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The Photo Ninja: You can pay for a lot of professionally printed photos for the price of this.

With 11 ink colours at $60 each plus Chroma Optimizer, that's over $700 in consumable ink. That's $1300 + $700 = $2000. Wall space is a premium resource given that most prints will hang at eye-level and usually only a few will occupy each wall. However, if I manage to require at most 50 prints for the walls, the cost per print is over $40. That's not too bad a deal. If I crank out more prints, the cost per print significantly reduces. I wonder if the unused ink cartridges or print head will clog up with infrequent use?
Owning a printer makes sense if the amount of printing exceeds a professional print service and the quality is comparable.

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PORTRAIT: Crap!, Samsung we need one of these "Ditch Day event" up-here in Canada as well! I also have a clonker to trade in;)...

Too far away for most as in my case, no extra $2000 to budget for such an extravagance.

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electrophoto: The one thing I find always utterly lacking with print manufacturers is listing a figure for cost of print...
I know that the EXACT figure can't be given as it will depend a tad on what and how you print.
But say a base average on highest quality, including the manufacturer recommended ink + paper.

Because buying the printer is one thing - but knowing how much it will cost to OPERATE is another figure entirely and incredibly inefficient to figure out, especially as the cartridge figures (XXX-Pages per cartridge is usually way overstated.)

Also that pure ink-figure alone, doesn't take printing heads, etc into account.

If I need anything larger than my A3+ can spit out, I get it printed by a speciality printing lab.
so far I could never justify cost of ownership & operation of my own large printer vs. outsourcing that part. cheaper and yet higher quality than this.

"...and yet higher quality than this."
What kind of print technology does the specialty print lab use?

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Antonsrkn: There's no denying its a nice shot. However as a wildlife photographer I'm always annoyed when I see zoo shots labeled as wildlife photography. Its not wildlife when its in a zoo! I feel that by definition wildlife has to be wild... not captive animals in a controlled setting. I'm not familiar with Sony's rules, if they allow photos of captive animals then all power to the photographer. But lets not call it something its not.

For anyone unfamiliar with Orangutans, there are two species the Bornean orangutan and the sumatran orangutan, neither of which are now or ever have been found in the wild in Bali, Indonesia.

Still a nice shot though, just not WILDlife.

You're correct that it's not wildlife in the strictest of definitions. If we were to apply such strictness as the animal living completely in the wild, I daresay most of us shooting in a National Park or game preserve would also need to say the same. Bird sanctuaries would also need to be excluded.

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Jcradford: Grreat shot. But a 500th (or faster?) and didn't freeze the rain drops? Altho I don't recall he tipping point on that motion it 'seems' closer to a 60th-100th.

About 2 cm according to "The Weather Guys";
So to freeze the fat raindrop so that it appears "like a hamburger bun", which is likely about 1/4 inch across (0.635 cm) and maybe then 0.5 cm tall, the shutter speed would need to be four times as fast, or about 1/2000 of a second.

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This is an excellent photo with all the right components. Great wildlife photography is all about unocrhestrated special moments. Well done! Your honesty in describing the scenario illustrates how everything must come together including perhaps a wee of luck and more importantly, seizing the moment. Congrats!

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By losing its emphasis on the square format, Instagram may yet become another boring flickr. I'm not surprised that the emphasis is to increase acceptance by all those who felt it was just too restrictive a format. Something will be lost and something will be gained by this change.

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On Connect post 500px launches redesigned iOS app (11 comments in total)

Yet another app I won't put on my phone. Gawdawful...sigh.

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Jonathan F/2: Why are all the shots focused on the nose? Seems a bit gimmicky to me.

Yes, autopoint selection on DSLR doesn't do eyeball recognition and doesn't do any better with tracking. I rely on "stickiness" of AF point selection to track object where I initially started the focus tracking. On DSLR's I use (7DII 5DIII), it works ... kinda OK but not as reliably as I would like it to. I expect more from Sony A7II. I want to continue to use my Canon long telephoto lenses on the Sony and expect as good as or better than Canon PDAF performance. I that asking for too much? :)

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On article Analysis: Sony a7R II and RX100 IV autofocus systems (752 comments in total)
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Jonathan F/2: Why are all the shots focused on the nose? Seems a bit gimmicky to me.

So continuous AF with 3rd party lens can have only the nearest part of the subject tracked? That's useless...

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craytonmccant: Relax Masaya Maeda, you can now continue to take your time with improvements and upgrades as far as I am concerned. This month I have switched to Sony for my body's, and Sigma Art for my lenses. I will continue to use my Canon lenses with the Sony A7II. I also just picked up a Sony RX100 III to replace my Canon S100. I could not be happier with the image quality now. Till you can look at Canons competitors and see where you are being passed, you will not be able to compete as they jump ahead of you in improvements and image quality. I am very sad to see Canon fall behind.

You switched to Sony because you couldn't sleep at night using the Canon gear. I do hope you are now getting a better nights sleep. Has your photography improved immensely?

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bronxbombers4: George Lepp: " The dynamic range when working on the files in Canon’s DPP and Photoshop CC 2014 was quite good and pretty much matches my EOS 7D MKII."

There appeared to be perhaps be further confirmation that the RAW files are always a large 60MB even in crop mode which only applies to JPGs for some unfathomable reason.

Anyway, as many speculated, the sensor seems to basically be, more or less, the 70D/7D2 sensor at FF size.

How often do you get to chose ISO 100 for sports/action photography? In my experience, its very rare as one needs fast shutter speeds. Maybe if you are doing some special effect or its a setup shot with lighting one would be using ISO 100. Bottom line is that at ISO settings where it counts, the 7DII is a far better camera for sports/action than the present equivalent Nikon's or Sony's.

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Thanks for the interesting interview. You kept alluding to on and off the record dialogue. Was there anything off the record you'd like to share but can't? :)

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Scottelly: Interesting that these photos were shot with an Olympus E-M5 Mk II, rather than a Sigma SD1 with the 17-50mm f2.8 OS.

Factory photos using the Olympus E-M5 Mk II with the 17-50mm f2.8 OS look excellent.

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On article Making 'Art': We go inside Sigma's lens factory (194 comments in total)
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mr.izo: so, sigma's secret is.. hoya (zeiss manufacturer). that's shocking.

I would speculate that the glass is produced to Sigma's specifications.

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On article Making 'Art': We go inside Sigma's lens factory (194 comments in total)

Thanks for the excellent virtual tour. Too bad we can't see the A1 inspection photo but regardless, I believe the A1 system was the turning point in Sigma, from producing well built lenses with wide variances in optical performance, to instead, very consistent and well performing lenses. Did you ask them about any new products? A 600mm f/4.5 OS lens would be a great addition to their product line-up. hint hint

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Aur: I don't understand the point of them having to provide raw files. I know canon has provided all the data any developer wants about their RAW format and how to parse if. It's not some kind of secure format that is not open to tinkering. All the info on how to tinker with RAW files and do so without detection is out there.

The only way to force them to be honest is to force ppl to shoot JPEG or film, by limiting the medium, some predetermined cameras, once you allow ppl to shoot in RAW, manipulation can't be stopped. It's pointless trying to stop it otherwise, since the RAW format can be tinkered with without detection.

A good reason that this RAW post processing should be stopped, an Italian photographer took pictures of Belgian city charleroi, and manipulated them , ppl of the city and the mayor were upset.

"“You will not find one single inhabitant who will recognize his city in these pictures, not to mention the captions that look more like a settling of scores than a reportage.”

I don't understand. Are you saying the Italian photographer manipulated the RAW image and it remained a RAW file after manipulation, and therefore it should be stopped?

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riknash: Wow.. Not even a headphone jack! Another camera built by committee missing key components to bring it into step with its competitors. Sure, it's 50 Mp ...and.. almost $4000 and it's crippled for video with a very pricey 1080P at about $1000 overpriced for a slimmed down video camera. A first gen 50Mp DSLR sensor which hopefully doesn't suffer from banding or other impairment. Crop modes, but for which purpose on a studio landscape architecture intended use, camera?
It will be interesting to see what the photos look like.

OK, it is a specialists camera. Now unlike the companies that make laundry washers and video games, this camera's feature set seems to try and cater not only to that specialists area but has new features which make no sense on such a camera, more like a general use camera. That's showing a lack of commitment to the targeted market segment.

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AllOtherNamesTaken: DPR's interview with Canon says the DR is the same as 5DM3. Sorry folks.

Max native ISO 6400
5 Fps, no mention of crop mode FPS increase
1/200 flash sync
1080/30P max


Skip to 1:00

I'd be surprised that it would outsell the D810. The D810 has a sizable head start. With delivery starting in June, this downtime would assist Nikon won't just sit there and likely has preplanned a response to this.

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WalterSrChat: The haters are out in force!

Walter Sr.

Just because many comments are negative doesn't mean we hate it. Its simply "constructive criticism" from the forum participants. Canon UK video interview is very clear that this is a specialists camera, regardless if there are new features which would be useless for those specialties. Crop mode, anti-flicker don't seem to be at all in the realm of useful features for the cited specialties.

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