Paul B Jones

Paul B Jones

Lives in Canada Ottawa, Canada
Works as a Union
Joined on Mar 4, 2012
About me:

My plan is to take interesting bird photographs.


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Namib Dune GerbilFog WhaleBlack-backed Woodpecker Portrait 1Black-backed Woodpecker Portrait 1Black-backed Portrait 2.7511427257493_009ebc8623_oflamingo Do-overRed-tailed Comet DPRCliff Parakeet One PortraitFemale Purple Finch 2Pileated Woodpecker 10DCora SnowshoeNorthern ShrikeRuffed Grouse 4Hooded Warbler16-35 test imageAD0W4575Wallace's Flying FrogLeopard CatWhite-rumped Sandpiper LowSemipalmated Plover Final 2Prothonotary FlickrLeast Sandpiper Flickr 2Fish DinnerFish SmokerFish DryingChecking the Nets5748116622_a0d13d0012_oTiticaca Grebe ReedsTeal FlightBlue-and-yellow Macaw, Barba Azul Nature Reserve, BoliviaCuban Tody, La Belen, CubaCommon NighthawkSharp-tailed Grouse Rest_Southern Carmine Bee-eaterElephant FamilyWheatearMongolian Gazelle BabyArgaliAttack 5vulture original800 HandheldSandgrouseSchiffornus