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On Nikon D750 Review preview (1175 comments in total)

I just bought a d750 (still in transit), and can't wait to put it through its paces. It will either end up as an often used backup camera, or hopefully a replacement for my d4. I don't often (if ever) go above 1/4000 sec, and don't often (if ever) use the full fps of the d4, so 6.5 fps should be good enough. Having a camera capable of taking images the equal of the d4 in low light with a little higher resolution, with the same focus system, might be just the ticket for me.

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On Nikon D750 First-impressions review preview (1422 comments in total)

Good price, good specs. This will sell well.

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On Ricoh surfs into action camera market with WG-M1 article (108 comments in total)

I am glad to see more gopro competitors, it can only be good for consumers. Having some semblance of real camera controls in addition to video capabilities is a plus. Lower prices would be nice as well, and they will surely come. The most interesting of the lot imo is the garmin vibe, which links in gps capabilities along with video..but they have no still camera functions of note.

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On Nikon 1 V3: a quick summary article (596 comments in total)
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Retzius: Or, you can just wait 6 months and it will be on firesale for $399.99


They made a lot of v1's so they had to dump them. They did not make many v2's so they haven't had to dump them, they just aren't selling. I think the same will be the case with the v3. Very few will buy them, so as long as they don't make many there will be a few people to buy it, but most will balk at the price. If they make a lot of them, they will eventually have to get dumped. That is the only way I'd consider buying one.

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On Nikon 1 V3: a quick summary article (596 comments in total)

Nikon does not seem to want to learn anything on pricing. The v1, while a really good first effort, was vastly overpriced so they ended up dumping them. The v2 is also vastly overpriced but I think they decided not to make many of them so you just don't see many people using them. I fear the same will be the result here....people will buy cheaper alternatives (which will be everything else) and these will languish. Nikon better not make many of these because they won't sell many at anywhere near this price.

Also, with the evf and grip it looks a lot like the v2...and it looks like if you attach the evf you can't use an external flash.

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review preview (1046 comments in total)

A nice freshening of what already was an amazing camera. Not enough to get me to upgrade however....maybe a D5 some day.

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On Waterproof Canon PowerShot D30 dives deep article (35 comments in total)

We are going to Baja next month to see the whales in the lagoons. I've been toying with what underwater camera to get, and I have not been happy with my choices, at least on my budget. The nikon aw110, the canon d20, and most of the rest aren't good enough as cameras for me. The oly tg-1/2 seem a bit better, at a higher price. What I think I am going to do is to get the polaroid housing for my nikon v1 which is only $130 and most people seem to like it.

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There is a limited market for cameras such as this. The nikon comes close but doesn't quite make it imo..the lens is best in class and now with articulating screen and evf that is also something the competition does not offer, but to date the nikons have been relatively bad performers for some reason. It is not like nikon doesn't know how to make fast a/f and generally snappy performing cameras, but for some reason they have not been willing or able to do so with their high end p series.

For me the perfect p camera would be the same lens and screens as 7800 with performance as fast as canon g series and wireless. That would be a great camera. Still too many compromises with the 7800.

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I have a D4 and am happy to be able to use my 3d glasses now to get better viewing from its images... :)

Seriously, more three dimensional? If the already great white balance is further improved that would be great and any improvement in the already great iq is fine as well...but the hyperbole on this is a bit much.

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On Pro DSLRs, Pro Photographers article (126 comments in total)

Fun read, I learned a couple of things. Not about the cameras, which are about a dead heat, but about how they think about their equipment.

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Scottish Kev: Forgive me if this has already been covered but I spent a long time looking for a backpack that would carry camera gear and hiking gear, as when you are out in the wilds you dont have "just" your camera gear and then wear everything else. This bag like many out there only does camera gear.

Why dont more bag manufacturers actually design bags to carry camera gear and personal gear.

Oh and I did find a 1 or maybe 2 manufacturers who do what I think is a sensible back pack for hiking/carrying personal gear and I bought one but it was stupidly expensive (such is this camera/hobby/addiction ah well) but it does an awesome job!


Clik Elite is about the only game in town for you. I focus on hydration capabilities because if you can't carry enough water you can't use the pack for very long. Only Clik has camera packs that can take a 100oz bladder plus camera and other gear. Cool company as well.

Direct link | Posted on Mar 12, 2013 at 17:40 UTC

Any time I see a new 'active' photographer pack the first thing I check for is hydration support. Any bag that doesn't fit a 100oz bladder in my book falls short of the mark...which unfortunately is the case with these packs. They can hold a 1.5l bladder in a side pocket which is not nearly enough for a serious hiker or mtn biker. plus it looks like you will have to buy that bladder (non-standard size) seperately. So for me this doesn't work, and i'll keep my Clik Elite bag for those times when I want to bring my camera while being out on the trail all day.

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On Just Posted: Nikon D7100 Hands-On Preview article (311 comments in total)

A companion for my d4 perhaps? Although I can't imagine preferring how this would handle, but Nikon sure seems to have nailed most features for a dx camera with this bad boy!

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I'm wondering why they even bothered with this firmware update. There are likely some other tweaks they could have tossed in which would have been greatly appreciated, but just this one little fix on startup? Surprised they bothered.

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On Roger Cicala compares three 24-70mm F2.8 lenses article (142 comments in total)
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marike6: What did we learn? That the 24-70 Nikkor is still the best standard zoom money can buy, the D800E the highest resolving camera DSLR in existence, and that the Tamron 24-70 VC, especially on the D800, is a great value.

I haven't read the article yet, but from the comments I think I learned that both Nikon and Canon put out some pretty amazing gear, and that the third party lens companies do as well.

Direct link | Posted on Jan 31, 2013 at 14:35 UTC

any quesses on pricing of the 70-200?

Direct link | Posted on Jan 29, 2013 at 23:00 UTC as 10th comment | 1 reply

it is good to see some serious entries in the underwater camera market, small though it may be. i hope the camera does underwater white balance well...

Direct link | Posted on Jan 8, 2013 at 16:45 UTC as 21st comment

interesting, but i'll wait to see how it performs in the real world. i have a clik elite probody sport which is much smaller than this but which performs much of the same function as this pack for less than half the cost. i usually use my gura gear kiboko when i need to take my 500mm vr, and it sounds like this new pack won't take that long piece of glass, which is a shame. i take my gura gear when i need the long glass, and the clik when it's more landscape and general scenic photography.

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this looks fantastic to me, but i will be waiting for the full win8 version next year before seriously considering purchase. i've been using a kindle fire for the past year which is a nice little tablet for what it is, which is pretty limited.

Direct link | Posted on Oct 25, 2012 at 14:27 UTC as 20th comment

how much bigger than the v1/j1 is it? if it is too big it loses a big reason for ownership imo..i bought my j1 as a higher quality replacement for a p&s when i can't bring my big boy camera...

i welcome the onboard flash, that was the single biggest reason i chose the j1 over the v1. i think the v2 is too expensive however, and believe the market will sort that out in the coming months. you can get a decent dslr with kit lens for this money...

so overall a mixed bag, but if the v2 isn't too big and if it comes down in price i could be interested.

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