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  • I do and it's a great combination. I found to be sharp even compared to other lenses I've on the D800. It would be interesting to compare it with the 100-400 that should be even better but if ...
  • If you can find it in your budget, a used GH3 is the best thing you can buy.
  • I own the GX8 and I've to say the review is very fair. the AF is above my expectation (my reference camera in this field is my Nikon D800E with its supreme AF) the IBIS is below expectations. No ...
  • Replied in GX IBIS
    The GX8 IBIS is a far cry from the 3-4 stops the OP is claiming. I tested mine carefully and I get 1, may be 1.5 stops in a good day. Online reviews prove my finding. Also I don't have any ...
  • Replied in Deadly sin!
    Deadly Sin not to use it for a while so the camera God sent you a warning message !
  • 1) The Focus Peaking in the M is barely usable. Sometimes it shows, sometime it doesn't. I try the options but it's the same thing so I found it unreliable. I recently bought a Panasonic GX8 and ...
  • "With such a slow aperture you may find yourself outside shooting at 70mm on a cloudy or gloomy day and having to bump up to ISO 800 because you have to be at f/6.4, which is wide open at 70mm. OUCH!"
  • Indeed I had the same problem but it was due to the cursor that didn't let me access the drive mode. That cursor thing is very annoying and unnecessary since the touch screen does the same thing ...
  • Comparing the two is pathetic. The Nikon can bright up a 36MP sensor the Oly can't. Soon the Nikon Sensor will be much bigger in resolution . I don't know why people even think to compare the two. ...
  • The Pen-F is a great camera s well, I needed 4K so the GX8 was for me but I find the Pen-F magnificent. At everybody his own.
  • Sure, just like an optical rangefinder, obvious I was making bigger prints with a D100 and six megapixels . These statements are just ridiculous, don't bother to reply because I'm tired to read ...
  • Replied in Why I use Leica
    There are two reasons why I use Leica: 1) Rangefinder. For great photography the ability to focus on edges of anything is really important. The number of keepers with the Leica M is astonishing, ...
  • The best customer service in the world. I bought a $7000 Leica M that came with a small dent, called them they told me to return it. To make things quick I bought a second one and they refunded ...
  • When traveling with a single lens, 14 is not wide enough for a lot of people, there is need for a 12-60
  • It's really matter of application. I would have preferred a faster lens myself but the price is right, the range is right for traveling without the exaggerations of the 14-140 , it's brighter than ...
  • And the light was ....... ?
  • Your opinions are very respectable and I understand where you are coming from, however I really enjoy the 4/3 format, for the extra quality kick I've Nikon D800E and Leica M with a good number of ...
  • Created discussion thread Finally a 12-60 !
    I can't wait to buy this lens !
  • In general moiree is like a resonance so I think that depending on the pixel pitch and the obget your are shooting, giving a certain distance you may or may not have pronounced moiree. This would ...
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