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JackM: If I catch someone holding a Leica M out at arms length like a goddamned tourist, I will steal it from them.

I surely have an idea, and do use it from time to time... :)

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JackM: If I catch someone holding a Leica M out at arms length like a goddamned tourist, I will steal it from them.

Why? Liveview is quite useful when framing...

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Sezano: I'm always curious, who buys this stuff?

I am no dentist, nor rich, and happen to have a m240, and will love to buy the m246 if i could manage to get the money. I saved, and saved, and sold stuff to be able to get my m and do not regret it.

I use it for shooting stuff, besides cats and walls :)

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Jjejeje people compelían about everything, to much photoshop, not real, HDR,... But they don't seem to do any better. No galleries, no link to website, no link to there work. Is so easy to complain when you are shooting cats and flowers around the house.

Some of these pictures might no be what I call award winning, but they are indeed nice, some are excellent.

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Bobby Handal: Great photos, but far from the worst cases in those "People governments", it is very sad to go to countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina, where now everything has gone to hell, everything deteriorated, thieves, beggars, poor people poorer, and the rich? left the country.... closed their businesses and went to Miami - leaving more people without jobs.

Before, they used to have a lot of poor, a good amount of working class with decent livelyhood , and a few rich, usually because they are industrialists and worked harder than anyone else, or stole it in corrupted governments. But now, under the "Peoples government" there is only two clases : the miserably poor and the wealthy government officials, but people are so ignorant and brainwashed that , as long that everyone is poor I don't have to covet thy neighbors weatlh I guess they are happy, even without toilet paper, and other basic stuff. Europe, USA, Australia, Nz, etc. you don't know how blessed you really are

Reilly Diefenbach, ignorance is a wonderful thing, I am from Venezuela, and been lucky enough to travel to a few places around the world. Its really something watching kids and adults from USA to Nordic countries preaching Chavez, Fidel, and Che Gevara, so stupid how they find them cool, a fashion statement. .. Just because a government disagrees with USA politics doesn't make it a good one. Will be interesting knowing if you have ever gone to Venezuela to see the reality of it....

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raztec: The mad rush to increase corporate profits. Keep making minor updates and try to render your previous versions obsolete.

I have LR3 and am doing just fine thank you.

Of course it's intention is to make money, is not a charity company. If people don't agree agree with the terms just don't buy it and use Gimp. People now a days complain about everything, why should they give there work for free, I am not defending them, just saying that they are entitled to charge as they wish....

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On Minimal Landscape in the The Lone Tree challenge (2 comments in total)

Beautiful, definitely needs to be printed and hang in wall, keeping it on a computer hard drive should not be an option...

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