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  • Hi WhyNot. Your very, very right more than 30-40 mA and your ready to meet your Maker. Its not the voltage what kills you but the current through the hart area. This "toy" is running about max. 5mA ...
  • A cacti, don't touch Don't touch ne A Jacobs ladder, mentioned in the Bible, a plant but also .... Dob't touch either !!! goig op to more than 15 KV The spark travels up and using a slow shutter ...
  • Did you pay with your credit card ? most have a 90 days protection again nearly every mishap, you could try that way and let the repair center do the work
  • Mitonopsis (Pansy orchid) Cambria (Nelly Isler ?) Bletilla striata seedpods
  • Watching TV. Sharing the sofa That is how you get the sofa for yourself
  • Trimeza fosteriana but maybe it is (staeyermarkii  or martinicensis) all looks similar The Trimeza is really going, until now I got 2 or 3 flowers at the time but now its doing much better, the ...
  • Replied in Dahlias
    Hi Zephir, Those Dahlias looks like Peiones to me :-)
  • Athos sitting at his favorite spot watching birds on the roof, taken through the window pane, it was a overcast day so no brilliant colors and the focus was not optimal. Or maybe I was not rock ...
  • I Made a little jungle from an old vine branch The result with different small orchids And one already flowering, probably a Maxillaria sophronitis A Gloriosa hybrid The flower close up Hydrangis
  • I was working in the garden and stacking some stones, guess what (I did it on purpose to see what would happen) Isn't it a little small for me ? Yes it is. Takes some folding up but it will do Hey ...
  • Replied in Athos
    Hi Goldamus, Not only a great but a heavy too.
  • Hi Steve, I totally agree with you, cropping is in my opinion maybe the most important action to make from a good image a great image. There are in my opinion two option for this image to know: -1- ...
  • Poppies without flowers are nice to isn't it ? Got this one as Neomarica gracilis but it is an Iris japonica :-( , got another plant and that was a Trimezia steyermarkii or martinecensis. I have ...
  • Replied in Athos
    Athos fully stretched I'm a nice little kitten when I roll myself up Hurray, a new box Is it really strong enough for me ? Enforced corners, Looks like it will do It's one size to big, there is ...
  • Hi Steve, You are very very right, the some idea as with spiders versus other insects (8 legs versus 6) And because you are so precise, it is probably not a Cattleya hybrid but a Cattleya x Laelia ...
  • Yes cacti make flowers (and pollen) and I live in Holland and the cacti have to go inside when the night temperature drops to much. Will look in the archives for some pictures.
  • Maybe a fakir bee :-)
  • Ha, I did spoil your picture because I don't like the flash Waiting for take off As usual, the flight is delayed
  • Cacti and bee or is it bee and cacti Maybe looking for a flower ? And an orchid of course :-) Cattleya hybrid, don't ask me which
  • Hi Steve, I think the color of the poppies is indeed magenta or close too it and it is a bumble bee likely an escaped drug dealer :-), Not very much honey bees around at the moment from what I have ...
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