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  • A pound here or there makes no difference to me, it is the size and shape that define convenience in a camera system to me.

  • Definitely relative, but as I'm not looking to replace my M, anytime during the next 12ms. would be soon.
  • Didn't a Canon executive just give an interview and say another EOS M body was to be released soon?
  • I believe you are right about the SL1 being Canon's answer to MILC's in the U.S., but it is still too big for my uses.
  • But few people will ever buy the Panasonic vs. hundreds of thousands that will buy the Canon.

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    You mean the U.S., there is more to North America than the U.S., and all the EOS EF-M lenses are available to those other countries.
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    Another aspect not being mentioned is that the shipments may represent a large portion of replacement cameras ie. "upgrading" to the latest model which indicates a saturated not growing market. ...
  • I see 1. Smartphones 2. iPads 3. DSLR's 4. bridge cameras/ compacts (in about equally small numbers) 5. an occasional Nex that's it, I have never seen an m4/3 or a Canon M being used anywhere I ...
  • After about 5 inches, size is just large, doesn't matter if a lens is 12 inches or 16 inches being the smaller one is of little consequence.

  • I am sure the Canon 7D Mark II will have a much larger and sustaining impact on the photographic world than the LX100!

  • Just like the EF-S lenses can't be used on a full frame Canon camera.
  • Very nice captures! But to be fair the Sigma shot is at ISO 100 whereas the Canon is at ISO 6400, so not the best comparison.
  • Why do you get your panties in such a twist when someone happens to like a product you don't?????
  • So you say that neither Canon nor Nikon are supporting 4k, they represent the lion's share of the cameras being sold. Maybe not having expensive 4k televisions to sell has something to do with which ...
  • The 22f2.0 is an outstanding lens and holds its own against any other lens of its focal length and speed, and exceeds most of them. It is a little slow focusing though.
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    Welcome aboard!
  • It seems to me that most of the professional cameras I see don't have articulated screens, EVF's or in-body stabilization. Some other company has a better lens selection than Canon? I researched ...
  • I think that a few EOS M customers have been disappointed and have tried other systems, but I don't know that they are any happier with their chosen replacement. I see more new EOS M users joining ...
  • I think another important distinction amongst the camera sales is that a sale of an M camera most likely represents another new customer, whereas a sale of a MFT, Sony or Fuji camera most likely ...
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    Sony and Panasonic have expensive T.V.'s they want to sell so of course they push the 4K capability as important, but it may turn out to be nothing much more than an intervening standard that will ...
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