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The biggest advantage of mirrorless IMO is elimination of the mirror which is a major source of vibration. Short flangeback distance is nice but not essential to me. Making it too small actually renders it more difficult to hold.

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I don't find it to be attractive at all. I actually find it to cumbersome and pretentious. I don't want a camera to attract attention - whether they are good or bad.

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webber15: DPR...stop with the equivalence b.s....I'm pretty sure ya never used to do this 4-5 years ago,,comparing everything to full frame...I simply couldn't care less...


Equivalence is not new to many of us but I believe it is important to state that. It is a common platform for comparison. It is a standard reference by which lenses across formats can be compared. I am familiar with APS and m43 but not much on 1" or 645. Not wanting to have it is a little snobbish imo.

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I am probably in the minority here. The pictures are unique but not very appealing to me. #5 & #9 are pattern but neither attractive nor interesting.

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rtogog: Samyang should offer fl 200 mm 2.8 macro lens. Not this lens, otherwise this lenses performs better than similar lens on the market today.

I'd seriously consider a 200 mm macro, but not this 100 mm.

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What makes it stand out among other great 100-ish macro lenses already on the market?

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I was intrigued by K-S1 but did pull trigger because no WR. K-S2 is exactly what I am looking for. This will replace my K-01. Time will tell if it can replace my K-5 IIs.

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Essentially mimicking the lens in our eyes. Instead of moving lens elements to focus, the focal length of an element changes. Implementation represents a significant challenge.

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If it had WR, I'd buy it in a heart beat as replacement for K-5 IIs and K-01.

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I am already running LR 5 on a Win 8.1 tablet.

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I am already running LR 5 on a Win 8.1 tablet.

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I prefer to see a 16-32.

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I almost click the "Buy" button for a K-5IIs but held off the upgrade from a K-5. Glad I did. I have little reservation not only from the specs but from experience. All of the dslrs from Ds to K-5II have been class leading. The price is even a few hundreds lower than the price I paid for my K-5 3 years ago.

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The images and video clips are mediocre at best ... a real disappointment. Showing them did not help promoting the new camera bodies at all.

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This is an interesting camera, especially because I really love my K5. It may replace my Kx as the backup body or even become the main body if it has a nice soft shutter. The driving force for me is removal of the mirror box. This camera will stop me from even thinking about the Sony NEX series.

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