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  • Replied in Jpeg only
    I'm aware of the "pro mode" episode :-D Just could not resist to stir this up again...
  • Replied in Sharpness
    Why would that matter comparing image quality of equally processed raw files? Or are we now judging pro cameras by shooting jpg? <sarcasm tag>
  • Says resaved for every RAW I converted to JPG in LR.
    Congratulations we found a RAW workflow detection tool!
    I tried with from RAW processed files from M, M2 and 5Dmk3.
    I did not do anything else...

  • I currently own both the M as well as the M2. While I checked out my brothers M3 I cannot comment in detail on it. M2 is a bit smaller than the M, but feels a slight little bit less sturdy. The ...
  • Commented on Canon EOS M3 real-world samples article

    Thank you dpreview for taking care of my GAS!
    Along my 5dIII I have the M and the M2. Even compared with OOC jpeg these here look truly lomo like.

    So I guess the M3 must be completely crap, and I...

  • Fake detection is missing!
    Whenever the camera detects a fake it should automatically take a picture. That way it would increase the chance of capturing something "new".
    ... just don't know how to...

  • Replied in eos M to M3?
    Looks like the Japanese sellers are adopting to the raising demand from the US and the price set there. I bought my M2 from http://www.buyee.jp . While it's not an entirely boring experience and ...
  • Replied in eos M to M3?
    I think your desire for the M3 is too strong to accept any other option. Just get it and have fun. When I got my M and then M2 I first came up with rational reasons why I needed them. Eventually I ...
  • Replied in I fear
    Well said :-D I think here the left one is the 6D and I actually like the right side more... Otherwise I never think about how a Nikon would render my pics when I'm shooting
  • The right one has more intense colors, hence I belive it's the Canon.
  • The hack is based on the DryOS used by canon, not Linux. Some older used VxWorks. The commonality with Linux is the development process and licensing model. My point was that free open source ...
  • English not being my native language, and not being a lawyer: shouldn't the bold excerpts only lead to a possible exclusion of service under warranty? I don't want anybody to underestimate the ...
  • I'd second this advice! No offence intended here, but software may not be your prime topic. While I partially understand your perception, you seem to forget wher Linux came from, and in fact tons ...
  • Awesome, many thanks for pointing this out. I totally ignored this tiny little refresh button, though they obviously added it for a reason. Now I have my complete set of lenses supported again. ...
  • I looked at your gallery and respect your artistic competence and creativity. From a customer perspective though, I would not hire you for a wedding I have to admit. To my taste your images are ...
  • If you are talking about the "old" 150-500, and not the newer 150-600, I would recosider the desire to get this lens. I had it and sold it again. The AF is fairly slow, and it's quite soft. In ...
  • Awesome! Finally one DPP version for all my bodies. Somehow I don't seem to be able to use the lens optimizer on my M/M2 images though. One of the reasons why I sometimes use it over LR6...
  • Could be that Canon decides to compete on price with the EOS-M. The 15-45 if it has a fast AF motor could be a good cheap entry kit lens for the market buying a system camera but barely change ...
  • Replied in 100% wide open
    The facial expression on this one makes me look at his face over and over agin. Very nice! If you ever used it on your EOS M, how is the AF doing? Usable?
  • I can appreciate where you are coming from. As much as I love my 200 2.8 L I might be selling it for the same reason. The OP to my humble opinion had a point though. All the people who are still asking
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