6xx series, "cleverly" marketted as a "fast" , pro camera.
We're not idiots you know.
IF this has been the first affordable FX model three years ago, with a D400 on the way, then yeah, fair play. But Nikon cameras are beginning to look like attention-grabbing stop-gaps using components designed years ago while the designers await the Fiat of the marketting men.

Well, some of us Nikon users find this camera interesting, I (eventually) would like if my D7100 had the aperture control in video, (eventually) would like tilting screen as after few back surgeries gettting low perspective poses as a challenge and the WiFi could (eventually) come handy, as same as the larger pixels with less noise. So, it may, eventually, be my next camera... bcause I don't need 1/32000 second or 126 NEF frames buffer ahooting at 15 fps (I barely notice my D7100 has a buffer 'problem' as I think before pressing the shutter button). Each to its own.

Posted on Sep 12, 2014 at 10:01 UTC

Like the mozzie! The ones I usually look at are in the red puddle, this is refreshing...

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op1318: So, i guess the bottom line must be something like "never publish any of your photographs to Wikimedia". I am quite sure Mr Slater learnt this lesson (the hard way).

Or if you are the monkey who stole the camera and took some shots, keep the card at least..or the whole lot and run for the bushes....then show it to your 'relatives' and laugh till the battery lasts. Finally, destroy everything by throwing it in crock infested waters..

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Advent1sam: Why is he even bothered, it was not taken by him and if he did not want the monkey playing with his camera he should not of handed it to him or published the images "from the monkey" which is the core point all artistic right is with the monkey; has anybody even bothered to ask the monkey what he thinks! Mr Slater has no right or ownership of the images any more once he declared how/who took them, sorry he should stop winging and grow up.

@MPerks : but the monkey got a nice shot. too bad he neither can sign model release form or claim the copyright. The best of all - the monkey had a fun moment and could not care less what happens next: he may even find some fermenting fruit and drop dead drunk!

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EhXsan (DPR member who replied in the original post) got the point for being right!
But. we can expect some nice pictures, its such a colourful country...

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On article Ricoh announces Pentax XG-1 superzoom (205 comments in total)
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Zvonimir Tosic: Warning: This camera is NOT designed nor made for geeks around. Just for normal people who print 5x7 and share memories rather than DXO charts.

Normal people who zoom in to 1248mm hand held? I'd like to see that.Another example 'marketing gone insane' in quest to have the highest numbers out there...

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Zeisschen: "Nikon lost in hall of mirrors"


Perhaps 'locked' in the hall of mirrors but at least not replacing the mount every new generation of cameras they make. Not everyone needs to go mirrorless and rely on EVF - some people prefer OVF 9and thus mirror) despite the bulk it brings along. The fact I don't need the 800/810 doesn't mean I should criticize it for some random reason...

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Bruce McL: Apple does not use everything that they patent. This is common knowledge. It is also common practice in the tech industry. Every company takes out more patents than they use.

Yet you wrote “Apple aiming to use...” as the title of the article. There is nothing in the article that supports this statement. The closest you come to that is using “could” and “might” in the last paragraph.

I understand you get more page views if you put made up things about Apple in headlines, but the cost is that it makes you look stupid.

True, they 'aim' to use it. But this latest Apple 'patent frenzy' has an aim to sue, sue and sue more. This chapter is Apple's history is reminiscence of what already happened. This time, though, there is no SJ to pull out and salvage the ship. Bureaucrats have taken over and, sadly, they might share the same 'vision' Kodak had at time.

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Meuh: @Jokica people have been wanting pentax to do this for years now ;)

Hassled do something similar with there MF camera's,


agree, that just shows true face of Apple Co. 'H4D-200MS utilizes Hasselblad's patented piezo frame module, which now captures 6 shots and combines them into an astounding 200 megapixel file.'.... apple's rip-off is called 'iOS'. Oh, and despite the name, it does not stabilise the image...

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On article Sony Australia releases a3500 with new kit lens (144 comments in total)
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antares103: For what reason would the camera be released only in Australia? This is a serious question.

Oh, it's the myth in Australia we don't need fast lenses as being 'lucky & sunny' country. This explains why would anybody think that f4-5.6 lens on APSC camera covering 28-80 (eq) would be 'good enough'. And, in abundance of light, the shutter speed would still remain high not really requiring any image stabilisation. Of course, Sony bigwigs from Japan only visited Australia during the day and local managers were too concerned about their jobs so they kept nodding in agreements.....

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On article Behind the shot: 'Louisville in Motion' (44 comments in total)

excellent work!

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On Connect post Samsung files patent for camera with transparent display (30 comments in total)
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PandaSA: Don't get it. If you're looking through the display at your subject but your subject is shown on the display differently because of the zoom factor, how do you make sense of what you're seeing? And if the only purpose is to give a heads-up display of shooting info (shutter speed, aperture, ISO...) then composition would be impossible because you would have no idea what is being included (or not included) in the photo. Possibly the display would put an orange rectangle around your picture area, That might work. But still, you're left with no way to review the images you've taken. hmmm.

True. And beside that, the camera is offset from the 'real image' (parallax, happens with all cameras with OVF separate from the lens/non TTL). SO not only it would be a different magnification depending on the zoom factor but as well the different viewpoint. These 'patents' are getting ridiculous... Samsung here did not invent anything, just removed backlit form the LCD - in DIY world people used to take the backlit from the laptop screens and put in overhead projectors to project "large" images on the wall, aka 'digital projector for $20'. Was expecting something more revolutionary from Samsung, not patenting results of the Google search 'projectors on the cheap'. If they are patenting transparent OLED/'plasma' screen they should say so (this way you could review the image as it actually emits the light from 'invisible' sources.....)

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OK, let them settle for good: it is obvious that Nikon knows the inner workings of Sigma OS (as much they know about their own as it appears to be 'similar') so they could create a lot of fuss to owners of new Nikon bodies that wouldn't work with Sigma OS lenses. This is FACT, and the 'war' happened over end users head.
Now, is this 'settle of the records' going to change anything for end users? Is Nikon going to 'enable' Sigma lenses on newer Nikon bodies through FW update or is Sigma going to get the required 'knowledge' to upgrade their lenses so they can be used on Nikon bodies without side effects?
Less likely! I think all those users who own OS lens and Nikon body and NEITHER works as meant to, should take massive class action against BOTH companies...because they are the real LOSERS in this patent infringement war.

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Sadly, it appears to be still the same 18-200 OS HSM I had few years ago: very soft on long end, pronounced CA wide... Bokeh is nervous as it's always been. This lens (assuming it does the same as the previous model, based on samples here) is great for close-up shots zoomed in but in other aspects nothing to impress much. I couldn't see any shots done at 35-37mm focal length nor about 85-90mm (this is where the previous version had both stiffer zoom operation AND it could not have a correct focus regardless what you tried, including MF). I'm not convinced this lens would mate well with 24MP. Sigma has some other lenses done pretty well, some of primes are perhaps in top range - but looks like 18-200 zoom, regardless how many times they re-do its design, will not be an award winning piece of optics.

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JDThomas: The market had downturn and it won't come back up. It will eventually plateau. After the digital boom of the 15 years companies are used to making money hand over fist. They're not "losing" money, they just aren't raking it in as fast. And it's unlikely that the business will ever boom like that again unless a radical new technology appears again.

It's always good to be in a business that makes products that are rapidly developing. It's an exciting time and technology is growing by leaps and bounds. People are thrilled by the fast pace of change and want to have the newest and best thing out there.

It's been 15 years since the digital photography revolution started and the technology has reached a point of maturity. They are running out of amazing new features to add.

As others pointed out, cameras are now good enough that most people don't need a new one every year. And contrary to popular belief the majority of consumers aren't on the forums geeking out over the newest junk.

+1. The same can be said for laptop computers and even the smartphones. Bringing 4K video clearly shows all other options being exhausted..

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On article CP+ 2014: Hands-on with Sigma DP2 Quattro (249 comments in total)
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Trollshavethebestcandy: The right side strap lug looks like it will be a bother.

That came across my mind the first time I saw it: not the eyelet itself but visualization of the strap attached. It starts right in the middle of the "grip", hard call what to do with it. Perhaps just use the other one and let the gravity does the rest....

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