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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2251 comments in total)

I applaud Barnaby's honesty. As an owner of a Leica M240 I have experienced some of the frustrations that he addresses in the T review. Contrary to Ivan's assertion real shooters do buy and use Leica but it's usually a love-hate relationship. Unless the M240 is used with the machine age technology rangefinder it is too slow for dynamic professional use. The M240 EVF cycle time is nearly a full second making it nearly useless except for studio or landscape work. I shoot weddings and could never use this camera responsibly. I have just purchased a Sony A7s which is a joy to use with the Leica glass and is delivering what I'd hoped that the M240 would bring. The EVF is excellent, bright and it allows me to focus quickly and surely. The A7s's EVF cycle time is instant and the camera is fast, intuitive and a total joy to use. The A7s proves that a pro level mirrorless camera is possible and that Leica has no excuse for their sophomoric human interface. Way to go Barnaby!

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I haven't heard too much discussion about what I feel are the most compelling combination of features of this S cam - smaller file sizes, silent operation and massive dynamic range. The high ISO performance is a nice bonus too. Recently I switched from a 5Dlll, routinely using the 12 mp small raw feature for weddings, to a Sony A7r for people, using both Sony glass and Leica lenses. Even with the Leica glass and manual focus the A7r is as fast and intuitive as the 5Dlll at about half the weight. But the A7r Howitzer-like shutter is so noisy that it began to ruin the fun of shooting it. Then along came the S. THIS is perfect for me and could be the ultimate "people cam". Small, silent, non-intimidating with crazy DR and reasonable file sizes. There's no need to rip this 12 mp camera for low res or think it's going backwards in any way. Ripping this camera for it's resoulution is like ripping a great putter for not being able to drive a golf ball 350 yards. I'd call it a bullseye.

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On Sony a7R teardown! Roger Cicala gets his hands dirty article (135 comments in total)

The advantage of simple is not just cheaper. It is a profound concept. I own an electronics manufacturing business and we strive for simplicity in all of our designs. Not only does it keep costs down as Roger says BUT it greatly increases reliability. The more tweaky something is to assemble the higher the likelihood of failure. Simple does not happen by accident. It is the highest of design and manufacturing skills.

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Lucas_: After reading many of the responses here, I'm convinced that Adobe is "living on a cloud"! They may have to come down to Earth and realize that in a multitude of places today there's no wide band Internet and another many don't even have dial-up! Are they certain that nobody living on those places uses PS, ...or they really don't care?

By limiting future versions exclusively to the cloud Adobe just effectively announced that they are turning their backs on a not insignificant percentage of users who have been purchasing and relying on these tools for several decades. So many photographers have "grown up" with PS and totally rely on it's tools and workflow that it's rather obscene that Adobe is flushing so many of us.

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Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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On Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? article (1509 comments in total)

I voted for the Canon 5Dlll but the Leica M Monochrom deserves a very special mention. Props to Leica for creating such an impractically wonderful camera for us BW photographers. No company in their right mind would do something like this. Hopefully some of the big boys will be inspired to offer a B&W only model in a more affordable format. 5DlV-BW or D900-BW anyone?

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On Just Posted: Fujifilm X-Pro1 review article (271 comments in total)

Fuji Please Please fix the few bugs that separate this camera from high end hobby to truly pro. I own and truly love this camera but it is like the Mona Lisa with bad breath. The image quality is the equal of my M9-P (yes, really) BUT the handling quirks make it suck for dynamic pro situations. The slow AF and useless MF is well documented and my solution is to shoot with Leica lenses and use manual focus. Fast, Pro, Lovely. HOWEVER THE INEXCUSABLE flaw for a "pro" camera is that the EVF (a must use for 3rd party MF lenses) does not "refresh" or let go of the current exposure fast enough to stay "in the moment". Also you get no image preview on the LCD as you must shut off the image preview when shooting with the EVF. If the image preview was selectable independently for the EFV and LCD this would be golden. A few fixes would make it professionally useful and this camera would become iconic. Fuji, just give a bunch of these to wedding photographers and listen to them. C'mon Fuji!!

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On Fujifilm X-Pro1 preview (756 comments in total)

Does anybody know if the X-Pro 1 still has, or has fixed, the virtually useless manual focus by wire of the X100? And have they improved the AF speed?
These are the achilles heels of the otherwise wonderful X100 which I owned for a short while. I never felt I could use it in a dynamic professional setting if I had to get the shot. The shots I did get were excellent but the AF was too slow for professional use and the manual focus was useless. A good manual focus would have made up for slow AF and elevated this camera to pro level. The X-Pro 1 is up against lots of cams one can use professionally. A slightly slow AF could be overlooked but if the manual focus is still retarded this camera should never be regarded as a professional tool.

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