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On CIPA starts to report growing mirrorless sales article (200 comments in total)
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Stephen123: I resent paying for a moving mirror I don't want or need in a digital system. I also resent paying for image stabilization in each lens. I resent paying for a touch screen which is basically useless. I care a lot about size and weight, but when the camera is smaller than the lens and too small for a hot shoe, that's too small. I don't need a better sensor than the one in the NEX 7. So I guess I'm done with FF. But right now there isn't a camera that I would choose if I had my druthers.

Stephen, fully agree with you on everything.

The times are changing and the sooner companies understand that, the better for them...

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On Preview:olympusEM5 (1362 comments in total)

It should've been FULLFRAME.

It just doesn't make sense to put a 3/4 year old crappy PANY sensor into a new camera.

Again the same crappy Pany sensors route. Again watch the NEX line from behind.

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On Pentax announces K-01 K-mount APS-C mirrorless camera article (874 comments in total)

It is a stupid, ugly and cheap-looking camera.

If PENTAX would get it right, they would make the same thing performance and specification-wise, where I have no objections. However, they would make the body with a much SHORTER FLANGE DISTANCE, SO ALSO LENSES FROM OTHER MANUFACTURERS COULD BE ADAPTED. Just like with the NEX or the m4/3.

All I ever wanted was a mirrorless cam able to adapt my Noktons, Rokkors and Zuikos that had IBIS inside with the biggest sensor possible. This short-sighted design decision has taken thousands of potential customers away from them who will rather stay with m4/3 or the NEX system.. This way only earlier Pentax lens owners may be interested... If the body was slimmer and one could mount other lenses in front of that good sensor, A LOT MORE PEOPLE WOULD WANT TO BUY IT... Besides... size and weight-wise it really isn't anything to write home about. Not to mention the lacking EVF and tilting LCD.

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So fuji ads to the stupid companies list:

Canon, nikon, panasonic, sony, fuji...

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