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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II: A professional's opinion article (315 comments in total)
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Donnie G: Thanks DPR,

This forum could use more user insight from professional photographers who actually choose and use equipment based on its ability to help them earn a living. Ms. Hansen's critique of the 7D Mk II clearly shows how Canon chose to improve on and address real issues that affect serious photographers who were looking for a low cost pro-grade camera to add to their kits. To hell with WiFi, hope Canon adds the voice recorder function to the Mark III version. :)

i think the 1 series has a microphone on the back specifically for that - I'm not sure they could really add it in after the fact to the 7DII

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didn't canon have a high density sensor demo a few years ago?

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OliverGlass: Wow. Tough crowd to please. I don't own a single canon cam and I'm from the "opposition" but I must say that these are good images. Clients of a blog would be happy with these too. Colors, tones and contrast are pleasing to me.

We're likely viewing these images in varying qualities of monitor and internet speeds. I suggest try downloading sample images from this article and view it on a calibrated monitor. Maybe you'll see that "crisp clarity" you're looking for.

view them enlarged - I'm not sure what happened in post processing or with the camera - if there was electromagnetic interference, but too many of them are a load of bird shi....

luckily the camera is out , and whatever happened in these images is either dpreview's compression or something crazy happened in the post processing

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On Canon introduces new $78K 50-1000mm cine lens article (159 comments in total)
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mario GTI: Just ordered one.
Paid extra grand for overnight delivery­čśť

pssh I ordered two .. had to have one for my EOS-M as a backup

f/8.9 .. who would use such a crappy lens anyways ;) 2.8 or go home.

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TrojMacReady: Some hefty vertical banding in sunset shot #14, especially considering this was already downsampled a lot.

that looks pretty crazy same as #5. haven't' seen any examples that look that bad out there before.

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X First Impressions Review preview (839 comments in total)
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FartIng: without a hotshoe, no slow motion movie, smaller zoom, less battery capacity..im in no rush with the amazing G16 in my pocket. I just love the 60pHD and lens.

A fully articulated swivel is surely better than this tilt?

to be fair, the G7x is much smaller than the G16.

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On Canon PowerShot G7 X First Impressions Review preview (839 comments in total)
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brownie314: So p1ssed that Canon could not find an engineer on the EOS-M team that could figure a way to get this mode dial + exposure compensation dial on the EOS-M. Would have made a world of difference.

I never could really see the point of a exposure comp dial outside it looks cool. exposure comp is one of those things I set and forget.

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On 'See Impossible': Canon counts down to... something. article (1666 comments in total)
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BarnET: Last time I saw a article like this on DPR.
It was a pathetic Indian photo contest.
Wonder what the disappointing news will be this time.

probably wasn't pathetic if you lived in India - where the actual promotion actually came from.

was it' only "pathetic" because it had something to do with you? that's pretty short sighted wouldn't you say?

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II: Real-world samples (beta) article (269 comments in total)
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KBStudio: RAW files are useless until Canon and or Adobe provide LUTs for this new format. I have tried DPP, DNG and ACR/LR5. None will read the new RAW files. So JPEGs are the best we have until then.

DPP update is available as of today. So umm yeah, it's available.

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Just a Photographer: Now I am really wondering how ECO the manufacturing process is of a EOS 100D with all the PCB's, lead soldering, etcetera and how much CO2 emmisions it takes for the manufacturing and shipping process.

Next to the fact that the production of soja for all these health addicts that are so against eating meat is killing and destroying the natural habitat and the rain forests.

Not even spoken about all those poor (child- hope not though) labour workers that get $00.03 cents per bag and have to work under cruel conditions in the heat of Pakistan, India or Bangladesh.

Come on this 'veganist' bag is very much a Jedi Marketing trick when you take all these things into account.

actually Justa .. canon is ranked as one of the more eco friendly manufacturers especially given their corporate size, out there and they strive quite hard at that.

They've actually won alot of recognition for their environmental polices and practices - globally.

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Damien Demolder: I thought you'd enjoy this one! :-)

The serious note though concerns camera brands trying to appeal to the female audience, which currently they are not especially successful at managing. Would you agree that in general terms cameras are either very masculine in appearance, or plain unstylish? Or shouldn't it matter?

actually according to canon the M is selling well to females tineternaut there was a interview about that around a year ago.

as far as cameras in general - Personally i think that the asthetics on a whole don't hit mainstream female asetheics. they want something uncluttered, simple - you know, like a smart phone. tap the screen and it takes a picture.

guy love to fiddle, have controls, do things without the manual.. then bitch when it doesn't work .. and then finallylook at the manual .. after coming on dpreview and complaining about said camera.

I digress. but most gf's i've had - keep it simple was certainly far more preferable with camera gear.

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Serious Sam: i can almost see this thing getting a Gold Award now with the way DPR is covering it. In fact I dare DPR not give it a Gold Award. It is just like how Canon rob retailer of their best shelf space.

dpreview gives what is relevant at the time of review actually. they seem to be rather impartial regardless of what sony fans think

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II First Impressions Review preview (1872 comments in total)
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sceptical1: I am also excited about the new 400mm lens and hope Nikon offers something comparable. I am assuming this lens will perform similarly to other 400mm prime offerings from Canon and Nikon. Here is why this is great - size / weight and stabilization. With a DX camera like the 7D MII you would have a light package that could be hand held for short amounts of time. Further, it would allow you to use lighter tripods / ballheads. The weight savings alone have me tempted to purchase this setup.
BTW - I don't consider it expensive as it is similar to comparable offerings. Anytime you can get a completely capable wildlife setup for < 10k you should be doing a happy dance!

the 400/4 DO uses diffractive optics which is patented by canon. it may take a while before Nikon can do anything such as this.

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II First Impressions Review preview (1872 comments in total)
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Jonath: Things that make me wonder a bit 1) So many people are so sure of how good this camera is, even though it hasn't been properly reviewed yet. How do you know how good low light performance is until a proper raw comparison is done? Imaging-resource has OOC jpeg's and they look distinctly on a par with much cheaper APS-C competition - but I can't really pass proper judegement, yet, nor on burst shooting or AF. 2) on face value the specs of this camera are only marginally improved over the the mki - its almost as if its a mid-model upgrade, not one that has taken 5 yrs to arrive. I appreciate we get passionate about our favoured camera brands but isn't that just a little bit disappointing? The market has moved on so much since the Mk1, so many new ideas, features & capabilities. It would leave me feeling a bit short changed, although I appreciate having followed this thread that the legendary 7D is above any kind of criticism and I'm clearly an amateur for even suggesting any :-)

AF, metering, burst rate, high ISO, buffer depth, sensor, viewfinder, build quality, card slots, mirror blackout, HDMI output, video options, shutter lag, AEB, auto ISO, MFA have all been improved over it's predecessor. marginally improved? okay then. I actually have to look hard to find something they didn't improve on from the 7D original.

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On Opinion: Bring on the 70-200mm equivalents article (328 comments in total)

if the 50-150's are 70-200 equivalents, then the 70-200's are 105 to 300mm.

it's a 50-150mm lens. with a cropped field of view of a 75 to 225mm.

it's still missing the characteristics that make the 70-200 desirable such as DOF control, bokeh, field flatting,etc.

the 70-200/4's offer a similar range, more reach than the 50-150's. they can also be used if the customer decides to augment their kit with a full frame camera down the road.

a 70-200/4 with both a copped body and a full frame body of varying pixel densities can offer additional advantages to the photographer as well, by having a varied actual per pixel reach with attached onto the cropped camera versus the full frame.

then again, for Fuji,etc .. this is moot since they don't have full frame. however for a Sony, Canon or Nikon user - I'm not sure this really makes a lot of sense.

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II First Impressions Review preview (1872 comments in total)
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CurtM: I am a bit confused as to how this camera fits in the line up. I have a Eos70d -- bought because I am rather new to photography and it was great at video too. If I were to upgrade one day (if I ever get to the point where I am not the limiting factor but rather the camera is -- and I am not yet at that point), why would one consider this cropped frame camera over the Eos 6D or 5D with full frame? The price difference seems to be rather marginal.

Curt - basically between crop and full frame prosumer cameras you have two lines:

70D and the 6D with similar build quality, etc and ergonomics.

7DII and the 5DIII with similar build quality and ergonomics.

surprisingly each set is nearly a matched pair for both the APS-C body and the Full frame body.

the 7D as far as ergonomics and build quality and performance sits above your 70D and under the 1 series.

cropped cameras work best for reach limited applications - such as telephoto based photography. you can also get smaller / lighter (and also cheaper) lenses for the cropped cameras than you can the full frame cameras.

since the pixel density is higher on the cropped cameras (a 70D/7DII sensor is the equivalent of a 51MP full frame sized sensor), than the 5DIII or the 6D, you get more per pixel "reach" with the cropped camera than you do with the current full frame cameras.

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II First Impressions Review preview (1872 comments in total)
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jamesm007: The myth mirrorless fans like to say... That during hi-speed sport shooting the OVF blacks out. Well not true in the way its stated. You don't lose sight of the object your tracking!. I put my camera to 7fps, the shutter to 1/300, there is barely a split second black out for 24 frames. You could see much more than you could not see, because the frame rate is high enough to make it look smooth to the eye. Even allowing for the mirror going up. Try it. Tracking is smooth you never lose the subject to black out. Unless your shooting at 1/15 then there may be. But at that speed your probably not shooting sports or even kids playing.

they tweak the blackout with the fps, and it really depends on the shutter speed btw.

however, there's no "slide show" or lag with the image that you see - so your brain and eyes still allow you to track.

"delayed view" simply does not work well for randomly moving motion.

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kevindar: If this lens performs as well as the newly released canon 16-35 f4IS and the nikon 14-24, it may be time for me to seriously look at sony for my full frame needs, at the next generation of A7r where the AF of a6000 (or better) is incorporated, battery life is improved, mirror slap is gone.

it looks like it will be good around 16, but falls and it's pretty mushy at 35.

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II First Impressions Review preview (1872 comments in total)
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TheDreamingWatchman: I'm sure this is a very good camera.
The AF-speed will be quite impressive.

However the 7DII is just not sexy! There is not one WOW-feature!
I'm missing the tilted screen which is very useful in certain situations.
Why is there no touch screen like on the 70D?
Why did Canon not implement Wi-Fi like on the 6D and 70D? (I don't need Wi-Fi to upload pictures; I want Wi-Fi to control the Camera remotely, which is an amazing feature for wildlife.)
I always had the feeling that Canon is so ungenerous: Why no time-lapse in Camera like Fuji? Why not several shots triggered by the self-timer like Nikon? These features hardly cost anything, but Canon is just too stingy!
However my most important reservation is ISO noise and dynamic range. The ISO performance of the 7D was just pathetic; the dynamic range was not very good.
The 7DII will be a little bit better in these regards and a little bit better is just not good enough for 2014!

if you need a camera to have a wow feature or "sexy" i suggest another hobby or a therapist...

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On Canon EOS 7D Mark II First Impressions Review preview (1872 comments in total)
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jamesm007: Speaking only for the USA. Mirrorless sales are at record low levels. So are dSLRs. But dSLR sales are still much higher than mirrorless, why. The web sites such as this one and manufactors are driving away buyers. Once you buy a Pentax K-5, Nikon D7000, Canon 7D, or any FF. There is little to compel a person, a newbie an enthusiasts, a semi-pro, the money makers for manufactures, to buy another until this mirrorless thing goes away. By that I mean for mirrorless fans to stop trolling SLR forums. Its hurting sales overall! Everyone is doing it all wrong! Your confusing and pushing people away!

Its clear in all data that most in the USA and Europe don't want mirrorless as much as dSLR systems. Plain and simple. Once everyone learns this, you can steer the ship in the right direction. People would rather jump off the ship than forced into systems they dislike.


well Bam .. you'd be an expert on who's an idiot..

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