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  • ...unless you are a member. My bad. Below's the individual links. :) ...
  • Like this abstract too GT.   :)
  • Like the lower key glow effect Pixel.   :)
  • Nice. I stand corrected too. Dad called them Easter Lillies and I have no ideas what different flowers are called. lol Nice; hate to rub it in but it got quite warm today (near 70ºF). Going to be ...
  • Just did a check.  I know nothing about flowers.   My dad called them Easter lillies so apparently he didn't know anything about flowers either.   lolol Oh well; stand corrected.   :)
  • Replied in Why not.
    lol :)
  • OK; decided to optimize one of the images (reduced size of course).   :)
  • Replied in My boy.
    And spoiled too T.   Hes sitting on my lap now while I'm typing this.   lol He had a good day outside today though; surprisingly warm and hope it stays that way.    :)
  • Replied in My boy.
    Nothing wrong with a framed paiting Ronny.   :)
  • OK; a mia cuppa of sorts. The 15% is the occupied space and had nothing to do with processing. My anger just got a head of my reading eyes. Still, ridiculous rules. Why call it a cat contest...

  • Replied in Angered I am.
    Maybe I mis-read the PM; my rage only saw 10% and my rage made my brain interpret as 10% processing. Might have to do a mia-cuppa now, but still. Ridiculous rules. :)
  • Rather him poo here then in the house (and he does do that more often then not despite having a litter box which he refuses to use (where he does his business outside, I have no idea, but so far, ...
  • Created discussions Easter Lillies.
    Just took these captures right before I did the one of my boy. Thought I would share. Feel free to play if you want. These are all SOOC. :) Album:
  • What's with this. Crop and overlay is not processing by anyone's book. Sad. This will be the last time I bother with entering any contest at DPR with such stringent esoteric constraints which...

  • Replied in Angered I am.
    My entry just got rejected since they said dup overlay and crop was too much processing.   What a bunch of crock.   I won't be entering any other contest at DPR's bogus site again unless they ...
  • Used an attempt at Mike's method. GML extract and even G'MIC's extract just didn't cut it. :) ref:
  • Created discussions My boy.
    If only I could edit a different background for the cat contest, but I cannot.   Still, you all can if you want.   My boy won't cooperate and pretty much trapped him for this capture at my filthy ...
  • You can then look at captures from different angles. I saw this one at Sourceforge recently. It's been out for a few years now, but I never ran across such a program (but then again, I don't do 3D ...
  • Would like to see some of your tributes too. Anyway, thought I would do yet another one. He's definitely among the stars now. Click the Flickr for more details. ...
  • Yeah; I first heard about it on Roku Top Stories in the News option.
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