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Just an old music is my passion. My photos have been used by many bands including the likes of Grinspoon and Magic Dirt. I have had photos in several newspapers including a national sporting publiclication..and including front page and feature.

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    You aint gunna get one though. In fact it will likely cost you more to get a camera without video since it will be a poorer seller for a smaller market. You can always just not use it (video). I ...
  • I do for live music with an A7 and 85 1.2 and 24 1.4 lens.    The 24 is often stopped down a bit to get all the band in shot from fairly close in. Some bands move around quite fast....I don't like ...
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    You mean like Sony should release a 24mp and 12mp FF camera or something?
  • Lenses for sure.    Not so much cameras though. Maybe it wont go down as much in two years as a Sony A7 (I would rather an A7 any day).   In five years time I would think it would be quite cheap ...
  • Looks great if Leica is your thing.

    Since it has video, I cant wait to see it used with a rig in a commercial (like the A7s).

  • I suspect a lot of these sort of uses/users are going to be shot with Nikon/Canon/ETC lenses. In some cases because there might not be a similar lens but in many cases because they already own...

  • 2 axis but I find it makes a big difference (maybe not as much as some other systems but it all helps). No....wish it did that would be great. 300mm (Old and heavy Tamron adaptall) hand held at 1/250.
  • Just go to EBAY and search "lens" ending soonest. Add a focal length if you want (just add the numbers IE "lens 50" ending soonest. Get whatever comes along that takes your fancy and if you don't ...
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  • Added 1 photo to their gallery
  • Added 1 photo to their gallery
  • I have just got back from going for another walk with the lens ...both cameras this time and much brighter light.......I have seen nothing to make me change my mind about the lens. The lens is the ...
  • You are wrong...I get that I understand that cropping can be effective (if you have enough pixels) fact I use it all the time with the A7 I use both FF and M4/3 ...I prefer ...
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  • I said 1/150 AT 600mm.      You have (again) no shots showing even 1/160 AT 600mm Yes I was hand holding a 300mm lens on a crop sensor, you are holding a 280mm lens on a FF sensor.    So ...
  • I agree, your shots ARE much better than mine..... Mine were never about image quality and were posted for a point. If I need a 600mm angle of view at 6am hand held, then from what equipment I have ...
  • I could always just shoot my computer screen of your photo...then that satisfies your challenge... LOL .....give it a rest. 1/160 is not much different from 1/150 but then it is not 600mm. and it ...
  • How would I know which is better....mine does at that size to the full size shots at 600mm hand 1/150 How close was that? Not FF huh?    And again, not 600mm and hand held ...
  • I agree...... I could use the same 300 2.8 with 2x on my FF if I wanted 600mm. It is an old lens and far from the best 300 2,8 but for the limited times I use it (mainly for sports these days with ...
  • Because I can....can't you??? Well that is what the light was for me and most are at 2.8....and you claim FF is better so prove it......I even said you can double the shutter speed to 1/150 with ...
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