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On Sony Alpha 7R Review preview (796 comments in total)

Anyone that is truly interested in what the new Sony Alpha 7R has to offer the genuine Photographer might want to look at the first in a series of Test Shots using the inexpensive FotoDiox Canon FD to Sony NEX Adapter and a Canon FD 70-210mm f/4 Zoom from the 1980's. This is just such a versatile high quality photographic tool:

The lens is excellent on the Sony Alpha 7R Camera Body.


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On Sony Alpha 7R Review preview (796 comments in total)
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Seansprague: Problem I have with this new camera: body too small for the large and heavy lenses which a pro would want to use, so why not go for a bigger FF body and system, such as the Canons or Nikons? And another thing, too bad Sony don't make bodies which will take the Canon and/or Nikon lenses already in existence. And for that matter, too bad that Canon and Nikon (and all the rest) didn't settle on a standard lens mount long ago. I have Canon and Nikon systems sitting idle because now I prefer micro four thirds. At least Lumix and Olympus lenses are compatible.

The whole point of the Sony Alpha 7 and 7R is that both can accept just about any quality lens ever made. It is an extremely good Camera System but not one that will suit everyone. See:

If you want a DSLR of comparable IQ, then you need to be looking at the Nikon D800E which uses the identical Sony Sensor. Compare the difference in Price and weight plus Legacy Lenses will not work as well on the D800E. These two cameras, with quality Glass and excellent photographic technique, can produce stunning images.


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On Sony Alpha 7 Review preview (1606 comments in total)
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Docmartin: Any thoughts on this?

It´s not a lens problem as the title suggests but apparently seen with most lenses and more likely a sensor (or processing) Problem.

Sorry to say it, but I have not experienced ANY issues like these and I have shot hundreds of frames. I never shoot JPEG's so cannot comment on those. Be aware that mounting Legacy Lenses by means of Adapters can give rise to issues such as Colour Shift. This is very well documented, especially with Leica lenses and is nothing new. The problem can be circumvented with a bit of software called CornerFix, see:

If you are not an experienced Photographer you would do well to stay out of this application. Unfortunately, Leica lenses are some of the best optically and if you already own some of these, you will want to crack the issues. Similar problems occur when Leica Glass is adapted to the Sony NEX7. If you are worried, stick to the Sony FE Range of lenses or use one of the Sony A-Mount Range of lenses plus the LA-E4 A-mount adapter.

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On Sony Alpha 7 Review preview (1606 comments in total)

Sorry, I have pasted the incorrect link to the single image referred to in Part 2. It should read:

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On Sony Alpha 7 Review preview (1606 comments in total)

The Sony a7R E-Mount Camera with Full Frame Sensor (ILCE-7R) - Part 3

(1) Extended Dynamic Range, noticeably better than my Canon FF Camera System
(2) Easy to recover hidden detail in shadows
(3) Very good Resolution with appropriate high quality lenses
(4) Excellent EVF
(5) Relatively compact and light VS a traditional DSLR
(1) Lack of off the shelf high quality FE Prime Lenses
(2) Quite poor Battery Life. I predominantly manually focus my lenses using Live View, Zoom and Focus Peaking. You can expect ~ 240 Frames from a battery charge
(3) Slow Start Up from Switch On

Hope this is of use to some of you


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On Sony Alpha 7 Review preview (1606 comments in total)

The Sony a7R E-Mount Camera with Full Frame Sensor (ILCE-7R) - Part 2

If you do not have the time/inclination to look at all the images then perhaps just open:

It was shot as a Single RAW Frame with Conversion using Sony's FOC Image Data Processor software and saved as a 16-Bit TIFF File in the sRGB Colour Space. Further processing was performed and a B&W Conversion made. Once you have opened the image on Flickr you will see three White Blobs in the bottom right of the Lightbox view. Single Right Click on this and then on "View all sizes" and open the image as the Original Size i.e. at 2000 Pixels in its widest dimension. The detail resolved and the Dynamic Range are very good for a Single Frame capture.

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On Sony Alpha 7 Review preview (1606 comments in total)

The Sony α7R E-mount Camera with Full Frame Sensor (ILCE-7R) - Part 1

Having read this review, I thought that I might share some images and thoughts about this new Sony Camera System. I already own the Sony
ILCE-7R with a Sonnar T* FE35mm f/2.8 ZA lens and have nearly two months experience with the System. While it is NOT the Alpha 7, it will be similar, You will find my Set on Flickr at:

There are 29 images in the Set, all "Real World" images NOT Test Charts or Brick Walls. All have been shot using Available Light and the majority from a Manfrotto Carbon Fibre tripod as this is the way I work.

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Common Canon, where are you? I have used Canon systems since 1981 and have been eagerly waiting for your response to the Sony Alpha NEX-7 and in particular, to the Fuijifilm X-Pro1 and this is what you have offered me. I currently use a Canon EOS 5D Mk.II with five EF lenses and Carl Zeiss Distagon T 21mm f/2.9 ZE lens. I want a a small, very high quality second body plus a high quality 20 or 24mm Focal Length lens for Architecture and Landscape work. I would not consider buying a Canon EOS 650D so it is unlikely that I would consider this offering. You need to wake up and quickly.

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On A Yellow Landscape photo in bajanexile's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

Thanks for commenting, much appreciated. Steve

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On Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review article (339 comments in total)

"OneGuy has not uploaded any photos to their gallery yet.". So many opinions from so many people, yet not a single image posted and this seems to be true for most of the people contributing to these posts. It would be interesting to see some images from you all. We might take your comments a bit more seriously. I value opinions from people who can actually take a half-decent picture. As it stands, this is open to debate. The way to overcome doubt is to supply proof. Any salesman will confirm this. Let's see some of your pictures on line.

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On Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review article (339 comments in total)

You might like to check this comparison out on the DxO Mark website:

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On Just posted: Our Sony NEX-7 in-depth review article (339 comments in total)

It seems to me that some are missing the whole attraction Photographers have for the Sony NEX-7. It may be an ideal second body for owners of Leica, Zeiss or Contax Glass. I will be renting a body to evaluate the camera my self and would suggest that if you are really serious, that you do the same. There is so much more to Sensors than just high ISO performance. How many of you shoot images at ISO settings > ISO 1600? I doubt that many do and if that is all that you are interested in, then this may not be the camera for you. In case you have forgotten, check the current price of the Nikon D3S or even the D7000. This camera body may be an absolute bargin, but like everything in life, it may well be a case of "Horses for Courses".

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Quote: "So for those of you who spend your time worried about getting “the sharpest possible lens”, unfortunately sharpness is rather a fuzzy concept."

I think that your tone is somewhat aggressive towards Mr Cicala. It is reasonable for his staff to weed out the lenses that are complete out lyers and return them to the Manufacturer, but the variation seen in the other samples are unlikely to be an issue for most Professional Photographers (Mr Cicala's major customer base). These tests were carried out in a controlled environment with ideal lighting conditions. In the real world out there, many other factors will play a part in peceived "Sharpness", not least the application of good technique and usable shutter speeds. In an ideal world, every lens of a specific type and from the same Manufacturer would be identical in performance. The reality of life is that this is impossible to achieve in a Manufacturing environment, especially for mass produced items such as these.

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Interesting and informative article. As the Author points out, many long standing Photographers are aware of this issue. Anecdotally, I shoot a lot of architectural images and spent a lot of time back in 2008 working up a decent methodology for exploiting the technique of Tone Mapping for interiors in old buildings. At that time I did not have a camera with Live View and had to rely a lot more on the use of Autofocus while shooting the multiple frames necessary to produce a decent Tone Mapped image. I quickly discovered that if I used the Autofocus but then switched the camera to Manual before taking the multiple frames needed, that I could achieve a superior end result as far as the Tone Mapped image was concerned. I think that most Autofocus systems tend to "Hunt", especially in situations with poor lighting such as the inside of churches etc. Steve

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On Wildlife photography in East Africa article (24 comments in total)

I am afraid that I agree with the general comments posted here, the article is really not very helpful. Anyone planning a trip might obtain far more useful information by reading this article:

Lots of useful information to digest in this article.


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