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  • I own two of Peter Lik's works. Almost ashamed to say it after reading all the comments on this page. I guess Peter Lik should be ashamed for producing work that appeals to the masses as well and...

  • Yeah I have had my A7 since last December and haven't worried about lens selection. I do have less native lens options but the alternative options are so vast I just hasn't been an issue.

  • I own an A7. I had it sitting in on the table at a restaurant during breakfast. The waiter went to set a pitcher of orange juice on the table and ended up spilling the pitcher directly on top of my...

  • Looks like a nice camera but price is pretty close to the A6000. Seems like it would be worth it to pay the extra $100.00 for the A6000, considering a viewfinder alone would be worth the extra...

  • I can find a Casio in just about every retail store I walk into. Just like I see huge bins of Nikon 3000 and 5000 series cameras in Costco. The stores carry these products because they sell. Sorry...

  • As far as I have seen, every Sony camera I have owned does this. I didn't even know this was something cameras lacked.

  • Commented on Updated: Creating the Leica T article

    Is it just me or does this look just like a Sony NEX camera? I bet it feels a lot nicer but it sure looks like a nex 5 with nex dials.

  • I use the wifi on my a7 way more than I have ever used gps so if they to put one or the other they made the right choice. Seems like they could fit both in though. It's always disturbing when...

  • The a6000 replaced the nex 6 and nex 7. There will not be an a7000 type model. At least not anytime soon.

  • You buy a phase detection adapter for it for fast sports Auto-focus. Not saying it's a sports photographers dream though. I think it's great for someone like me, a prosumer. Keep. It small for...

  • Kurt, you know what your right. I actually didn't notice the who cars about the photographer part. I see where your coming from. My comment was hard on you and I'm sorry. I guess I'm a little...

  • To some of us this photographer's work has revealed the amazing handy work God. That is what we get out of the article so it relevant and there is no need for anyone to be sensor for expressing...

  • Your totally wrong. You can spend five minutes on the Web and find tons of beautiful photos taken with camera and third party lenses. Your statement is based on zero facts.

  • These are truly fantastic photos.

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7R Review preview

    I felt felt you Dame way but find I like being able able plus it into any USB charger everywhere I go. I even charge it in my car. I bought a charger and extra battery on ebay for $19.00 so I...

  • That sucks. It would be stressful having a failed firmware update. I just updated my a7 and all all went well. Glad to see it worked for you the second time.

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7R Review preview

    Yes they are adaptable. The range yiu are considering would been good. If you go too wide then you start running into issues.

  • It's getting reported because the a7 and a7r have been extremely popular on site. Just look at the amount of comments on each review. Whether people like the cameras or not, I they are getting a...

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7R Review preview

    That's a good choice too. I would like both! :-)

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7R Review preview

    Because it is silly issue that doesn't effect the usage of the camera one iota.

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