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On SherpaFund raises money after Everest avalanche article (21 comments in total)

They endure a lot to prepare for their climbers, so I hope a lot of money is raised for the families.

On a separate note, I don't like what happened to Everest. The climbing routes are covered in discarded oxygen tanks, tattered abandoned tents, human waste that doesn't decompose, and worst of all, over two hundred dead bodies, preserved forever (or until they are removed by avalanche or people).

It's a tragedy that they couldn't go home and it's a tragedy that they are still there. It's also a tragedy for one of the most beautiful pieces of nature in the world. Imagine if Crater Lake had 200 dead floating, preserved, on its surface each day. Not cool.

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There is a lot of negativity here. Yes, it's possible that they are trying to get royalty-free images for free, but nobody is forced to enter the contest, and it's a little presumptuous to assume the worst of the people running the contest.

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In reply to:

Top Dog Imaging: The majority of entries will be iPhone snaps, and "right place at the right time" photos taken by folks who could care less about rights. The rules are clearly spelled out. So rather than complain, accept the contest for what it is. It certainly is not something that interests me.

But it does interest you (you responded).

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On Eye-Fi Mobi Wi-Fi SD card review article (100 comments in total)

Spend more and get the Eye-Fi card (same company) that can transfer to your computers, as well as your i-devices. I like that with my Canon 6D I don't ever have to take the card out of the camera (normal SD card) because the Canon can feed the pictures to my computer over the wi-fi in my home. AND it can send pics to my phone without any external wifi. It's pretty cool.

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Not very nice to steal a name like that m-ipad. Hmmm.

That to me is something I can't get past. Be as original as possible. That name is, regardless of what the company says, an attempt to sound just like Ipad, and that's not cool.

Might as well call it iiPad. It's just about as close.

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On Lifelogger wants to record your life post (14 comments in total)

I really don't think the technology companies get it when people like me think, "I don't want to wear something that is obvious."

Integrate it into something else that already exists so that I don't walk around looking like a cyborg.

To those who like to appear as cyborgs, well, I guess this and Google Glass are your thing.

It's not as if I want to secretly film anyone (I'm not a jerk), but if I want to film my own experience (riding a roller coaster, skateboarding, etc.) I don't want a goofy device on my head that beckons a slap from everyone else.

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There's a long way to go in this technology. I have the Ricoh Theta 360, and the photo quality is on par with digital point and shoots I used over ten years ago. My Iphone 4s produces a dramatically better photo. I guess as a photographer that is what bugs me. I can't stand grainy, low-res photos in which the pixels are showing.

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They keep calling it 360 degrees, but a sphere is more than one complete turn. We're talking about several axis. (Is Axis the same singular and plural?)

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This is a funny quote from the article: “Sony continues to push the modern limits of engineering and innovation with our Cyber-shot RX family of products” said Patrick Huang, director of the Cyber-shot business at Sony Electronics.

Gee, what else would they say about themselves?

Either way, it looks like a fantastic camera, but at that price? Not for me.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2970 comments in total)
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Everlast66: Already Amazon top seller, not only in compact category, but all Digital Cameras:

(it is a dynamic website, so might drop with time)

Possibly and probably. I liked the idea of the G1x2 until I found out they not only weren't going to improve the optical viewfinder, but were going to throw it out. I don't want to attach something to the camera (digital viewfinder). That's more stuff I have to stuff into a bag or pocket. The Sony will be able to fit in a pocket. Done.

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On Lenovo introduces 10-inch ThinkPad pro tablet post (38 comments in total)

How fast is the processor. They didn't give a number. 4gb of RAM is fine, but not if it's a 1.blah ghz processor. I want 3plus or the mid 2s at the very least.

I just got my new desktop Dell (yes, a desktop is not portable) for $534 and has a 3.4ghz quad core i5, 8gb of ram, 1tb of storage and Windows 8.1. I realize it takes a super long extension cord to take it on a road trip, but still.

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This article and the video are inaccurate. There was no 360 degree scanning involved. At no time did the phone or the image review go beyond 180 degrees. They never scanned all the way around the item or the person.

You must actually make a 360 degree scan to call it 360 degrees.

The plastic model shown of the dude's head had a jagged, rough chunk where the back of his head should be.

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You can make your own for less, but it takes a lot of time and skill. Anyone can do it, but it might takes weeks or months. I have a friend (engineer) who made his own for about 400 (not counting the remote) and it's superior to the one shown here (and can take a decent payload). But it requires a good bit of knowledge to know which parts to order and how to program it for GPS. It can do whatever you want without even a remote. He knows how to send it up and ignore it. The copter will fly to its destination, do its job, and return home.

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On Canon announces 16-35mm F4L and 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 lenses article (367 comments in total)

I'm interested (own a 6D). I need something like that at an affordable price.

Direct link | Posted on May 13, 2014 at 13:49 UTC as 51st comment

I know this article and and conversation are older, but I have had the camera for a week and learned that despite its limitations (and there are a lot, like the sound can't be turned off (awkward in many situations), and there's no self timer (so you have to hand hold it or use a phone to trigger it (try keeping out of the picture if you can or hide your phone in your pocket). A self-timer should have been a no-brainer.

That said, you actually can post-process the images in a variety of ways. I even learned how to use Photomatix to create HDR's from multiple images and then turn the image back into a spherical image (it's actually quite easy).

The poor image quality in weak light is a significant limitation, but oh well. You work with what you have.

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I have one. It needs a lot of work.

I can't turn off the sound, so it makes a series of beeps (designed to be cute) when it takes a photo. Not good (I was on a TV set yesterday and couldn't shoot during takes. I had to shoot between takes. I would have been kicked out promptly had I let that little R2D2 beep out during a take.

No timer for the shutter. Is there any other camera in existence that doesn't have a self timer? Sure, it can be triggered with an Iphone, but that doesn't have a timer either, so every picture will show your hand holding the camera or you holding your phone (or your hand purposely hidden while using the phone).

It's not worth 400 bucks. 99 bucks.

Oh, and image quality is similar to an Iphone 4 (not 4s or higher).

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How about a better battery for the phone? Come on, Apple. Oh, and more freedom for the user (in terms of syncing, cloud storage, etc.)?

And I just bought a new Dell with specs equal to a Mac but at half the price.

Obviously Apple makes outstanding products, and I have a few (Ipod, Iphone, Ipad), but they aren't as in the lead as they used to be in these areas, and are actually falling behind in some others.

What Apple needs to do is meet the needs of users more efficiently or invent something that everyone will want (or need) that others haven't thought up yet.

And for goodness sake, use the back of the phone already (for low-voltage display of time, weather, email feed, news, etc. At-a-glance stuff). The back of the phone is valuable real estate. Use it.

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Review preview (657 comments in total)

I think it looks great, and if I had a ton of money I'd buy it. I'm tapped out after buying a 6D, and I'm perfectly happy with it. When I put the 40mm pancake lens on the 6D it's a pretty small setup, so I don't really need a G1x (unless it can comfortably fit into pants pockets).

A DLSR won't fit in my pocket, and that's fine. I love DSLRs and accept that one limitation (not too portable). But for a compact camera it's pants pockets or nothing. If I have to use a camera bag, then I'll bring the DSLR with a small lens.

Direct link | Posted on May 8, 2014 at 18:35 UTC as 92nd comment | 2 replies
In reply to:

MikeFairbanks: I've had mine for a week now and have some observations/suggestions:

1. The phone app for triggering the device needs some updates, such as:
A. Timer. I'd love to push the shutterbutton, put the phone in my pocket, and then not have to worry about the phone being in every photo. Currently I have to hide the phone in my pocket (which means my hand is there, too) or put the phone behind an object somewhere (which means my hand is behind that object). A simple self-timer would be a big improvement.

B. I'd like more manual control (especially shutter speed). As a photographer I'd rather have the shutter open for five seconds at the lowest ISO than get the exposure correct with a high ISO and grain (noise). The camera puts out a lot of noise (but I'm getting better at working around this a bit).

C. Raw capability would be great (it has it, but won't let us export it).

To be continued....

What I meant by shutter speed control is what you would call S on a Nikon or TV on a Canon. This camera isn't going to be used for action most of the time and won't be handheld most of the time. A mini-tripod suits it very well. Therefore, lower ISO's with slower shutter speeds would be ideal. Right now there is little to no control over shutter speed.

There is a slider for brightness adjustment. This is clearly to raise or lower ISO, and I'm having moderate success with it, depending on the lighting, but it's nowhere close to what it needs to be.

Example: I went to Ruby Falls with my fifth grade class. It is an underground cave system that leads to a huge chamber with a waterfall. There are colored lights and it's a spectacular site. The camera did not fare well in that poorly-lit situation. A DSLR on a tripod can shoot it at 100ISO. Slow shutter speed and little to no noise.

Something to think about, Ricoh.

Direct link | Posted on May 8, 2014 at 14:42 UTC

Part II: I learned that I can process these images through Photoshop. I haven't tried Lightroom yet, but PS works great. Just do not change the image size it will save just fine. When working in Photoshop you get a rectangular, distorted image, and you probably don't want to mess with the shape of objects. But working in photoshop does help to get rid of some noise. And creativity then factors in.

Other cool observations:

1. You can do multiple exposures and blend them (I have a photo of six of me sitting around a table. I'll re-shoot the scene as the first was an experiment. It's easy.

2. You can do HDR using the slider (but noise is a factor).

3. One of the coolest things is to hold the camera in my mouth and trigger it with the phone. You can then erase the thin line on your mouth (the camera) and get a cool first-person effect.

But a note to consumers: The camera is very overpriced, in my opinion. Mine was free. I wouldn't pay more than 100-200 for it personally.

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