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On Nikon issues service advisory on D600's dust issue article (240 comments in total)
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gabriel foto: My D600 does NOT have a problem. I am now at 4200 exposures and with all this writing about dust and what-else I checked again today.

Please let me make it clear that I have never seen any dust in my D600 pictures. This certainly has something to do with two things:

1) is the fact that I use f-stops between f/1,4 and f/8 (- I have occasionally during my lifetime used f/11 but have never seen the reason for using f/16 or smaller - anyway, that's just me and I am sure your habits may differ)

2) my D600 basically doesn't seem to collect dust. Bought on the day of release, S/N 6038904. No dust today either.

It surprises me to see so much negativity over what certainly is an issue for some but certainly not for everybody who actually owns the camera.

Very few seem to have understood the greatness of the D600. It brings out qualities in my images I had never dreamed were possible, from ANY camera. In fact, so much that I started writing a blog about it; nikonsystem.blogspot.se

Agree with FreedomLover, fierlingd, NightPro.

And one thing that I would like to say: During the time to send your camera for examining at Nikon, you could not take photo if you have only one camera!

Anyway, lucky D600 users that Nikon is trying to resolve the 'dust' problem on the D600 camera. Thinking about many D7000 users had ever the same problem years ago!

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On Nikon issues service advisory on D600's dust issue article (240 comments in total)
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Micky Nixgeld: I never had any probs with my D7k, and I was one of the first to buy it in Sweden. That is, from the first batch.
I also doubt that it should be oil since oil is rather sticky and when it dries, it sticks to the surface like glue. In that case you can´t clean it anymore. You´ll have to change the filter/sensor etc completely. The parts are just too sensitive to "rubbing". Even a wet clean has to be done very carefully.

Lucky you having a D7000 without the 'sensor dust' issue, mine was been with.

I claimed to the camera seller but he did not admit this issue, I wrote to Nikon France to resolve this problem, they said all I have to do is sending my camera body to their after-sales service to examine the camera (I must pay the shipping).

Finally, after reading many complains of D7000 users on the web, someone told me that 'sensor dust' problem was coming from the oily shuttle mechanism, meaning that was OIL spots on the sensor and not the dust - even sending the camera to Nikon for cleaning, this issue will back again after hundreds shoots (without changing lenses).

Instead of sending my camera to Nikon, the postal shipping cost was same price as a Photographic Solutions Survival Kit - I bought the cleaning kit and DO-IT-MYSELF, after 4 time to clean the sensor, that was better.

Surely that no one like to buy and bring home a new 'dusty' car to clean himself!

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On Nikon issues service advisory on D600's dust issue article (240 comments in total)

That was the same problem with the first launch of the D7000 almost 2 years ago, my D7000 sensor picked up many black points on the left, I told this problem to my camera seller, he did not admitting this issue by accusing that the dust coming from changing lenses... Later, I got known that the black points were OIL and not dust.

Just want to pass to FX camera to purchasing a D600 body but hesitate by many complains from D600 users.

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marcus240682: so why does it say FX on the label ????

May be you are right!

As seen on Tokina Website (in japanese):

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