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  • If you could move through space via warp at 100 times faster then light, since you are warping space itself, there would be no time dilation issues.  What you would observe as you travel though ...
  • ...smarter then you.   You wanted to hear from me;  I just did.  ;) :)
  • Happy I was; DAP and PWS Pro was perfectly fine too.    The M$ upgrade process was decent.   Had a few issues with VirtualBox but those issues have been addressed via additional pushed M$ updates ...
  • Replied in Just finished
    Never heard of this box before; looks like a good price too.    What I do with the site that I mentioned is copy the youtube link and then it translates it into an MP4 stream link.  I then push ...
  • Replied in Just finished
    Created a tutorial for getting Youtube videos in MP4 format that you might be interested in Robyn.  Now the tut's Vimeo centric, but the site referenced works w/ Youtube too.  :) http://gimpchat.co ...
  • Created discussions The Magnificent Nine.
    Pass the Magnificent Nine and America will be fine. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLyTuekieCo
  • Only reason I find myself backing the Donald is, he appears to be the only one that has the desire to bring the jobs back by renegotiating the idiotic trade agreements that helped give incentive ...
  • ...the timeline will be slightly different.   ;) :)
  • You know what the Word also says.   He will come like a thief in the night.   No one will be expecting.   If enough people don't believe 23 Sept. 2015 is for real, then that is the day He will ...
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    Watched Prelude to Axanar a few hours ago (started a parallel thread at another site and they mentioned this cool one). Believe there's slated a total of 4 of these. Yes; watching these shows on ...
  • Yup; basically nothing actually falls into the hole thus data is not destroyed.   I can buy that.    Same as what I believe our Universe works .   As objects gets closer and closer to the hole they ...
  • ...his sexual orientation was supposedly attacked by these colleagues.  Some say, with his multiple names, that he might have been schizophrenic too.    :)
  • And why not another one. :) https://www.flickr.com/photos/34520999@N05/20725791888/sizes/o/
  • Replied in 3D glass print.
    Inspired by this video: https://vimeo.com/136764796 https://www.flickr.com/photos/34520999@N05/20724645558/sizes/o/
  • You didn't know that Chris.  Of course, through leftest eyes, everything the Donald does will look bad.   Not in mine.   :)
  • Replied in Nope.
    Just relief.   lolol Much like that on Dec. 22, 2012.   :)
  • Throwing the race card out there of course.   Doesn't work on me, and, based on the Donald's standing in the polls, doesn't work on most others either.   :)
  • Just adding to the fuel of this thread.   lol :)
  • Not mine actually but read this elsewhere.  Like the rest of the illegal crowd, they got use to cutting in line.  It's time to force them to wait their turn.   lol :)
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