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PaulinAussie: Please correct me if I am wrong....DA lenses are APS-C lenses while the FA are full frame lenses ??

Correct, the 560mm is APS-C, not full frame.
But only just.....

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PaulinAussie: Please correct me if I am wrong....DA lenses are APS-C lenses while the FA are full frame lenses ??

Eight current DA prime lenses cover full frame: 35mm f2.4, 50mm f1.8, both 40mm f2.8, *55mm f1.4, 70mm f2.4, *200mm f2.8, *300mm f4.0. Not saying that they will all perform as well in FF as they do in APS-C but they are virtually free of vignetting. On top of that, the current lens line up also includes a further 7 primes and 2 (+3 planned) zooms.

Launching a full frame with 20 FF lenses isn't a bad start.

Of course, not counting the very many film legacy K mount lenses which will all work without adapters - this, finally, is the dividend of staying mainly with one brand for over 35 years. Glad Pentax decicdd to launch digital FF before I popped my clogs - hang on in there man!

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Madaboutpix: I, for one, like the hints on its design, even if the final product should look somewhat different. It is a distinct Pentax design, given the nod to the brand's legendary 6x7 film MF, and the way it is informed by current K-3 design. Which means that anyone upgrading from or supplementing a K-3 will feel immediately at home with the new FF. I made the same experience when I had a brief hands-on with the 645Z at Photokina, which despite its bulk handled basically like an oversized K-3, which is sheer joy to use.

Though I may not be able to afford it, I don't doubt it will be a competent photography tool and a source of joy to its owners. It makes me kind of proud to see Ricoh's commitment to the Pentax brand. They may be lacking the resources of the bigger players, but slowly, step by step, they're evolving a system that can only enrich the industry with its unique character ...

Very nicely put, I completely agree.

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Rich Rosen: From its looks, it totally contradicts "smaller is better." It has very similar lines to the PENTAX 67. The pictures in this article, don't give us an idea of size compared to other full frame cameras or even current Pentax DSLR's.

Exactly, the small FA31 lens is the best indicator of size. The new FF Pentax is not a big DSLR.

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although taller than the K-3, it's not otherwise much bigger, and the K-3 is small. The FA 31mm f1.8 is also a small lens, perhaps making the camera look larger than it is. Looks like the pentaprism housing on top conceals a pentaprism, which of course it does - unlike other cameras that are faking it.

Pentax will soonbe making interchangeable lens cameras for four different sensor formats; 645, K series APS-c, K series FF, and Q. All but the latter are pentaprism. Nice for people like me who like to see what they are shooting rather than a digital representation of it.

In any event, soon there will be a better choice of DSLRs for everyone to choose from - competition is good.

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On High-end full frame roundup (2014) article (589 comments in total)
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D1N0: Didn't bother to include the Pentax K-1? Typical dpreview bias.

Good things come to those who wait,
and wait and wait and wait...............

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On Price released for Brikk's 24k gold Nikon Df article (390 comments in total)


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prefer Nokia refocus

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Witty, enjoyable, quirky, amusing and engaging - I have the greatest respect for this photographer, admiring his persistence with an unusual way of addressing a common theme. I suspect a great deal of care has been invested in these excellent photographs, both in constructing the ideas and in composing the photographs.

That all were taken with medium format film using a manual focus and exposure camera (Pentax 67) tell us quite clearly that Nagano is not merely taking snapshots even if the concept of snapshot might well be central to his work.

Fantastic to see so much humour and skill in these excellent photographs, well worth looking at the full set in flickr. Thanks to DPReview for sharing.

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On Ricoh announces medium-format Pentax 645Z article (161 comments in total)
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AV Janus: Are these lenses all new designs or just rehashes?
If new, they should have redesigned the whole system into mirrorless, smaller package and with smaller flange distance required.

Its a wasted opportunity if the already went through all the trouble of redesigning the new lenses.

I do apologise for causing confusion, Galbertson.
I was referring to the range of Pentax 645 lenses that have been available in the US since the release of Pentax's 645D, i.e. just 3. At the same time 16 have always been available, new, in Japan and Europe. At least you would have been able to purchase them used or to buy from EU/Japan direct.

Next, did I actually say that the USA was not discerning? Clearly there was a lack of discernment on the part of the importers of Pentax USA. Someone screwed up, Mr. Takashi Arai, 1st Product Planning Group Strategic Product Planning Dept. Global Marketing Division, Ricoh Imaging Company, LTD was clearly gob-smacked when he found out that the majority of 645 lenses were unavailable in the US. (See comments above the 645 image in ). Now not all 645 FA lenses are top quality, but many are considered Pentax's finest lenses.

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On Ricoh announces medium-format Pentax 645Z article (161 comments in total)
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AV Janus: Are these lenses all new designs or just rehashes?
If new, they should have redesigned the whole system into mirrorless, smaller package and with smaller flange distance required.

Its a wasted opportunity if the already went through all the trouble of redesigning the new lenses.

These lenses were designed for the film 645N, and have been in continuous production since then, just not supplied to the US. Fortunately, we have had them always available in the UK, as is the case in Japan and other discerning countries.

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On Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article (664 comments in total)
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tabloid: I would be interested if it was mirror-less.

In my opinion thats the future.

Indeed it would be interesting to see a mirrorless MF digital camera, and I'm sure Sony will oblige soon enough.

For me, though, nothing compares to looking into Pentax's magnificent MF pentaprism - it makes such a delightful viewfinder. However I do agree, others would prefer a more lightweight system and electronic view finder or to use the rear live view screen.

Of course, owners of Pentax's older 645, 645N, 645Nii, and 645Ds have already bought into weight lifting - and yes, I do need the exercise!

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On Ricoh announces medium-format Pentax 645Z article (161 comments in total)

Fantastic camera, well done Ricoh-Pentax.

The enduring Pentax philosophy of backward compatibility means that Pentax MF film shooters can upgrade to digital MF and use their existing lenses. This also makes the 645 Z more affordable. Crop factor makes it worth investing in the 55mm standard lens to supplement the previous 75mm standard lens. Going from 35mm to 25mm is expensive but tempting if wide angle landscape is your thing.

Nevertheless, I have six 645 FA lenses which I still use on my 645N, so although the body is expensive for a hobbyist, it is a real possibility, and one that I am saving up for. I could never entertain this prospect with any other MF manufacturer.

The availability of so many functions that are native to the K-3 means that, other than for smallness and portability, it is not necessary to own both cameras - another factor that makes the 645Z an affordable alternative. (but I'm keeping my K-5 and Limited lenses though!)

No more winging, please!

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On Pentax K-3 preview (959 comments in total)
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Zvonimir Tosic: I see that many comments are disappearing.

My comment regarding the wait for a completed review has been removed. It was not offensive, I only suggested that someone might have lost the camera. This comment was just intended to be comical, I don't seriously believe someone has misplaced it. First time I have been censored on any forum, thanks DPR.

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On Pentax O-FC1 FluCard: The wireless details article (124 comments in total)

Thanks for a thorough review, much appreciated. Sounds like a good step forward for Pentax/Ricoh, something to go with my K-3.....when I take the plunge.

Don't worry about the negative comments, some Pentaxians are never happy!

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Not wanting to stray too off topic, but needed a new phone, interested in Windows OS, looking for an alternative to point and shoot, needed to be shirt pocketable, got the 1020, then the battery grip (a must have for photographing), and am now a happy 59 year old boy. Excellent image quality for a phone or a point and shoot - superb controls. Still use the K-5 for when I have serious photographic intent, but for convenience and street photography, the 1020 is just the trick. I am not a lab pixel peeper, but let me repeat, for what it is (a mobile/cell phone with integral camera), the image quality is fantastic.

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On Marco Bohr investigates 'hipster photography' article (105 comments in total)

'democratic world where beautiful people of any color, race or sex can be depicted in a photograph as long as they are also young'

Not so democratic for those outside current perceptions of 'beauty' and youth.

Well, as a not so good looking and ageing hippie, I guess I've had my day and should step aside now. ;{)

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On First impressions of the Pentax K50 and K500 article (85 comments in total)
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Amateurbob: I don't see my comment about the poor dynamic range in the sample photos. Does anyone care about the purpose of the camera, i.e. picture quality?

There's a lot you don't see Amateurbob, e.g. picture quality. I have a K-5 and can vouch for the picture quality of the sensor and camera - but do you care? (check out DPR review's on K5, K30, K5II and K5IIs - same inners with improved processing engine and only positive comments about picture quality).

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On Just Posted: Pentax K-01 review article (355 comments in total)

With so much of the internals taken from the K-5 (83%) it is surprising that the review scored so low, but I guess that tells us about how important ergonomics and a view finder are. Others have tested the focus with much better results than in this review.
From my own perspective, I like that there is an alternative to the run of the mill cameras - not everyone wants a Q sized camera, not everyone wants DSLR functionality. Although flawed, this could be the beginning of a new direction in cameras. I've got a K-5 - it is a fantastic camera, but if Pentax brought out a 'F-01' (full frame, EVF, fast focus version with better ergonomics) I like to think I would buy it. Lots of lovely lenses are ready and waiting.

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On Pentax launches smc DA 50mm F1.8 for APS-C cameras article (108 comments in total)

The sad fact is that scale of production means that Canon or Nikon are able to produce and sell at a lower unit cost. Well, sad if you, like me, are a Pentax owner. On the positive side, I have approx 50 different Pentax K mount lenses, 20 of them prime, most of them old, all of them bought for a snip on Ebay. I wonder how many pensionalbe Canon or Nikon owners are using lenses from their student days?
I do wish Pentax would cut the cost of some of their lenses because the high price deters new owners and limit's Pentax market shares, thereby ensuring costs stay high. The 35mm 2.4 (which I have) and now the 50mm 1.8 are supposed to be low cost, but not in my bank account. Still I will eventually buy the 50mm f1.8, and then the budget versions of, hopefully soon to be released, 15mm f3.5, 85mm f2 and, 135mm f2.8 primes when these are available - all for less in total than the cost of one Pentax 'limited' prime lens. Dream over.

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