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When I was faced with the choice of Aperture vs. Lightroom I chose LR not because of features so much as probable longevity. Aperture is a sideline to Apple and they've shown themselves quite capable of crippling or abandoning a product, their AV lines for example. LR OTOH is part of Adobe's bread and butter.

Same with printers. Consider HP vs. Epson. I chose Epson because printers are a sideline with HP vs. the bread-and-butter products for Epson. Disagree about HP printers? Admittedly they make some great ones, but HP has twice now thought seriously about selling their printer business, with who knows what outcome.

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On Adobe details OS support for next version of Lightroom article (229 comments in total)
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mholdef: Really hope that the performance will be improved. I have a loaded iMac Retina and Lightroom is nowhere near it should be in expected performance. Photoshop on the other hand works quite well, even with heavy files.

It *really* screams on my Mac Pro with a 1TB SSD. As in, the renderings are for all intents and purposes instantaneous.

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Rick_Hunter: This is a gearheads gathering place. You can put out any, really, any camera you want, but if it doesn't have at least a GAZILLION megapixels, and UMPTEENTH stops of DR, and a FEMTOsecond top shutter speed, etc, people here will always complain because they can't possibly take proper images of their cat, or of their lensalign ruler. Infact, how could they live with such an inferior camera? Bottom line, most gearheads here wil ALWAYS see only the empty part of the glass, even when the glass is >90% full.
Just give up already...

On first glance that sounds correct. It's the "corner cases" where there's just not enough light, or the horse is moving just a little too fast, or you don't have time to switch ISO settings that the better camera is seen as valuable. I look at my images in LR and say, "Wow this'd be a great one if the noise weren't so bad."

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On Nikon D750 Review preview (1946 comments in total)
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zdechlypes: I am Canon 5DM2 owner and have just recently found about the term "ISO variant/invariant". Canon is ISO variant and I know it very, very well ... unfortunately.
I did not know that Nikon is soooo much better. I am about to buy 5DM3 as the prices are getting better but not able to switch as I had heavily invested in L lenses, flashes and other Canon stuff. It would be bloody expensive swap. :-(

Good job Nikon!

My son-in-law says the same thing. I say, sell your Canon stuff and buy the equivalent used Nikon stuff.

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My wife runs a site concerned with aging, elderthink.com, and she has lots of images on her site. She tried the Getty offer, and here is her experience:

1. The images are served by Getty and reside on Getty servers. Getty can pull the image any time with no warning, leaving an hole where the image had been. For a website with many pages, this could be a serious problem.

2. The images are accompanied by unremovable buttons for the Getty Facebook, Twitter and other similar pages. This would take the user away to Getty-land. Also it seems odd if the image is located anywhere near the website’s own buttons to social media.

3. The images can’t be resized.

4. As a result she has decided to continue buying her images as always. She buys 10-15 images a week on average.

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On Nikon D4 & D800: What do the Professionals Think? article (391 comments in total)

I'm surprised they didn't include fine art and studio photographers, especially given the resolution spec on the D800.

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