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On Sony Alpha 7 Review preview (1600 comments in total)
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VadymA: Conclusion - Good, But Not Good Enough.

.........for the price.

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On Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera article (921 comments in total)
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Musical Photo: Unfortunately, they have not put a tilting LCD on their high-end X system. Hopefully they will do it this time, otherwise they’re going to miss the opportunity to compete with SONY A7/7r and I may go with SONY.

Leaked info and photos that appeared on the web last night state that the LCD will tilt.

Direct link | Posted on Jan 21, 2014 at 17:17 UTC
On Wyoming's stunning weather and landscapes in time-lapse article (231 comments in total)

Very nice Nicolaus.

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On Battle of the titans: Top ball heads tested article (269 comments in total)
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SteB: On the subject of lag and post locking. These are big problems in macro photography especially when you approach or go past life-size. It can be very difficult to frame something, because of this sag that occurs when you take your hand away. The best ball head in the world can only do so much to eliminate it because some of the sag that occurs after you take your hand away is because of flex in things other than the ball head, such as camera and lens.

However, there is a solution, a geared head. In this respect a moderately priced geared head such as the Manfrotto 410 is better than the most expensive ball head money can buy for macro photography, simply because you do not have that problem and have precise framing. The price you pay is more weight, and slower adjusments.

+1. I love my 410. The ability to easily dial in the exact composition without worrying about the lens flopping or the ballhead sagging is priceless to me. The Q plate that comes with the 410 is very sturdy and makes a very solid and reassuring "click" when connected to the head. The quick release latch takes a little bit of effort to engage, but so it should.

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David Stahl: It would be nice to know which camera is which amongst the six photos posted -- it appears we have some of each.

Really? There's only two cameras and 6 pictures.

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petemod: It would be nice if they just made one model that had a viewfinder AND a flip out screen.

I was just about to type the same thing. PLUS, the less expensive model has the better hand grip too. Just dumb all around imo. Are buyers of these types of cams even using the viewfinder anyway?

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jonathanj: @dpreview staff, please please comment on the general operating speed / buffer size when you do your first impressions review. I have the NX20 and am very happy with it except for the small buffer and the way the camera locks you out from changing settings whilst an image is saving. Some info on whether samsung have finally implemented a large buffer would be very welcome in helping potential upgraders decide!

Samsung are actually developing their own OS to compete with Android.

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On Nikon Df Review preview (1618 comments in total)
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Paul Guba: Use this with all those old 500mb cards you have to get the true retro experience.

@ HowaboutRAW I still have my Canon labeled 16mb compact flash card that shipped with my 350D. ;-)

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tommy leong: why doesn't it say how many stops VC ?

@ Leandros S Because every shot you take is a keeper, right? Stop being so smug and negative. We all know this technology actually WORKS.

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On Manfrotto 190 Series Carbon Fiber Tripod Review article (72 comments in total)
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Chris Noble: "Oversized" leg angle locks? Is that a defect or just a marketing fluff-word?

Neither. I have the 055X-PRO-B and the angle locks are 1/3 the size of this model. Being larger makes it a bit easier on the fingers when using them. Wish mine were oversized.

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On Manfrotto 190 Series Carbon Fiber Tripod Review article (72 comments in total)
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Spectro: I own this for a few years and like the convenience and the design. I got the pistol grip package on sale and it cost a lot less a few years ago. I use a blackrapid straps and beats swapping the base plate. Actually the base plate never leave the camera, and I bought a few for all my main camera. I stupidly too this to the beach and got sand in the leg. no problem 2 hours later I deta he'd the leg and cleaned it. It isn't the sturdiest tripod but it is light and portable. The 3 sections is sturdier then the 4. The horizontal position can be weak if legs r unextended.

I agree about the horizontal position. I just tried it again this week and found the best position is to the have the horizontal pole in line with one of the legs. Plus have the legs extended at least one section as you mentioned. Great feature though, as I do a fair bit of close-up work.

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Spectro: Every time you update Lightroom it is redownloading 872mb. why can't they just do like window little update for just the newer codec.

Are you still sporting your US Robotics 56k modem from 1996? I can download a 872mb file in less than a minute.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 12, 2013 at 16:59 UTC

I just installed 4.4.2 this morning. I've been messing around with it a bit on my office. Some quick observations:

1) Startup is quite quick. Matches my Canon 600D anyway.
1) Focus is quite quick imo. I love the touch focus point feature.
2) AWB seems to be best. I tried fluorescent, which is my office lighting and it warmed it up too much.
3) Pictures definitely have more contrast now (almost too much) and are more saturated. This matches what I've read on the web about this update.

For what I want out of a camera phone I think I'll be quite happy with this. For "keeper" images I'll play with Snapseed or VSCO camera anyway. Looking forward to RAW ability with Lightroom if it's on the horizon.

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peevee1: ISO vs shutter speed - why the cameras cannot just detect subject motion (or lack of it) and set shutter speed appropriately?

Even if a camera could do that (which some may already be capable of?), what shutter value should it pick? The speed of motion difference between an elderly person and a football player is great. 125/sec might be fine for some, but 500/sec might not be enough for other situations.

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On DPReview Gear of the Year: Canon Rebel SL1 / EOS 100D article (270 comments in total)

IMG_2635_2 in the sample gallery is not flattering to anyone in the frame, especially the little girl. It should be removed imo.

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On Canon EOS 70D Review preview (624 comments in total)
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JohnP: There is no cable release remote control similar to the 20D, 7D, etc? Is there only a remote control that attaches to the hot shoe?

I see a cable release input in Image #9 on the Body & Elements review page? Or are you asking about something different?

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On Canon EOS 70D Review preview (624 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: The 7D Mark II better top this baby...

Challenging act to follow up.


I'm sure it will. But so will the price. I'm not gonna pay FF price for any APS-C camera.

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On Canon EOS 70D Review preview (624 comments in total)
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Dougbm_2: I wish they would consistently place the ISO button at the far right (as it was on the 50D) or even somewhat separated as per the 700D. The raised pimple on the button is not enough to find and adjust this major exposure adjustment quickly. As for the back scroll pad …ugh - (reasons I switched my 60D that I had for 18 months to a 5OD).

Totally agree on the control pad and dial. It was the reason I passed on the 60D and went with the 600D, and it's the reason I'm passing on this model too. Just too cheap feeling.

Direct link | Posted on Oct 31, 2013 at 02:34 UTC
On PPE 2013: Hands-on with new Manfrotto 190 tripods article (18 comments in total)
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Kim Letkeman: Love the "tripod from Mars" look :-)

I had the 190 for a while and my only complaint was the weight. It was otherwise excellent. I hate the RC2 connector that comes on included ball heads, but I would never buy another Manfrotto ball head anyway so problem solved. Just buy the legs and add a nice ball head from Markins or equivalent.

I have the 190 and agree about the weight, although as we know heavier for tripod can be both good and bad (wind). I received an RC2 plate with my Manfrotto monopod and also agree that it's not the best means of locking down a DSLR.

After much research I decided on a Manfrotto 410 Junior Geared Head vs ballhead and it came with a RC4 plate system. Much, much better connection. I'm in love with the 410 for all my landscape and still life photography.

Direct link | Posted on Oct 24, 2013 at 17:45 UTC

Are people still printing 4x6's? I haven't printed 4x6's in over two years. I only print 8x10 and up now. Granted, my sons are now 20 and 18 years old so there are less family snaps these days, but they both have Nexus 4 smartphones and the younger one "borrows" my DSLR a fair bit too. Not once have they printed a photo at any size. Everything goes straight to the web.

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