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  • Same here: Hi Bob From your post I just realised that I had not got ICE installed on my HP-HDX 64 bit laptop - (a much used piece of software on my main PC) - but I did have the *.exe files saved ...
  • The FZ1000 is a recent acquisition of mine. So I am immediately curious as to what needs fixing and what they got wrong! Keith
  • Created questions FZ1000 AWB question
    When one buys a new camera different from that of the previous manufacturer, results I find can be disconcertingly different. One has become adjusted to a certain ‘look’ and either tries to get ...
  • Thanks for the comment GTIguy; I’m quite smitten with that one too. They seem to have gone a bundle on the Japanese bridge style down that way. Here’s a couple more for those who are fans of red ...
  • Replied in Here's my take
    Processed through Oloneo PhotoEngine
  • Greetings and many thanks for those who posted comments. To Peter: Indeed I sometimes feel that some of what I write is greatly influenced by the pearls of wisdom from Douglas Adams. I certainly ...
  • Replied in Um ... Er ...
    Can you actually do any WORK on your PC or is it like and old car engine where you like to tinker under the bonnet? (only jesting Lyle) ;-)
  • Invariably, when I pop my camera bag in the car, clouds gather round and follow me to my destination. And so it was when last Monday, I decided to visit friends in Dorset for a few days. They must ...
  • The method of uninstalling via device manager (or rolling back) works as mentioned in my first post. I then get my ‘edge scrolling’ and ‘Ctrl-zoom to work just fine on the reboot. It will be on the ...
  • Thanks for your response edispics; and yes indeed, tried that every time the driver auto-reinstalls. Alas to no avail; it simply does not respond or respect the instruction.
  • I have a couple of computers of ancient vintage, and a ‘serious’ laptop that I am happy to experiment with, namely this HP HDX18-1103EA which I am currently using with the Win 10 installation. It ...
  • You've got no sense of fun Paul. Think the new Microsoft motto.  If it ain't broke, fix it until it is ;-)
  • 1. First, log into your google account. 2. Paste the following into your address bar: - https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/myphotos?noredirect=1 That should get you back to your Picasa Web albums. If ...
  • You found a way of completely getting rid of Norton, and you call that a glitch? WOW! I would have thought that was a worthy merit for the upgrade, just on its own. Jesting of course ;-)
  • Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! Hello Richard. I think the last time we communicated was in the last ice-age. The first time being March 12 2002 under a different user name. It wasn’t long after we ...
  • Once the world was convinced by the avalanche of negativity that Win 8.1 was a waste of space, anything else has to be better I guess. So it would seem that I’m the only person on the planet that ...
  • I have never had an issue with linking images from my Picasa web albums to the forums at DPR. Here is a 16 image panorama stitch using Microsoft ICE. Regards Keith
  • Replied in PNGs
    Why PNG? And if it did, and you wanted to show an image here, would it accept PNG? I don’t know - just asking. K
  • Be careful; ‘Picasa’ is a piece of software. ‘Picasa Web’ is an excellent image hosting site that requires no update as it functions just fine as it is. Image uploading is simply a matter of ‘drag ...
  • Probably the many unfortunate souls that got lured away from their perfectly functional Picasa Web image hosting facility, and don’t know how to wrestle it back from the clutches of Google+
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