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What would you do in my situation? Ive had it with my receptionist Off Topic 5 months ago
Have your hobbies changed over the years? Off Topic 5 months ago
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Where do I go from here? First date, need advice Off Topic 8 months ago
Will a 50-250mm Canon STM lens compliment me well? Open Talk 8 months ago
My speed dating experience last night Off Topic 8 months ago
How do I break the ice in online dating? Off Topic 8 months ago
shouldnt staff christmas parties be FREE? Off Topic 8 months ago
Do you buy your co-workers or bosses Christmas gifts? Off Topic 9 months ago
6 months later, why is my ex still on my mind? Off Topic 9 months ago
Kids under 8 years old with iphones/ipads is the modern trend thats here to stay Off Topic 9 months ago
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Got in trouble a work - Did I destroy my reputation or can I recover? Off Topic 11 months ago
how to deal with an annoying boss? Off Topic 11 months ago
You take your DSLR out for a day to shoot by yourself: What are your top 3 places you would go? Open Talk 11 months ago
Friend has a 5DMIII and hasnt touched it in 2 months Open Talk 11 months ago
Interesting debate who makes exceptions when it comes to ex's Off Topic Jul 18, 2014
I treat my camera gear at work much rougher than I do my own Open Talk Jul 16, 2014
Showing frustration at work: Bad to have your boss see it? Off Topic Jul 16, 2014
Co-owner at my work just bought his wife a Canon 200-400mm for her 40th birthday Open Talk Jul 9, 2014
Why does my boss do this to me? Off Topic Jun 18, 2014
Is a person who has a family seen as a higher regard? Off Topic Jun 17, 2014
Please critique me on my photos Open Talk Jun 9, 2014
I find it really depressing looking at smartphone camera photos Open Talk Jun 5, 2014
Time to confess: Do you slack off at work when you get the chance? Off Topic May 31, 2014
18-135STM vs 17-55 2.8? Canon SLR Lens Talk May 28, 2014
Help: Canon Lens only sharp in the bottom half of images @ 55mm Open Talk May 25, 2014
Went to another group photowalk and once again I did not enjoy it. Is it just me? Beginners Questions May 25, 2014
Whats the I.S. And AF failure rate on the 17-55 2.8 lens? Canon SLR Lens Talk May 24, 2014
Should i exchange my canon 17-55 2.8 for another one? Would you? Open Talk May 24, 2014
Conflict, have a 24-105 and 18-135 STM. Canon SLR Lens Talk May 20, 2014
How much money worth of camera gear do you have in your house? Open Talk May 19, 2014
Lens filters: Are they needed as much as sales people claim? Open Talk May 18, 2014
Please tell me Im not wasting my money, help someone please. Urgent! Open Talk May 16, 2014
I suck at taking group photos Beginners Questions May 13, 2014
Argh - I have the major hots for this girl at work Off Topic May 13, 2014