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On article 10 Photo Editing Programs (that aren't Photoshop) (352 comments in total)

I guess the article was trying to stick to exactly 10 for a nice round number and not feature too many products from the same vendor, but hey there are two Adobe products listed, so why not make it a dozen, and add a couple more from Corel which has always seemed a bit like the 'poor folks Adobe'.

Corel After Shot Pro offers similar features to Lightroom at a cheaper price, and Corel Draw Graphics Suite X6 probably comes closest to Adobe suite with Corel Photo Paint as its imaging editing component with support for phootoshop plugins, but also with a decent vector graphics and page layout component, 16 bit and CMYK support. It's not super cheap, but it's cheaper than Adobe and offers both subscription and perpetual licenses.

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On article Fujifilm releases X-S1 premium EXR 26X superzoom (383 comments in total)
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olakiril2: 920g for a 2/3"!
Ok with a lens but still..

Apart from the larger zoom range, and the HD video, I'm not sure what this will do that the S200EXR doesn't. The S200EXR is a fairly heavy camera too, and was realtively expensive. The sample images suggest the same EXR blurring as the S200, especially with green foliage. I'd like to see how this handles in high ISO with the CMOS sensor, as that could perform differently to the CCD in the S200EXR, but so far I can't see any reason to rush to 'upgrade', although this probably is a more realistic successor to the S200EXR than the HS10 and 20.

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Hopefully this will overcome some of the limitations of the S200EXR. In EXR modes the DR or noise are excellent depending on which EXR mode is selected, but fine detail is blurred even in 12MP mode.
The HS10 and HS20 extended the zoom but went to a smaller sensor than the S200EXR, so I've been thinking of going to DSLR.
The X-S1 might tempt me to stick with Fuji, but it will need to be priced right, and offer a significant improvement in IQ over the S200EXR in all modes.
When I bought the S200EXR it wasn't a great deal cheaper than an entry level DSLR, and it starts to get a bit shaky at full zoom without a tripod or higher ISO although it's not a 'super zoom'.
I occasionally make some quite large prints, so it's a shame the X-S1 sensor is only effectively 6MP in EXR mode. Put the 16/8MPixels EXR of the HS20 on a large sensor, with a reasonable zoom, and you've just about got my ideal all-in-one.

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