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Neodp: This is horse manure. Mixed with technical intrigue. It is not the big picture. It's far to one sided for that.

Also, who the heck said, "how tough can it be?" to make complex lenses and tend to quality control. No one! Are we having broad lens fail/quality issues? No we're not.

Why are you suggesting lens have to be so expensive (and so you should consider renting them)? How can this not be a conflict of interest?

Still it is fine for DP to point to this article. Just like it's fine for me to say the article is BS. No ones saying lens are simple. What about the the entire camera system; that just starts with the lens? What good is a great lens without the rest?

Sensor issues next?

No. The real issue is BS like this constantly pushing the propaganda and half "truths" to inflate prices for the manufactures and sellers.

The buyers say BS! Do your job. As if it's OK to produce crap lens (or otherwise). As if this can't be helped. I mean really. How stupid do you think we are?

Are you trying to say that quality control can and should be improved?

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meland: The lack of any comments so far is rather strange. Where are you lens experts?

Cruel. But fair.

Direct link | Posted on Feb 11, 2016 at 11:16 UTC

Across all brands there seems to be a direct relationship between stellar improvement in cameras and increasing user disappointment. What is up with that?

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On article X-Factor: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II examined in-depth (613 comments in total)
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calson: If someone wants to shoot 4K video they get a card slot that takes the standard Canon Cfast memory card. If a pro shoots stills only then they lose a card slot.

As with Nikon I wish the camera manufacturers would work on making smaller and lighter cameras for those who don't use tripods and hand hold the camera for hours at a time.

Instead we get higher fps that the majority of photographers will seldom or never need. It is like the auto industry that gives us faster and larger gas guzzlers with more horsepower for the buyers that are deluded by the marketing hype.

This camera is not meant for you.

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On article X-Factor: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II examined in-depth (613 comments in total)
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Shiranai: I don't know, currently I'm starting to get a little disappointed with Canon. Didn't they say they are about to announce something groundbreaking?
But now a top of the line camera which features 61 focus points all cluttered around in the middle, OPTIONAL Wi-Fi and just 20 MP? Thats a little ridiculous compared to their 5DS models. But then again it remains to be seen how it behaves in high ISO, cause the 5DSes were kinda bad compared to 5D3 and 6D.

"and just 20 MP?"

You know not of what you speak. Please come back later when you've learned about professional level sports and wildlife cameras.

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On article X-Factor: Canon's EOS-1D X Mark II examined in-depth (613 comments in total)
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PhotoKhan: I can't understand how these fidgety, tiny AF point selections joysticks keep flying with pros.

I know AF point selection may alternatively be controlled with the quick dial but why does Canon keep including a dedicated control that is so difficult to...well...control.

I wonder how many more 1D/5D interactions we must have before it is finally realized that a track-ball with a "click-in-to-select" is the obvious way to go.

(Eye-tracking, of course, would be better still but I am not holding my breath over it.)

I find the Canon AF point selection joysticks a joy to use.

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Nikon handled the situation extremely well.

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TSeiler: People are switching to cell phone cameras. DSLRs are now dinosaurs. The only ones who don't understand that are the ones who have invested a giant sum of money into dead technology. In a few years your giant DSLRs will be as worthless as film cameras are today. You can argue with me and call me all the names you want but it won't reverse progress. No one with a brain wants to haul around a camera the size of a toaster.

Geez dude, I'm hearing a lot of anger. Did a DSLR kill your family in front of your eyes at a circus when you were a child?

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Headline seems a bit tabloidy, DPR.

18% seems to be the exception rather than the rule for the announced price increases.

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On article Pride and joy: shooting the Olympus PEN-F in Austin (285 comments in total)

Love these musical reference headlines ("Pride and Joy" by Texas singer/guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan). You had a great one with Otis Redding a while back. Also, good review, etc.

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Excellent images and an extraordinary place for photography. The place just vibrates with history. The Bay of Pigs area in particular.

Direct link | Posted on Jan 24, 2016 at 13:41 UTC as 12th comment

Nice. The first Leica I have been remotely interested in.

Direct link | Posted on Jan 20, 2016 at 21:29 UTC as 87th comment
On article Nikon's New D5 and D500 Push the Boundaries of DSLR (733 comments in total)
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Zeisschen: I really thought Nikon would come up with some innovation this year and then? Another iteration of the same SLR concept from 1861... *yawn*

Put a lot of thought into that one, didn't you.

Direct link | Posted on Jan 8, 2016 at 15:50 UTC
On article Here at last: Nikon announces D500 (1173 comments in total)

I know a lot of Nikon wildlife photographers have been waiting patiently for this camera. Happy days are here! Enjoy!

Direct link | Posted on Jan 6, 2016 at 17:30 UTC as 65th comment
On article Nikon fills in the blanks on professional grade D5 DSLR (554 comments in total)
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kisvakoncl: OMG!
"I feel a great disturbance in the Force.. if millions of Canonian fanboys suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.."

No, that was just your indigestion from sitting around the computer eating potato chips all day.

Direct link | Posted on Jan 5, 2016 at 23:24 UTC
On article FAA officially launches drone registration system (173 comments in total)

Next thing you know people will have to register their cars!

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On article Inching forward? Canon PowerShot G5 X review posted (387 comments in total)
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MikeStern: It fascinates me. I am an ex canon lover, and today, I witness again the canon fanboys can not seem to acknowledge the fact that the company has been so behind doing their homework. Sony swept all the awards here while well deserving all, seems this is so hurtful for the canon boys still trying to defend by comparing details.
It's time to let somethings go. It's not up to us really, it's up to the people who work harder on making better systems for us.

I appreciate DPreview once again for a very good review.

And I do hope, one day canon will come back to challenge and maybe lead the game again.

You were a Canon fanboy and now you are a Sony fanboy. Good to know.

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SushiEater: Mercedes Benz is build the same way but you need to buy two of them. One keep in garage and one to drive. All of this over engineered stuff doesn't prove anything just cost too much. At the end of the day Sigma 35mm F1.4 is better. And you can buy two of them for the price of one Canon.

Not following you entirely. Is the second Sigma lens to keep in the garage too?

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Frank_BR: It's amazing how people are easily impressed, especially when they are predisposed to. For example, Roger Cicala said "We were impressed with 6 screws to hold onto the filter barrel, most lenses use 3". What is the point of using "6 screws to hold onto the filter barrel" when the mount of a Canon camera, including the professional 1D, is held with "only" 4 screws? It seems that Roger Cicala did not realize that the 6 screws he mentioned are adjusting screws, as the presence of the small springs strongly suggests. These 6 screws probably serve to shift and tilt the front optical group.

A good engineering design is not one that is over-engineered, but one that has no weak points.

It's even more amazing how people are easily grumpy. Canon has designed and manufactured an extraordinary lens. Try to be happy about that.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 10, 2015 at 11:22 UTC

Great video. Thanks DPR and the people of Barrow.

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