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0.t. Greed vs. fear! Retouching 3 weeks ago
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Have any of you folk heard of the Cicret? Open Talk 3 weeks ago
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What is the main "effect" used here? Retouching 3 weeks ago
SdM21 Retouching 3 weeks ago
Anyone done this? Retouching 3 weeks ago
O.T. Fox activity as birth time approaches. Retouching 3 weeks ago
Smudge painting Retouching 3 weeks ago
There's no next big thing in processing images :( ? Retouching 3 weeks ago
My boy. Retouching 4 weeks ago
A year of photographs in one minute (OT sort of) Retouching 4 weeks ago
So long Mr. Spock. Retouching 4 weeks ago
Microsoft ICE 2... 8 image mosaic Retouching 1 month ago
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OT. The trick is to get them to trust you. Retouching 1 month ago
Raw file for retouching Retouching 1 month ago
musicians image to play with Retouching 1 month ago
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Just had to have a play......... Retouching 1 month ago
Retouching advice needed / photos for play! Retouching 1 month ago
10 shades of gray. Open Talk 1 month ago
Perfect color on ultra-flat lens. Open Talk 1 month ago
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One of the best free image extractors out there. Retouching 1 month ago
The Elephant In The Digital Dark Room Open Talk 1 month ago
Artifical BoKeH Retouching 1 month ago
For play. Retouching 1 month ago
Need help with this photo Retouching 1 month ago
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Dell Venue 8 7000; pretty impressive Android tablet. Open Talk 1 month ago