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All those night shots of Earth, no wonder Light Pollution is killing the night skies for stargazers. If an Alien wanted to invade Earth, all they'd have to look for, is a lit-up planet! These shots mean nothing to me. Just a few happy snaps taken by someone being paid to do it.

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This sensor would be ideal for the Astronomical fraternity and hopefully inspire Canon, Nikon or even Sony, to bring out an Astro DSLR that has full corrected colour and sensitivity to equal or better the now defunct Canon 60Da.

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On Photokina 2014: Canon stand report article (69 comments in total)

So now we have a new 7D MKII? That's good for land lubbers, but why hasn't Canon brought out a replacement for the 60Da? Why should we Astrophotographers go without an update DSLR? Not enough sales of the 60Da maybe? C'mon Canon, you can do it!

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On Rare photos of Nagasaki destruction auctioned article (109 comments in total)

War, conflict whatever, it's a business and sometimes humans get in the way.

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On Cinetics Axis360 review article (73 comments in total)
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jande9: How does this compare to the $500. SkyWatcher Allview?

The only thing this mount will not have, is the travel rail. So it's limited by the user's input. What it will have however, will allow the camera to slo-mo in tilt up or down (Altitude) whilst panning in Azimuth. But for those who wanting a true 3-stage Prof. rig, go for the Cinetic's Axis 360 or other similar rigs.

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On Cinetics Axis360 review article (73 comments in total)
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jande9: How does this compare to the $500. SkyWatcher Allview?

The Allview mount will have ALL the movements that Cinetic, MotiMo and Dynamic Perceptions have, for a fraction of the cost later this year. I have this in writing from SW themselves.

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On French newspaper publishes issue with no photos article (203 comments in total)

My photo editor once said to us photo cadets: "....while words can bring joy, sadness, to making a Government or bringing it down, a photo has more impact, as it is the camera that carries more weight than the pen..."

Journos always knew that a photo will always accompany their story as it was the photo that caught the eye first, not the words.

Humans have always been drawn to an image than words. As far back as the cave people, humans have scratched or drawn, things to what they witnessed. This was the beginning of photojournalism.

While words can not 'paint' the sheer beauty of a mountainous valley of colours nor the gasping delights of the Milky Way, the camera can.

Books, magazines, newspapers publishers would go bankrupt over night if they took out photos. It is the camera - be that movie or still, it is that device that carries on the tradition of being able to describe what it saw. While journos are a dime a dozen, there can never be enough photographers.

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On Behind the Shot: Lost in Space article (89 comments in total)
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Kim Letkeman: Lovely image from the mountain upwards ... the water is incongruently devoid of the Milky-Way and filled with blurred and too bright individual stars. Although it was shot legitimately, this is a case where subduing the stars in the water part of the image and perhaps overlaying at least a hint of a reflection of the Milky Way would -- in my opinion at least -- dramatically enhance an already very nice image.

Since when is the Milky Way blue???? Come on, get real. Do you ever see the MW this colour???? Nice shot of the iceberg - before or after the Titanic?

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On Prepare yourself for the 41-megapixel watch post (61 comments in total)

How far will the flash reach? What size lens is it? How close can it focus? Will it do video? Will it keep accurate time? How long will the battery last? Are they replaceable? What size card does it take? Is the watch heavy? Can I send the picture to my editor? Is it waterproof? Who will service this watch?

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I wonder how many reviews are written by the company themselves to boost sales! Heaps I betcha!! Whenever I want a review I search for the Yahoo Groups and join the various photography forums as that is where you get honest answers - good and bad. In print advertising it's the same. The reviewer make damn sure they give a biased report so as to not to hurt the feelings of their advertising client.

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Take away ALL digital devices and go back to film then see how many can produce a good photo. Those skills were lost when digital came in. Back when I was PJ we used TRI X and as a cadet, we spent 6 months in the darkroom learning the art.

Newspapers hung on to their staff. This is how they grew, not just producing good news and pics but loyalty form their staff. Not now. Kids coming out of Uni into journalism don't have to be trained in the art of photography. They just pull out their Iphone, a Blackberry or a Tablet and take a pic.

What's happened in the US is happening all around the world. Over here in Australia, News Ltd has sacked 1000's of photogs and journos. Instagram, Iphone Ipad pics are now being taken cadet journos.

The days of news print is numbered. Online news, video, streaming to your Tablet, Iphone, Ipad is becoming the norm and will be increased as we embrace the world of hi technolgy and digital imaging.

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cosmo13: So where is the mast with the camera? I see nothing attached to the Rover extending out of the frame to the camera position. In other words there is nothing going from where the camera must be to the Rover.

Ah, come on, this shot was taken by the film crew shooting a new Mars Bar commercial finishing up with the signature jingle... "....a Mars a day, helps your to work, rest and play..."

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On Reuters to use robotic DSLRs for Olympics coverage article (105 comments in total)

Noting beats the real thing.. capturing the moment...feeling the excitement, hearing the roar as the competitors race to the finish line, with your finger on the trigger, bursting away dozens of shots, as the roar of the crowd drowns out out the shutter sound...capturing the moments of joy, sadness, tears of the winners and losers.. no robot cam can do that. Robotics is good if you can't physically be there yourself, but nothing beats the real thing. Good luck to them but I betcha, it will be the ones with their gear waiting patiently then pouncing to get the best shots. Speaking of lenses, take notice of how many Canon lenses are used over Nikon. Doesn't that tell you something? When I was a PJ at the Beijing Olympics, I saw more white lenses than black. I asked a guy who had five Canon lenses, why is Canon so popular. His reply was short and sweet: performance and sharpness.

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On Canon launches EOS 60Da DSLR for astrophotography article (228 comments in total)
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Mssimo: 18-55mm lens is perfect for ASTRONOMY...right?

I'm getting one. Can't wait to use it on a Celestron 14 inch @ F1.9 scope or my 12 inch F7 Classical Cass or with the F2.8 L series lenses.... Eta Carina Nebula aka NGC 3372 is going to bloody awesome!

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On First Impressions: Using the Nikon D4 article (183 comments in total)

How about some ISO test shots under available light to show the camera's low-light potential. Would love to see some shots taken at night with no flash at ISO 204,000!!! and what can we expect when the D4s comes out?

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On Just Posted: Nikon D800 hands-on preview article (265 comments in total)

.. and is there Nikon glass that can deliver the rez for 36megs?

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On Just Posted: Nikon D800 hands-on preview article (265 comments in total)

Just how big a print would this Nikon D800E 36megs make at say, 100 ISO as compared to the Phase One's 30 meg chip at 100 ISO?

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On Olympus announces SP-620UZ 21x 'Ultrazoom' camera article (7 comments in total)

They say it can handle sport so I wonder what the lag time is between shutter release and writing to card? I bet its not instant! Just another 'bread and butter' cash-flow camera for Olympus.

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cinemascope: Konica Minolta Lens???

Why 300 FPS? Why didn't JVC allow a selection of speeds by the user? 300 at 640.320 rez is piteful. I shoot action sport with stills and movie on the Canon 1dMKIV and Nikon 3Ds but a movie camera shooting at 120,150 or even at 200 FPS would give a better rez for printing for newspaper and magazine than 300 at the lower rez. Come on Sony or Canon, beat'em at their own game. We don't want a crappy low rez output at 300 fps, we want 4 + Meg stills from slo-mo and a decent LCD screen. Leave out the plastic bits and give the am and pro a decent tool to work with.

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