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    The kittens are now 15 weeks old. Tami is fast growing into a camera ham who loves to pose for the camera while younger sister Tama is a bit more reserved when the camera is out and is harder to ...
  • Replied in Birthday Boy
    Neko just celebrated his 2nd birthday earlier this month and ponders his future as a teenage daddy.
  • Just love those large sharp tufted ears of the Coons. Make them look so intelligent and slightly wild.
  • Replied in Tami & Tama
    The kittens are now 12 weeks old and are ready for their first vaccination shots next week. Tama Tami Play wrestling with Mommy Enjoying being groomed by Daddy
  • We are having a General Election this Friday and Wally is not very impressed with our outgoing political leader. And frankly, neither am I. ;)
  • That's probably because Nikki is a very small sized cat. I was initially worried if she could give birth successfully even. She seems to have grown quite a bit bigger and meatier since giving ...
  • A mother's work is never done. 10 weeks old and still they yearn for mother's milk. Nikki Tama & Tami Tami - Her father's eyes Tama - Giddy-up Hi Ho Silver !
  • Replied in Kobi Cooney
    I just love Maine Coons. Their big tufted ears give them a wild cat look that's full of character.
  • Replied in Sashi
    Wonder if this is a trait of Birmans. My dearly departed Chance also had this tendency to shut his eyes when I tried to photographed him.
  • Replied in Another 4...
    Willy Willy is Candy's other sibling brother. Ginny Ginny whom I adopted in 2003 is the most trusting and human friendly cat I have ever meet. She would roll over and expose her belly and invite ...
  • Replied in The Others...
    ...well at least some of the other cats in the household. Candy Candy is a 15.5 yrs old Birman-Persian mixed girl and one of only 6 cats that were born and raised in this house. Loki Loki is ...
  • Replied in Tami & Tama
    I find it difficult to tell them apart too, especially when they are apart. The dark markings on Tama's face and the spots on her belly are more intense than those on Tami's and that is how I ...
  • Neko is not as big as a Maine Coon I'm afraid. Then again he is only 2 years old and probably still growing. Perhaps his Persian parent is not very big in size.
  • Get a Maine Coon cross like Neko then. I was told that Maine Coon-Persian cross are bred and sold in Malaysia because purebred Maine Coons are too expensive for most pet owners but Maine Coon cross ...
  • Replied in Tami & Tama
    Since their parents Neko and Nikki are Japanese (in name), I have decided to give their 2 girls Japanese names too. The elder kitten is Tami (short for Tamiko) and the younger girl is Tama, named ...
  • The climate in Australia must be very conducive for fur development in Birmans. They are so puffy and fluffy I feel like hugging and squeezing them tightly. My Birman Chance was never that fluffy ...
  • They are of the same kitten. It was just the position of the ears that made them looked different. In the first pic, they were relaxed while in the next, they were pricked up because I was trying ...
  • Nikki's kittens are now 6 weeks old and growing up fast. They are now more agile, running and climbing everywhere. They have started eating solid food and learning to poo and pee in the sand box. ...
  • Sorry, I had reloaded the photo of the kittens in pBase resulting in it not showing up any more when viewed in this Kitty of the Week post. So here it is again.
  • I squeeze, hug and cuddle him every day. Just can't resist his sweet face.
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