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brycesteiner: Photos is certainly not for the crowd here. I'm pretty sure it was never intended to be.
Aperture is still available and it still works just fine and has been updated for compatibility with the latest OS.
For you people who love Aperture, you can continue to use it.

I like Aperture for it's speed. It does a good job when I need a lot pictures processed quickly.
I like Lightroom for it's quality. It's incredibly powerful. I don't find it's batch processing as intuitive like I do Aperture. I still use it too.

The moral of the story I have learned from this and other programs (like music software 10-15 years ago) never to trust programs to be around in the future. I still have my own file system and don't use the built in libraries for anything long term.

Actually no it's not available. While the app shows in purchased section I invite you to download. It results in an error message for both aperture and iPhoto. I just tried to re install aperture on my new MacBook and essentially couldn't and ended up having to download I pirated copy.

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praktinafan: I still use the boxed version of Aperture (comes on a DVD) and so I can not upgrade to 3.5. This update only works with an AppStore license! Bummer

Once you update to maverick osx the update becomes available for DVD installs. 3.5 is not supported on previous osx versions.

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justmeMN: And in the US, some people never go anywhere without bringing a handgun along.

Agreed, companies should came out with a gun compartment for times when someone tries and takes your gear.

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